20 surprising ways to remove dandruff naturally

I want to share some secrets to remove dandruff naturally at home. When we want to attend a party, we get dressed so well and accessorize with all expensive stuff and we certainly want to become the center of attraction of everyone. But, suddenly we notice dry flakes of skin over our hair and dress, and this makes us feel irritated.

We keep on buying various shampoos, and hair oils in the market in order to get rid of this problem. Dandruff keeps annoying us a lot. But, we don’t seem to find any proper solution to get rid of it permanently. We tend to avoid keep our hair loose and open and flaunting our new hairstyle just because we don’t want people to see dandruff over our hair.

But, we can certainly get rid of dandruff naturally and permanently, and that too at the ease of our home. Let us learn such simple homemade remedies to get rid of dandruff. But, before that, let us see what is dandruff, and what causes dandruff.


What is dandruff ?

Remove dandruff naturally

All the cells in our body, and are replaced by new and healthy cells. This is the law of nature. Similarly, Cells in the skin of scalp also die and are released as flakes of skin. But this flaking is very less and it can be removed from the scalp by regular shampooing of hair and scalp.

But, in some people, the death and flaking of cells in the scalp is very high and it’s called dandruff. Dandruff causes embarrassment to the people who are suffering from it. It is not a life-threatening problem. But, it’s also not a trivial problem to ignore completely. It keeps occupying our mind, and we can’t enjoy ourselves when we attend any party, wedding , and we can’t concentrate on our routine activities as well.

What causes dandruff ?

Development of dandruff is more common in some people who suffer from a condition called seborrhoeic dermatitis. In Seborrhoeic dermatitis, a number of skin cells are produced than normal and they combine with excess oils in the scalp and forms dry flakes that keep shedding called dandruff.

Some people believe that Seborrhoeic dermatitis is caused by some types of fungus called Malassezia furfur. Certain types of fungus like yeast can also make people more prone to develop dandruff. People are susceptible to yeast during winters, and when they are exposed to the moist environment.

Inadequate combing of hair and dryness of scalp also cause dandruff to some extent. Dirt accumulated in the scalp also leads to the development of dandruff. So, if people don’t shampoo regularly, it also acts as a trigger for the development of dandruff. Some people tend to keep trying various skin and hair care products. But, not all of them are suitable for everyone. Some people develop adverse effects or reactions to such products, and this leads to dandruff.

Apart from the causes above, people suffering from certain ailments are more prone to develop dandruff than people who are completely healthy. Diseases like HIV, Parkinson’s disease, and also some skin diseases like psoriasis make people susceptible to develop dandruff. Improper dietary habits also lead to dandruff.

Home remedies to remove dandruff naturally:

1. Green tea for hair:

Green tea for hair


2 Green tea bags
4 cups of warm water


Boil 4 cups of water.
Place 2 green tea bags in the hot water and close the vessel with a lid and allow it to steep for 10 to 15 minutes.
Now use this green tea water to wash your hair after you shampoo your hair.
Use this green tea water as a hair rinse at least once every week.

Why this works:

Green tea is very effective in getting rid of scalp problems. It helps to remove dandruff naturally according to a study conducted by Georgia medical college, USA. You will also get additional benefits of using green tea hair rinse after shampooing. They are stimulation of hair growth so that you can own a long lustrous hair. Green tea for hair also makes your hair shiny and strong.

2. Tea tree oil for hair:

Tea tree oil for hair


Few drops of tea tree oil


Take few drop of tea tree oil and apply all over the scalp.
Massage well for few minutes.
Leave it overnight.
Then rinse your hair the next morning.
Follow this method continuously for few weeks.

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Alternate method:

Take few drops of tea tree oil and mix well in some shampoo.
Wash your hair with water, and apply this shampoo over your hair and scalp.
Massage well for few minutes.
Then rinse off your hair with water.
Follow this remedy regularly for few weeks and you can surely remove dandruff naturally.

Why this works:

Tea tree oil is highly beneficial in the treatment of dandruff. Several types of research have been conducted to study the efficacy of tea tree oil in getting rid of dandruff naturally. Tea tree oil is highly effective in getting rid of harmful bacteria and fungus which cause detrimental effects on our scalp like producing dandruff. Tea tree oil also has antiseptic properties. So, what are you waiting for? Just start trying this remedy to remove dandruff naturally.


Some people are allergic to tea tree oil. If you are allergic to tea tree oil, it might cause symptoms like itching. So, be cautious. If you observe any such symptoms, just stop using this remedy and rinse off your hair immediately. Your symptoms will get relieved after stopping usage of tea tree oil.

3. Apple cider Vinegar for hair:

Apple cider vinegar for hair


1 cup of water
Half cup of apple cider vinegar


Boil 1 cup of water.
Mix half cup of apple cider vinegar to it.
Apply this mixture all over the scalp.
Scrub and massage well for 10 to 15 minutes.
Then wash off your hair and scalp with warm water without using shampoo.

Why this works:

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known fungicide. It helps to get rid of fungus which is thought to play a role in the causation of dandruff. As we scrub our scalp in this method, it helps us to get rid of the excessive skin and dead cells on our scalp. If we follow this method, gradually you can completely remove dandruff naturally.

4. Baking soda for hair:

Baking soda for hair


1 tablespoon of baking soda
Any shampoo of your choice


Take any shampoo of your choice and mix 1 tablespoon of shampoo to it.
Wash your hair thoroughly with water.
Then apply this mixture of shampoo and baking soda for hair and massage your scalp and hair well for few minutes.
Then rinse off your hair with warm water.

Alternate method:

If you don’t want to use baking soda along with shampoo, there is an alternative method. You can also apply 1 to 2 spoons of baking soda directly on your scalp and massage.
Then rinse off your hair and scalp with warm water without using shampoo.
Use this method for 2 to 3 times weekly.
Initially, you might find that your scalp is becoming very dry due to baking soda usage for hair.
But, your scalp will regain moisture and it will get accustomed to baking soda usage after few weeks.

Why this works:

Baking soda is also a fungicide and it helps to kill the fungus which leads to dandruff formation. Baking soda is also a natural exfoliant. It will also help to remove dead skin cells on the scalp, along with any flakes of dandruff already formed. Many people all around the globe have been using this remedy and already benefitted from it. You can also unleash the potential of baking soda for hair and remove dandruff naturally.

5. Fenugreek for hair:

Fenugreek for hair


1 cup of fenugreek seeds (To make powder and store)
Some warm water


Take a cup of fenugreek seeds and make into a fine powder.
Store this in an airtight container.
Now take 1 or teaspoons of fenugreek seeds powder.
Mix this powder in about half a cup of warm water.
Leave the mixture overnight to soak very well.
Next morning, apply this mixture to your scalp and leave it for half an hour.
Then rinse off your hair with warm water.
Don’t use a shampoo.
Use this method regularly for some weeks.

Why this works:

Fenugreek seeds have many medicinal properties. They have been used by people belonging to many different civilizations because they are rich in proteins. Consequently, they stimulate healthy hair growth. They make our hair very strong, shiny and lengthy. They also help us to remove dandruff naturally and permanently if used over a period of some months. Fenugreek seeds are also rich in many vitamins and minerals.

6. Neem leaves for hair:

Neem leaves for hair


Few neem leaves
5 spoons of coconut oil


Grind neem leaves into a smooth fine paste.
Add this neem paste to coconut oil and mix well.
Then apply this neem coconut mixture to scalp and massage well.
Leave it on scalp for about half an hour.
Then rinse off well with warm water.
Don’t use shampoo.

Why this works:

Neem leaves are a very important constituent of a plethora of traditional medicines that are being used for many centuries. Neem leaves contain compounds that can kill various harmful microbes like bacteria, fungus and reduce swellings in the body. As neem leaves kill these fungi and bacteria, you can remove dandruff naturally and that too very easily.

7. Listerine for hair:

Listerine for hair


Half cup of Listerine mouthwash
One and a half cup of water


Mix half cup of Listerine mouthwash with one and a half cup of water.
Shampoo your hair with your favorite shampoo.
Then use this mixture of water and Listerine for hair to rinse your hair and just leave it as it is.
Or else you can also massage your scalp with the Listerine solution and then rinse off with plain water.

Why this works:

Listerine mouthwash contains alcohol, and it acts to ward off harmful fungus on our scalp. As fungus is one of the main causes of dandruff formation, Listerine mouthwash is quite helpful to remove dandruff naturally. This is one remedy that you might not have thought about anytime.

8. Olive oil for hair:

Olive oil for hair


3 tablespoons of olive oil
2 spoons of apple cider vinegar
1 spoon of honey


Warm the olive oil slightly.
Then mix in apple cider vinegar and honey into the olive oil and mix very well.
Now apply this mixture on your scalp and massage well.
Leave this mixture on your scalp and don’t disturb it for half an hour.
Now rinse off your hair with warm water.
Pat your hair dries with a soft towel.

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Why this works:

Olive oil is being advocated by many scientists as a very effective remedy for a plethora of ailments. Olive oil is also very beneficial for hair. It helps you to get rid of dry, itching and scaling scalp. In addition to being very healthy when consumed as a part of our food, it is also a savior against embarrassing dandruff. Also, apple cider vinegar in the above mixture is useful to remove dandruff naturally as well. You also get soft, smooth hair due to the moisturizing properties of honey.

9. Coconut oil for dandruff:

Coconut oil for dandruff


5 to 6 tablespoons of coconut oil
Few drops of your favorite oil like jojoba oil or rosemary oil


Just heat coconut oil over a mild flame and make it warm.
Then mix in few drops of essential oil like jojoba oil or rosemary oil.
Apply this oil over your scalp and massage well, so that each and every nook and corner of your scalp and hair is well massaged with the oil.
Then leave your hair for 30 to 40 minutes.
You can also warm a towel slightly and wrap it up over your hair so that the oil penetrates even deeply into your scalp.
Then after 30 to 40 minutes shampoo your hair and rinse off.
Use a natural shampoo instead of ones with a lot of chemicals.

Why this works:

Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer. It nourishes your scalp and hair deeply. One of the main reasons for the development of dandruff is dryness of your scalp which leads to the excess oil called sebum production. This sebum combines with harmful fungus and bacteria and leads to dandruff. So, you can easily remove dandruff naturally by utilizing this coconut oil for dandruff remedy.

10. Salt for dandruff:

salt for dandruff


2 to 3 spoons of common salt


Take common salt and apply this over your scalp.
Massage with this salt for few minutes gently.
Then rinse off the salt and shampoo your hair.

Why this works:

Salt exfoliates skin, and it helps in shedding off dead skin cells over your scalp which tend to form flakes which shed as dandruff. Salt also absorbs excess moisture which is necessary for fungal growth. You will definitely notice the reduction in dandruff over your scalp after using salt just once. It is a very simple remedy to remove dandruff naturally.

11. Lemon for dandruff:

lemon for dandruff


2 spoons of lemon juice
1 spoon of honey


Mix 2 spoons of lemon juice with 1 spoon of honey and apply it over your scalp.
Gently massage your scalp thoroughly.
Let this mixture sit for half an hour.
Then shampoo and rinse off your hair and pat dry with a towel.

Alternative method:

Mix 5 to 6 spoons of lemon water into 1 or 2 cups of water.
Shampoo your hair and then rinse your hair with the lemon water rinse.

Why this works:

Lemon is a natural fungicide which kills many different types of dandruff causing fungi. Lemon balances acidity levels on your scalp and makes it difficult for harmful bacteria and fungi to grow. Lemons also make your hair fragrant and release a pleasant aroma all around. Lemons are easily available in everyone’s pantry. So this is one of the easiest remedies that we can try to remove dandruff naturally.

12. Aloe vera for dandruff:

aloe vera for dandruff


Handful of freshly made aloe vera gel


Extract gel out of fresh aloe vera leaves which are easily available in the market.
If fresh aloe vera leaves are not accessible to you, you can also use aloe vera bottles of some good brands which don’t have many preservatives.
Apply this gel on your scalp and leave it for 15 minutes.
Then rinse off with lukewarm water.

Why this works:

Aloe vera controls the proliferation of cells of your scalp.
It prevents the excessive division of the cells, and at the same time helps to get rid of dead and damaged cells on the scalp due to its protein breaking qualities.
In addition to helping to remove dandruff naturally, aloe vera also helps in making your hair smooth and shiny.

13. Castor oil for dandruff:

castor oil for dandruff


2 spoons of castor oil
Few drops of jojoba oil


Warm castor oil and mix few drops of jojoba oil with it.
If you don’t have jojoba oil, you can simply use castor oil alone.
Massage your scalp gently and leave it overnight.
Then shampoo your hair the next morning and rinse well.

Why this works:

Castor oil is being used from ages by our ancestors. Nowadays we are becoming used to expensive products and oils, and we simply ignore the goodness of this age old remedy. But, believe me, this is very effective. Castor oil is rich in essential fatty acids which nourish and moisturize the scalp.

They also prevent out natural moisture from escaping, making our scalp and hair smooth. Castor oil also has fungicidal and antibacterial properties which make it one of the top choices to remove dandruff naturally.

14. Almond oil for dandruff:

almond oil for dandruff


2 spoons of almond oil
1 spoon of olive oil


Mix both almond oil and olive oil and make it slightly warm.
Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
Then shampoo and rinse off your scalp and hair.

Why this works:

Both almond oil and olive oil possess fungicidal properties and they diminish the growth of dandruff causing fungi to a great extent. Almond oil has vitamin E, which strengthens the cells of your scalp and prevents them from forming flakes and shedding. Both these oils also moisturize your hair and give them long-lasting shine and they also remove dandruff naturally.

15. Lavender oil for hair:

lavender oil for hair



2 spoons of coconut oil or olive oil
10 to 15 drops of lavender oil


Warm coconut oil or olive oil and mix lavender oil with it.
Apply this mixture over your scalp and massage well for 10 minutes.
Leave this mixture for half an hour.
Then use a mild shampoo and rinse your hair with warm water.

Why this works:

Several essential oils are being used to get rid of dandruff naturally, and lavender oil is amongst the top essential oils used for this purpose. Lavender oil also has anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities, and it has a good efficacy to remove dandruff naturally.

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16. Yogurt for dandruff:

yogurt for dandruff


5 to 6 spoons of natural and fresh yogurt
1 spoon of honey
1 spoon of fenugreek powder


Mix yogurt, honey and fenugreek powder.
Wash your hair with plain water by rubbing your scalp gently to get rid of dirt.
Then apply this yogurt fenugreek mixture over your scalp and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
Then use a mild shampoo to rinse off your hair.

Why this works:

Yogurt contains helpful bacteria. It is, for this reason, our elder’s advice us to regularly eat yogurt as part of our diet. These helpful bacteria are called probiotics. They inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. In the same way, when we apply this yogurt mixture for dandruff removal, it promotes the growth of helpful bacteria on the scalp and helps to remove dandruff naturally by killing dandruff forming bacteria. Yogurt and honey in this mixture also help in moisturizing your hair and make it soft and shiny.

17. Garlic for dandruff:

garlic for dandruff


Few cloves of garlic (About 5 to 6 of them)
3 to 4 spoons of honey (Use organic honey)


Crush 5 to 6 cloves of garlic to a smooth paste. Then mix 3 to 4 spoons of honey with it. Apply this mixture on your scalp and massage well.
Then wash your scalp and hair using a mild shampoo.

Why this works:

Garlic is well known for its anti-microbial properties. It shows high efficacy in attenuating the growth of bacteria and also fungi according to research conducted by several scientists. Garlic is readily available in our kitchen. This remedy to remove dandruff naturally is quite simple and effective at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Just give it a try.

18. Ginger for dandruff:

ginger for dandruff


A small 1-inch piece of ginger
2 to 3 spoons of olive oil


Grate or grind the ginger piece and squeeze out juice out of it.
Then mix the ginger juice with warm olive oil.
Apply this mixture over your scalp and massage gently.
Leave it on your scalp for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with shampoo and then lukewarm water.

Why this works:

Ginger helps in controlling inflammation of the skin. In other words, it prevents swelling of scalp cells which contribute to dandruff formation. Ginger also has antimicrobial qualities similar to garlic. So, it’s beneficial to add ginger and garlic to our diet and also to our hair care routine as it shows great efficacy to remove dandruff naturally.

19. Henna for hair care:

henna for hair care


2 spoons of henna powder
3 to 4 spoons of olive oil
1 spoon of lemon juice


Mix henna powder, olive oil and lemon juice.
Apply this mixture over your scalp.
Then shampoo your hair and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Why this works:

Henna helps in controlling oiliness of your scalp and moisturizes it very well. Excess oil or sebum in the scalp combines with fungi, bacteria and dead skin cells to form flakes which shed like dandruff. So, by controlling one component of dandruff, that is excess oil, you can diminish the formation of dandruff to a great extent. Henna also gives a beautiful shade to your hair and makes you look pretty.

20. Tulsi for hair:

tulsi for hair


Few leaves or tulsi or basil (or)
Tulsi powder if fresh Tulsi leaves are not available
Water to make a paste


Make the paste of Tulsi or basil leaves by grinding them well or mix readily available Tulsi powder with water and make a paste.
Apply this mixture on your scalp and leave for 15 minutes. Then use a mild herbal shampoo and rinse off your hair.

Why this works:

Tulsi or basil plant is considered to be holy in many parts of the world. They are used extensively in many medicines belonging to Ayurveda. Tulsi leaves kill bacteria and fungi very effectively. You can definitely notice a reduction in dandruff if you keep using this remedy for some weeks.

Other tips to follow to get rid of dandruff naturally:

1. Healthy diet:

Eat a healthy diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Include foods with good protein content like sprouts in your daily diet. Eat fresh fruits and boiled vegetables more.

2. Shampoo regularly:

Shampoo your hair regularly. Avoid excessive oiliness of your scalp. Excess oil contributes to dandruff. So, get rid of dandruff by shampooing at least thrice a week. But keep in mind to use a mild herbal shampoo. Avoid using shampoos containing a lot of chemicals.

3. Avoid blow drying:

Blow drying makes your scalp dry and sheds a lot of cells. So, make sure to pat your hair dry with the soft towel after having a shower and avoid blow drying.

4. Drink lots of water:

Drink lots of water every day and maintain adequate hydration of your body. This will help in flushing out toxins from your body and keeping you healthy in all ways.

5. Proper sleep:

Ensure that you have proper sound sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours every day. You can also try deep breathing exercises before you sleep to get good sleep.

6. Protect your hair from the sun:

Avoid excessive sunlight exposure which can dry your scalp. Wear a cap or cover your hair with a scarf when you go out. This will protect your hair from harmful ultraviolet rays that dry your scalp. You definitely need some moisture in the scalp to prevent dandruff formation.

7. Take care to avoid chemicals:

Avoid usage of hair oils, shampoos, sprays which contain many chemicals. They damage your hair a lot.

Now, you have read some of the best remedies to get rid of dandruff naturally. This article might have answered your question about how to remove dandruff naturally. Comment below if you have any doubts or suggestions. Let us know about the remedies that you have tried and how they worked out for you people. Would, love to hear from you all.