4 Ideas For Your Night-time Routine

Whether you’re finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, want to switch up your routine or need inspiration to help you get up in the morning, we’ve got you covered. From keeping your screen time before bed to a minimum to taking creative murphy bed ideas into consideration to help you get bedtime ready, we explain the top 4 proven ways to improve your nighttime routine below!

Keep Screen Time To A Minimum

Keep Screen Time To A Minimum
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When it comes to settling down for the evening, we all want to jump in bed with our phones and catch up on what we missed throughout the day. But experts warn that doing so could actually be doing our sleep more harm than good, stimulating our minds rather than relaxing them. Instead of picking up your phone, consider how else you can keep yourself entertained the hours before bed. Reading is just one of the ways we can get our bodies ready for bed, helping to reduce anxiety and stress and improve sleep quality. Through sticking to reading before bed as part of your routine, overtime it will become a sleep-inducing habit, putting you in the ideal state of mind before getting some Zzzs.

Have A Bath

We all like to bath after a hard day’s work, some more than others. But, whilst showers offer convenience, baths are proven to help us fall asleep faster through lowering blood pressure. Of course, a bath is not complete without a bath bomb or bubble bath. There are several sleep-inducing bath products on the market, with lavender, chamomile, vanilla and Jasmine said to be amongst the top scents that make us sleepy. If products to put in your bath aren’t the one for you, why not test out the theory with a lightly scented candle instead.

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Whether you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep or want to add something new to your night time routine, meditating is a must-try. It’s often used as a relaxation technique, providing you with the time to focus on your mind and body. For some, meditating before bed can also help to reduce insomnia and other sleep-related issues through promoting greater calmness. You don’t have to spend a lot of time practising it, either. 3 to 5 minutes before bed is plenty of time to refocus and, if you want to, you can increase the time you meditate for over a period of weeks, helping you source your inner peace.

Set A Bedtime 

We hear you, you’re an adult and want to sleep at a time you want. Well, whilst that’s all well and good, it doesn;t provide us with any sort of routine, often making it difficult to fall asleep at times our bodies aren’t used to. Your bedtime doesn’t necessarily have to be early, but sticking to the same bedtime each night will provide a better night’s sleep. This is particularly true if you have a certain wake-up time each morning, giving you the chance to regulate your sleep to improve productivity and your overall mood.

So, there you have it! 4 ideas to include as part of your nighttime routine for a better night’s sleep. What have you added as part of your routine that has changed up your sleeping habits? We’d love to hear about them!

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