How to Recover From an Injury Faster – Precaution, Exercise, And More

Injury is a very normal part of life. In fact, our body has a natural method of repairing and healing which is very good when we are kids. This is the reason, kids get into normal day-to-day accidents and soon they feel fine. As we age, our body starts to slow down.

Things that we eat take longer to digest and our blood circulation rate also drops. Since the body’s circulate rate has a lot to do with our healing process, we will also see that our body doesn’t heal as fast as it would when we were younger.

One of the best ways to help our body with the injury is to exercise. Most people think that exercising when you are injured will only make the damage worse. However, there are so many different types of injuries. If you have a broken bone or you have some dislocation, bleeding or your muscles ruptured, wait for it to heal.

However, if it is just strain-based exercises, start exercises once you feel it is a little better. You need to understand the difference between different types of injuries before you start your exercise. Weight-based, heavy-duty exercises where you have to lift weight will only make your injury worse, so you have to keep in mind that your exercises should be directed towards the injury point so it can help with blood circulation for speedy healing.

How to Recover From an Injury Faster

With the help of this article, we will deep dive into different types of injuries and how you can prevent an injury from happening. We will also talk about some of the basic exercises that can help you speed up your healing process.

Different Types of Injuries:

Injuries can be of different types and each type of injury happens in a different part of the body. To resolve the injury you need a completely different approach so you do not end up hurting yourself. Here are some of the most common types of injuries that you will have to face throughout your life.

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Muscle strain is also known as muscle pulling

  • Sprained ankle
  • Shoulder injury
  • Knee injury
  • Dislocation of bone
  • Broken bone
  • Sprain
  • Rupture of muscle
  • Rupture of tendons or ligament

Different Types of Injuries

How to Minimize the Risk of Injury?

If you ask someone who is not a professional in the field of medicine they will say you need to be careful. However, sometimes injuries are caused by accident and there is no way you can prevent them. People who fall from stairs or people who get into fights do not do it intentionally. So minimizing the risk of injury has more to do with preparing your body to minimize the strain.

You have to work on the flexibility of your body and increasing the density of your bones. This will help you reduce the damage. You might get an injury but the overall strain and the damage will be far less. Simple flexibility-based exercises like yoga, meditation, and tai-chi are really helpful in preparing your body. Apart from this, you can also try stretching.

Exercises That Can Help With Easy Healing During Injury:

Most people think instantly about an intense exercise that will help them improve healing. However, experts say light cardio is much more effective. Your main goal should be to offer warmth to the muscles and try light cardio so you can increase your blood circulation. Some people try cardio exercises that only focus on the muscles that are injured.

In case you have lower body muscle injury especially if you feel strain in your hips, squats are very good for you. You can try squats and their different variations depending on the one you find suitable.

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For shoulder strain, you can try bench press or ground press. However, weight-based exercises are not recommended so start with some simple cardio exercises that do not involve any weight.

Exercises That Can Help With Easy Healing During Injury

Does Diet Play A Role?

Diet plays an equally important role because you are not just helping your body get ready for an injury, you are also helping your body to stay ready in case something goes wrong. If you get injured, increasing the ratio of protein will always be helpful. People who go through surgery are asked to increase the ratio of protein in their diet.

Since protein is found in muscles, bones, skin, hair, and nails, it helps in the healing process. Apart from protein, you have to take vitamins and minerals as well so your body can function properly. When you have an injury, the body is usually considered vulnerable so you have to make sure through diet and exercises that your body doesn’t get into any other injury or infection. You also need to take calcium, phosphorus, and potassium so that your bones stay strong.

Does Diet Play A Role

Bottom Line:

To sum it all up, exercise is essential for the healing process. Physiotherapists use techniques that can help your body to heal faster. When you move your injured or strained body part, it gets more blood circulation and as a result, you will increase the healing process. On the contrary, if you keep your injured body part stunt, your blood circulation will not be good enough and this will eventually impact your healing process as well.

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Physiotherapists have a completed education of this system so they start by diagnosing different kinds of injuries. After a complete diagnosis, they help with exercises and then they help with diet as well. Most people believe that moving the injured part will help with blood circulation and you no longer have to do anything.

However, it is much more complex than you think. You will have your strained muscle along with ruptured capillaries, nerves, and bones so without proper prescription of the exercise you might end up hurting yourself more than you think. When you exercise, consult your doctor first because if the bone is broken, you have to stay in a cast where you cannot move.

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