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Top 8 Benefits of blood donation

There are innumerable health benefits of blood donation. But, many people are not aware of these benefits of blood donation. The lack of awareness of the benefits makes people not to donate their blood.

In addition to the lack of awareness, people have many apprehensions and fears about donating blood. Let us look at some of the fears that people expressed upon interviewing many people all around the globe.

Fears about blood donation:

Benefits of blood donation

Let us see some of the most common fears expressed by people about blood donation.

I might catch HIV or another disease:

This fear is absolutely ridiculous. The people who collect blood from you are very well trained in the procedure. They use disposable needles for collecting blood from you. So, the needle used for anyone else is not used on you. So, no need to worry at all about it.

I will become weak if I donate blood:

You will definitely not become weak if you donate blood. Blood donation has many benefits to the donor’s health in addition to the health benefits it bestows on the receivers.

I am afraid of needles:

Yes, you might be well afraid of needles. But, just wait a moment and think for yourselves. The gratification you get from donating blood is far more soothing than the fear of needles. You won’t even sense the pain or fear of needles if you think that you will be saving a precious life.

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I have Diabetes. Can a Diabetic donate blood?

The majority of people with Diabetes don’t have any complications of Diabetes like eye, kidney, heart problems. If you are a Diabetic and your health is perfectly fine and your blood sugar levels are within control, then you can absolutely donate blood. There is no problem for you as well as the receiver if you have Diabetes.

Now, that you have seen that the fears and apprehension of people about donating blood are not real. You just start donating blood as soon as possible. The benefits of blood donation that you will read further will definitely make you want to donate blood.

Top 8 Benefits of blood donation:

1. Gives you solace:

First and foremost, donating blood to a person will give you solace and peace of mind. I think this tops the list as mental peace is the highest priority for any living being. If you are at peace, your stress levels will reduce.
Stress produces a hormone called cortisol.

This hormone has many adverse effects on our health. It leads to weight gain, increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar levels and many more problems. If you are de-stressed and have mental peace, the cortisol production in your body will reduce significantly.

This improves your health overall to a great extent. This is one of the benefits of blood donation that many people donating blood experience, but yet they are not aware that they are peaceful because of this act of theirs. What are you waiting for? Just start donating blood and be happy and healthy.

2. Reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke:

Blood donation helps in reducing the formation of clots or blockages in your arteries. This helps in ensuring that the blood flow through your arteries is smooth without any disturbance.

A heart attack is caused due to the reduced supply of blood to the heart. In the same way, stroke is caused due to blockage of arteries supplying the brain, leading to reduced blood supply to the brain. Benefits of blood donation are seen in reducing stroke and heart attack as blood donation helps in proper blood flow.

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3. Helps in excluding if you have any blood borne diseases:

The person receiving the blood can develop any blood-borne diseases if the donor is not screened before blood donation. To prevent this from happening, donors are screened for almost 13 bloodborne diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis.

While trying to help out the receiver, you can be happy that you will be tested for any diseases, and you will be declared healthy. If you are trying to get all these tests done as a part of your health check-up, you will have to shell out a lot of money towards it. Now, you are getting yourselves for free.

4. You get some physical exam and blood tests done:

Before donating blood, you will be checked for your blood pressure, hemoglobin levels, temperature, pulse, etc. So, this will help in ruling out if you have any Hypertension or high blood pressure, anemia or low levels of hemoglobin of any problem with your pulse.

Now, this is called hitting 2 birds at the same time. You will be helping the blood receiver, but you are getting many tests both physical and blood tests done for free.

5. Benefits of Blood donation in balancing your iron levels:

Iron is a substance which is not good for you if at very low levels or in excess levels too. If iron level in your body is low, it leads to anemia, fatigue, lack of energy, etc. But, if the iron level in your body is high, it leads to a disease called hemochromatosis.

In this condition, excess iron is deposited in various organs like liver leading to cirrhosis. Iron might deposit in your pancreas and lead to diabetes. It might get deposited in your joints and lead to arthritis. Iron might get deposited in eyes and impair your eyesight. Deposition of excess iron in the body has many more ill effects.

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Regular blood donation keeps your iron levels in check so that your body doesn’t overload itself with iron. You will save from the havoc caused by all the symptoms of Hemochromatosis.

6. Blood donation helps in weight loss:

This is one such benefit of blood donation that people are not aware of. You will surely lose weight if you donate blood regularly. This happens by 2 important mechanisms. You burn about 600 to 650 calories for every pint of blood that you donate.

Another thing is that your cortisol levels will be low due to the satisfaction you gain from blood donation. Low cortisol levels keep your weight under control.

7. Reduces the risk of developing cancer:

Yes, this is true. Iron in the blood acts a free radical. Free radicals in the body damage the cells. Free radical damage leads to aging, and also the development of cancer in the long-term. Benefits of blood donation are seen in the fact that iron level in your body is reduced, thereby reducing the risk of getting cancer in the future.

8. Promotes production of new blood cells:

Within the short span of donating blood, your body will start to produce new red blood cells. This process makes your health even better as you are developing brand new Red blood cells.

Now that you have seen all the possible benefits of blood donation, get rid of all your fears and apprehensions. Just start donating blood today. You will become both mentally and physically fit by donating blood.

Some side effects of Blood donation:

When compared to the health benefits of blood donation, the side effects are very less. But, it’s our responsibility to let you people know those side effects.
Very rarely, some people develop chills or shivering after blood donation. Some people might even feel like fainting or lightheadedness.

Tips to avoid side effects of blood donation:

Drink a lot of water on the day before and also on the day of blood donation. Sleep well on the day before and also after you donate blood. Eat healthy food like fruits after donating blood. If you follow these tips, you will not develop any side effects of blood donation.

Let me share some sites giving out quotes about blood donation with you. You will be inspired to donate blood after looking at those quotes:

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