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Save Over £200 on Headliners! The Ultimate UK Festival Value Guide

Festival season is in full swing, and music lovers everywhere are looking forward to catching their favourite artists live on stage. But are festival tickets really worth the hefty price tag? has conducted an in-depth research comparing the cost of festival tickets to individual concert tickets for the major headliners, and the results are surprising! In this blog post, we’ll break down the top UK festivals offering the biggest savings and those that might leave your wallet feeling a bit lighter.

The Ultimate UK Festival Value Guide
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Festival Value Analysis

With ticket prices always on the rise, it’s essential to determine whether your hard-earned money is well-spent on festival tickets. Love Discount Vouchers has done the legwork for you, calculating the average cost of seeing the top three headliners individually in concert and comparing it to the price of festival tickets. They’ve also compiled the findings into a handy table, revealing which festivals offer the best value for money and which ones might have you questioning your spending decisions.

The Top 5 Biggest Savings

The research from Love Discount Vouchers unveils the top five festivals that deliver the most significant savings compared to individual concert tickets:

Reading Festival – Save +£213.66

Leeds Festival – Save +£213.66

Boundary Brighton – Save +£176.60

Bloodstock Open Air – Save +£128.23

Parklife – Save +£106.77

The Bottom 5 Biggest Losses

On the other hand, here are the five festivals where purchasing individual concert tickets for the headliners would have been a cheaper option:

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Wireless Festival – Lose -£82.98

Glastonbury – Lose -£63.55

NASS Festival – Lose -£54.94

We Out Here – Lose -£50.91

Isle Of Wight Festival – Lose -£50.05

The Value of Festivals

While festivals undoubtedly provide a fantastic array of acts and entertainment, this research emphasises the importance of evaluating the value of the ticket. If your main focus is the headliners, opting for festivals like Reading and Leeds can result in significant savings. On the other hand, festivals like Wireless and Glastonbury might leave you with a lighter wallet than expected.

Choosing Wisely

As you plan your summer festival experiences, consider the findings from Love Discount Vouchers to make the most cost-effective decisions. If a festival’s ticket price is lower than the combined cost of seeing the top three headliners individually in concert, you’re in for a value-packed event. However, if the festival ticket costs more, it might be worth considering individual concerts to save money.


Festivals offer an unbeatable atmosphere and a chance to see multiple artists in one place, but their price tags can be daunting. With Love Discount Vouchers’ insightful research, you can confidently choose the festivals that provide the most value for your money. Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or planning your first music-filled adventure, make sure to check out the full article to discover all the surprising results.

Make this festival season a memorable one without breaking the bank. Remember, the best value festivals might just be the ones that save you over £200 on headliners alone! Happy festival-going!

Disclaimer: Please note that the prices and data presented in this blog post were accurate as of the 12th of June 2023 and are subject to change. The presented findings are based on specific headliners and do not encompass the full range of artists performing at each festival.

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