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5 Strange natural ways to lose weight

Many people often question me about ways to lose weight. They ask me are there any magic pills or mystic ways to lose weight. Obesity is becoming a very big epidemic. People keep trying various exercises, crash diets, pills, surgeries to lose weight.

In fact, weight loss industry is becoming a multi- million dollar industry. People even search for terms like weight loss surgery or clinic near me on search engines like google, Bing, etc to get rid of excess weight. But, most often many of these remedies prove to be futile and people either don’t lose weight at all or gain back the lost weight. This makes them feel really upset and gloomy.

Finally, they try to find out some natural ways to lose weight. These ways to lose weight are very healthy and don’t lead to any side effects and they don’t drill a hole in your pocket. Let’s see some such natural ways to lose weight.

Natural ways to lose weight:

Ways to lose weight

1. Horse gram for weight loss:

Horse gram for weight loss

The Scientific name of horse gram is Macrotyloma uniflorum. It is called ulavalu in Telugu, kollu in Tamil, and Kulthi in Hindi. These are some Indian languages. In many countries, people just use horsegram to feed their cattle. They don’t consume horse gram because they are unaware of the innumerable health benefits of horse gram.

In countries like India, horse gram is used regularly in their diet and they witness the amazing benefit of using horse gram as one of the ways to lose weight. Let’s see a recipe of horse gram for weight loss.


50 gm of Horse gram
Green chillies
Coriander leaves
Lemon juice


Soak 50 gm of horse gram at night.
Boil or pressure cook the horse gram until soft.
Add onions, green chilies, coriander leaves, lemon juice and salt and mix well.

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When to use:

You can take this horse gram dish early in the morning, and also in the evening.
Benefits of using horse gram for weight loss:
You can get rid of belly fat along with your overall weight reduction. Eating horse gram in such a way is very simple, yet effective ways to lose weight.

2. Chapati diet for quick weight loss:

Chapati diet for weight loss

Many people from Western countries are not aware of Chapathies. They are a kind of flat bread made from flours of certain grains like jowar or sorghum, wheat, maize, etc. They are regularly consumed in Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.


Wheat flour (250 gm)
Moong bean flour (250 gm)
Horse gram flour (250 gm)

Sorghum or jowar flour (250 gm)


Mix the flours of wheat, sorghum, moong beans and horse gram in equal proportions.
Store the flour in an airtight container.
Make chapati everyday night with this flour instead of plain wheat flour. You are sure to witness quick weight loss. Chapati diet for quick weight loss is being used by many people and it is one of the best ways to lose weight.

3. Triphala powder for weight loss:

Triphala powder for weight loss

Triphala powder is a very popular ayurvedic herb powder and it’s used very commonly in India. It is also becoming popular in many other countries. Triphala powder is a combination of three herbs called Amalaki, Haritaki, and Vibhitaki. It is a very popular remedy among ways to lose weight naturally using ayurvedic herbs.


1 spoon of Triphala powder
One cup of lukewarm water
1 spoon of honey


Mix the Triphala powder with lukewarm water.
Also, add in the honey to it and mix well.
Drink this mixture daily at night before going to bed.

How long to use this:

Use this remedy about 15 days to 1 month every night.
Benefits of using Triphala for weight loss:
You will surely notice a reduction in your weight.
It helps in regulating your digestive system and helps to get rid of constipation.
It also helps in fighting your stubborn abdominal fat.

4. Green grapes for weight loss:

Green grapes for weight loss

We all know that green grapes are very yummy and mouth watering. But, do you know that they also help in weight loss? People generally assume that grapes contain a lot of sugar and it leads to weight gain. But, it’s not true at all. It is one of the surest ways to lose weight.

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Green grapes have a substance called Resveratrol which helps in weight loss. Resveratrol helps in burning more calories from your body. It also helps in reducing the hunger pangs by controlling the functioning of a hormone called insulin.

So, what are you waiting for? Just start munching grapes whenever you are hungry instead of eating chips or any other junk food. You will see the power of green grapes for weight loss soon.

Ways to use green grapes for weight loss:
Green grapes smoothie:

Handful of Green grapes
1 Apple
¼ spoon cinnamon powder
Ice cubes
Lemon juice


Blend all the above ingredients in a grinder or juicer.
You can sprinkle some cinnamon powder over the top.
Now your awesome green grapes smoothie is ready.

When to use:

You can drink this green grape smoothie daily.
Or else you can make a list of smoothies and have at least one smoothie a day.
Drinking a healthy smoothie daily is one of the surest ways to lose weight.

Green grapes salad:

Few Green grapes
1 Apple finely chopped
1 banana finely chopped
2 or 3 slices of pineapple finely chopped
3 to 4 spoons hung curd or hung yogurt
1 or 2 spoons of honey
Few drops of lemon juice


Mix the green grapes, apple, banana pieces together.
Mix hung yogurt or hung curd, honey and lemon juice with it.
You can make hung curd at home by placing the curd or yogurt in a thin muslin cloth and then in a sieve and hanging it for few hours.
Green grapes salad is a perfect way to curb your sweet cravings and get healthy at the same time.
It is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.

5. Curry leaves for weight loss:

Curry leaves for weight loss

Curry leaves are an age old remedy used in many countries like India for weight loss. It is amongst the very simple and effective ways to lose weight. It promotes your digestion and gets rid of your constipation.

Curry leaves are very effective in detoxifying your body. They also help in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol called LDL in your body. Let us see a simple way to use curry leaves for weight loss.

Remedy no 1:

Eat 10 curry leaves daily on an empty stomach.
Then drink at least 2 to 3 cups of water.
Follow this remedy for at least 2 months.
You will be surprised to see your weight loss results.

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Remedy no 2:

Take 8 to 10 curry leaves.
Grind them to a smooth paste.
Add this paste to a glass of buttermilk.
Add a little salt and a spoon of lemon juice to it.
Drink this curry leaves flavored buttermilk daily after lunch or dinner.
This remedy is one of the yummy and easy ways to lose weight.

Some tips for quick weight loss:

1. Some form of physical activity daily:

You can walk in a park of your choice for 30 minutes to 1 hours daily. As you see the plants, trees, greenery all around and listen to the chirping of the birds, you will feel very rejuvenated and you won’t sense that you have been walking at all. You can even listen to your favorite music while walking.

2. Sprinkle Cinnamon powder in your foods:

Cinnamon powder boosts your metabolism to a great extent, which ultimately results in weight loss. Add cinnamon powder to smoothies, salads, milk, etc.

3. Cut down watching TV:

TV is aptly called idiot box. It makes you lazy and sedentary. This leads to weight gain. Instead of watching TV, engage yourselves in some activity involving physical work like gardening, playing with your pets, etc. They help to keep you fit and you also feel refreshed as you are doing some activities that you adore.

4. Laugh more often:

Yes, you heard me right. Laughing brings down the stress levels. This brings down the levels of stress hormones called cortisol in your body. Cortisol leads to weight gain. As you are reducing the cortisol levels, you reduce your weight as well.

5. Munch on fruits and nuts:

Whenever you feel hungry, just start munching on dry fruits like Almonds, cashews, pistachios, or some form of fruit like Apple, grapes. Avoid eating junk foods to a maximum extent. Initially, you might have a craving to eat junk foods. But soon you will adore eating the fresh fruits and nuts, and will not want to eat junk foods again as you realize that you have lost oodles of weight.

Now, you people have seen all the different ways to lose weight. Many of them are quite strange. They are not followed by people wanting to lose weight generally. You can benefit from these tricks and you will surely notice a drop in your weight if you follow them regularly.

So, what are your weight for? Just start using these remedies and notice a drastic weight loss. I hope you liked the strange ways to lose weight. You too can share some of your weight loss journies with us.

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