Lip twitching: 6 Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments

Lip twitching can cause panic and make you worried as lips are very delicate parts of our body. So, let’s get to know about this problem.

Are you a person, who gets a panic attack easily? It could be a small issue such as vomiting or lip twitching, but you find it lethal for your health. Speaking of lip twitching, it is normal for a person to be twitching their lips at times.

If mouth twitching happens frequently, you may want to know the cause for this. We are human beings and tend to worry too much! There would be times when your lips twitch uncontrollably. If lip spasms happen frequently and do not stop for more than few minutes, then there could be an underlying cause!

What happens when your lip twitches? Lip twitching is the sudden movement of the upper lip or lower lip. Sometimes it is uncontrollable, and we usually associate it with superstition. Gone are those days of believing in superstitions!

Sadly, when the lip twitching occurs, the people around you can see it. It is prominent and bothersome for the individual. It is a sudden movement, and you get stunned as to where it came from!

Your friend tells you that it could be a sign that your day would go bad! We live in an advanced world where superstitions have no place. When you have a lip quiver, there is surely a cause behind it. Additionally, there are special treatments for the same.

Here is a post which talks about the underlying causes of lip twitching, treatments, diagnosis and much more. You would find misleading information everywhere but here is a post which wishes well for you!

Skim through the post to find out everything about lip twitching.

Underlying Causes of Lip Twitching:

lip twitching
Lip twitching
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There is always a reason behind a health condition. In this case, it does not seem like a serious cause for concern. However, lip twitching could be due to something serious. If you find that it is not improving and is continuously happening, it would require medical attention.

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Let us find out the causes of this condition!

Deep Emotions:

Human beings are emotional, and there are times when we lose control. When we are enthralled by something or excited and nervous, our lips tend to twitch, and our hands start shaking.

This is due to the different emotions as the lips get stimulated by the nervous system. If your lips are twitching due to different emotions that you are experiencing, then there is no need to worry!

Mouth twitching is fairly common! When we are excited or nervous, you may find that your eyes dilate and you get watery eyes. All these are associated with emotions of a human being. Does this require medical attention? We do not think so!

Withdrawal from substances:

Did you quit alcohol or drugs? Lip twitching can also be caused by substance withdrawal. Once you leave drugs, alcohol or even caffeine, you would notice that your lips would start twitching suddenly. This happens during the recovery period. It is normal!

Parkinson’s Disease:

To understand Parkinson’s disease, we must give you a quick homework. Watch Anne Hathaway’s Love and Other Drugs. When a person has this disease, their lips start twitching, and hands start shaking. In fact, a person becomes stiff!

Bell’s Palsy:

Lip twitching could be caused by a condition called Bell’s palsy. What does it mean? It happens when your facial nerves get damaged. Swelling and drooping are other symptoms of this condition.

Essential Tremors:

Do not confuse it with Parkinson’s disease. Essential tremors happen when there is a history of this condition in your family. It has been noted that the condition gets worse after you cross 40. There is no cause behind the essential tremors as such. It is just a reaction to the muscle contractions.

Tics or Tourette’s Syndrome:

You might have heard about it! It is a syndrome in which the muscles start moving involuntarily. This is a neurological disorder, and it has some serious symptoms such as yelling, behavioural issues and blinking.

Symptoms of Lip Twitching:

Here are few symptoms which will help you to understand the condition. If you can relate to any of the symptoms, it does mean that you need to pay a visit to the doctor.

  • Mild palpitations
  • Twitching of lips (sudden)
  • Continuous spasms
  • A feeling of lips curling at the edges
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Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? This is not to scare you, but you could be having a serious condition such as the Parkinson’s disease. When your hands shake, and mobility becomes difficult, your doctor may tell you more about the Parkinson’s disease.

Just so you know, it could also be something as normal as a reaction to your emotions. We are emotional beings, and lip twitching is fairly normal for a human being!

What about the diagnosis?

Let us find that out through the diagnosis section.

Diagnosis of Lip twitching:

How would the doctor know that it is a serious health condition? There is a process/diagnosis which needs to be done.

  • A CT scan would be required
  • The doctor would evaluate the lesions on your skin/face
  • The doctor would enquire about your medical history
  • They would also enquire about your family’s medical history
  • The doctor would check your blood panel. This is for the metabolism.
  • An MRI or biopsy would be required.
  • The doctor would measure the sensitivity in the area around your lips.
  • The doctor would also check the skeletal asymmetry in the region around your neck.

When you visit the doctor, you have to be honest and tell them about your family’s medical history. You can also tell them about the sudden incidents in your life. Did you feel overwhelmed? Were you heartbroken? Did you get sudden anger?

The doctor would tell you the cause of the lip twitching once he understands your history.

Let us come to the good part! What are the best treatments for lip twitching? Read on to find out more!

Best Treatments for Lip Twitching:

Twitch! Twitch!

Say no to those lip twitches because there are some tips you can follow.

These are some basic tips which are easy to follow, and you would get a lot of relief from this. We have listed some of the treatments which might help you in the long run.

Bid adieu to stress:

If stress is the cause, you must avoid being under pressure. You must bid adieu to stress and extreme pressure. How can you do that? You can try meditating and doing yoga. You do not have to join a special class for it because YouTube has some excellent yoga and meditation videos.

Do not cross your limits!

We are talking about limiting the use of harmful substances such as drugs and alcohol. We have never understood how it gives pleasure to a human body! Intoxication makes you forget the good memories, and it ends up damaging your system. How is it useful for the body?

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If you are keen to drink, a glass of wine is good for your health. Alcohol and drugs can affect your brain, and it may be the cause of lip twitching.

A healthy lifestyle is a necessity:

Doesn’t that go without saying? You must exercise and eat a balanced diet. Bid adieu to all the junk food and eat healthy and green foods. You must also get proper sleep for 8 hours.

One way to diminish stress is to get good sleep and start your day fresh! You must drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day.

When you visit your doctor, they would tell you to stay positive and be away from stressful situations. There is no miracle antibiotic which can cure the condition of lip twitching.

When should you seek medical attention?

Twitching may not be a serious problem for most people, but sometimes it gets worse. It could be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease or a stroke. What to do?

When you find that the lip twitching is continuous and even your hands are getting uncontrollable, you must visit the doctor and find out the true cause. We would suggest you seek medical help at an early stage!

Words from the Wise:

We hope that this post made you understand the true causes and best treatments for lip twitching. Many people experience it and avoid it. We would not suggest you to avoid it!

They say that ignorance is bliss, but once you ignore the smallest of symptoms, you would realize that it was leading to something big and dangerous.

If the lip twitching is getting uncontrollable and you find yourself shaking from time to time, you must call a neurologist, and they would be able to find the solution for you. If it is stress and depression, you must consider going to a psychologist.

If you ask us, we would suggest you be far away from stressful situations and pursue a hobby! You could swim, paint, do yoga or even take dance lessons.

Give yourself a break and leave the emotions behind. Also, check with a doctor before the condition reaches a late stage.

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