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The Process to Become A Certified Nursing Assistant and Why You Should Start

Before digging deep into the process of becoming a nursing assistant, let’s explore some common terms used in nursing. A CNA is a Certified Nursing assistant who assists doctors during the time when medical procedures are performed on patients and afterward. An RN is a registered nurse with a higher level of responsibility to form patient care plans, manage medications, perform medical procedures and work with doctors. A CNA works under the regulation of RNs. RNs are also called LNP or licensed practical nurses who possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing and are responsible for making critical decisions regarding patient care.

Nursing assistants are the supporting pillars of the healthcare industry. Without the cooperation of this staff, a medical setting won’t be able to provide healthcare services to patients. Nursing assistants have always been in great demand and even more so recently. There have been a number of reports recently showing that demand for nurses and nursing assistants is expected to grow significantly, partly due to an increasingly ageing population.  This area presents major opportunities for individuals who want to serve as nursing assistants. As demand continues to increase, wages should also rise as there is more competition between health establishments to hire the best and the brightest certified nursing assistants.

So here is some brief information about the process of becoming a certified nurse explained step by step:

The Process to Become A Certified Nursing Assistant and Why You Should Start
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Complete your secondary education

A higher secondary school certificate from a recognized board is the basic requirement for sitting for a nursing diploma or degree entrance test. Aspirants with a senior secondary certificate in the science stream may get added benefits as some courses may require study in the science stream. It will be beneficial for those who are interested in pursuing higher studies in the nursing profile. A score above 50% might keep you above the rest.

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Look for institutes offering courses in nursing

With a good score in secondary or higher secondary, you can sit for an entrance test for a certification course as a nursing care assistant. Some institutes may offer admission on the basis of merit. Nursing courses may vary depending on the syllabus included. While some courses are designed for registered nurses, others include training individuals for the role of a home nursing aide. It depends on the individual choice of the aspirant whether he wants to work as a nurse in a hospital or prefers the role of a home nurse. A CNA or certified nursing assistant certification is required for both roles while a home nursing assistant course may include additional training for the roll. Classroom study and practical experience, both are equally important for nurses.

Get enrolled in a suitable course

Aspirants for the role of a nursing assistant may choose from the following courses:

–         A CNA diploma

–         Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN) certification program

–         Associate Degree in Nursing

–         Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Look for a renowned college or university that provides any of these certified courses. These courses generally include the study of human anatomy, first aid training, patient care, documenting medical records and related topics. However, you can also learn a lot from free cna training classes that are available online, even if you don’t become fully qualified, by learning online you can make yourself more familiar with the different situations. This will hopefully make it easier to qualify for the certification and to pass the exam without too much stress! Moreover, soft skills like fluency in English, attention to detail, empathy, professionalism, empathy and time management will add to the performance of the individual.

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Sit for a license exam

After acquiring a degree certificate, you need to clear an exam for a nursing license. Possessing this certificate, you will be eligible to become a nursing assistant. Start applying for a job as you find openings in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, elder care homes and childcare centers. It is important to have a preference in mind regarding the nature of the job depending upon your qualifications, the license you possess, work timings that suit you, desired location and other related factors. Once you can prove that you have your license, it will be significantly easier in getting a job at a health establishment or even working as a remote/travelling nursing assistant.

What if your license expires?

An expired CNA certificate can be renewed after a fixed interval of time. State rules for renewal differ as per the pre-established guidelines. In some states, the professional may have to sit for a competency evaluation exam for license renewal. The state’s regulations in which the license has been acquired need to be checked for the renewal requirements.

Stay updated in your field

As you pursue your career as a licensed nurse, keep looking for seminars and short-term courses in your area. By attending an additional short-term course in a particular area, you can get an advanced degree in a specialized field. This will add a specialization to your qualification opening more doors of opportunities for you.

With any job it is important to continue your learning journey, not only for your own mental wellbeing but it helps with making progress in your career. When you learn more you can also help others around you when they face any challenges or issues. If you are looking for a management role as well, then an improved knowledge will be very beneficial in helping you get to this level.

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In Conclusion

As discussed above, becoming a certified nursing assistant does not have to take a long time, and there are many benefits in starting a career in nursing. Not only for helping other people, although obviously this is one of the major benefits, but also in terms of creating a successful career for yourself within the health industry. The hands-on approach of nursing ensures that patients receive quality care, connecting the gap between doctors and patients.

It is important to also remember that the health industry is ever-evolving, and with the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, nursing assistants have a plethora of opportunities for growth, specialization, and advancement. This not only ensures job security but also offers a competitive salary and benefits. In essence, choosing a career as a certified nursing assistant is both a noble endeavor and a strategic professional move.

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