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Blisters on tongue home remedies/Home remedies for canker sores

Blisters on tongue can be really very painful. Blisters on the tongue are also known as canker sores, tongue sores, mouth ulcers, tongue sores and so on. The majority of times, blisters on the tongue are part and parcel of a condition called sore tongue. In addition to blisters on tongue, the sore tongue has many other symptoms too.

A sore tongue can lead to blisters on tongue, changes in the color of the tongue, dryness of the tongue, severely painful tongue, etc. Blisters on the tongue are the raised red bumps on the tongue. They can occur on the sides of the tongue, below the tongue or all around the tongue. There are many reasons for the development of blisters on tongue or canker sores. Let us look at some of the reasons.

Causes of blisters on tongue or canker sores:

blisters on tongue

They can develop due to deficiency of vital vitamins and minerals required by the body. Some of the most common vitamin deficiencies causing blisters on the tongue are folic acid and vitamin C. Minerals deficiency that leads to these mouth ulcers are iron and zinc deficiency.

Certain drugs can also lead to the development of these blisters if taken in excess due to their side effects.These canker sores can also develop if our tongue is injured or traumatized due to any reason. It can be a simple tongue bite by mistake or even due to infections that damage the tongue.

Some people have the habit of chewing tobacco products like pan masala, Zarda, etc. These tobacco products lead to canker sores at first and tongue cancer ultimately. So, it’s a wise decision to avoid tobacco products.

Home remedies for canker sores or blisters on tongue:

Take good care of your tongue:

Avoid trauma to your tongue due to any reason. Don’t bite your tongue while experiencing stressful situations. Avoid using tobacco products. Avoid any spicy foods, alcohol, etc which harm or burn your tongue. Maintain a good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing regularly.

Brush your teeth twice a day. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day and keep yourself and your mouth well hydrated. Dryness of mouth can lead to infections that cause canker sores. So, avoid dry mouth.

Vitamin C rich foods:

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to canker sores or blisters on the mouth. So, intake of vitamin C rich foods will help to cure canker sores effectively. Vitamin C rich foods are citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, berries like strawberries, raspberries, Guava, vegetables like broccoli and cabbage.You can make green smoothies, fresh fruit juices or smoothies daily. This is a very delicious way of getting the required amount of vitamins and minerals daily.

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You can also make fruit salads and vegetable salads and make them part of your lunch and dinner. All the tissues in our body are made up of collagen. Even for the healing of canker sores, collagen is absolutely essential. Collagen formation requires vitamin C. So if you take vitamin C, you will promote collagen synthesis and thereby heal your blisters on the tongue.


If you drink 2 to 3 glasses of cold milk daily, it can have a marked effect in reducing the burning sensation and pain of your blisters or canker sores. It provides a soothing sensation to the tongue. In addition to its effects on your canker sores, milk also promotes your overall well-being and makes your bones strong and healthy.


Turmeric powder has antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. As it is so rich in medicinal properties, it is used extensively in certain cuisines like Indian cuisine nad some other cuisines of Asian countries. Turmeric has been a part of many traditional medicines prepared in countries like India.

Turmeric is always available in the Indian kitchen. In fact, my grandmother used to instant get hold of turmeric when I used to get injured as a kid and make a soothing paste with it and some honey and apply over the injured part and cover the wound. You too can apply such age-old remedy of turmeric and honey to cure the canker sores.

Just apply a paste made of turmeric and honey over the blisters on the tongue and wait for some time. You can either swallow it or rinse your mouth after 10 to 15 minutes. This remedy provides instant relief from the burning sensation in your mouth.

Salt and baking soda:

Many of you might not be aware that salt is an effective antibacterial agent. It is for this reason, salt is added in high amounts to pickles, an Indian food variety as a preservative. So, you too can benefit from the antibacterial properties of salt.

Baking soda helps to relieve the burning sensation on your tongue caused by the blisters on the tongue. Just make a mixture of salt and baking soda in equal quantities, then apply this paste directly over the canker sores. Then wait for few minutes and then rinse your mouth. You can also gargle with a mixture of salt, baking soda, and warm water. You can use this remedy 3 to 4 times a day to get instant relief from pain caused by blisters on tongue.

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Basil leaves:

Basil leaves are considered to be holy in India due to their medicinal properties. They kill various bacteria, viruses, reduce inflammation or swelling and treat many other ailments. Basil leaves are one of the best home remedies for canker sores.

Just take a few basil leaves, grind them or crush them coarsely and then apply this paste of basil leaves over the blisters on tongue. Wait for some time and then rinse your mouth. You can even add some honey to this basil paste to enhance its anti-inflammatory properties.

People can also chew a few basil leaves daily to protect yourself from many ailments. You can make a tea by boiling some basil leaves in water, then adding some honey to it and drinking it warm.

Take vitamin rich foods:

Vitamin deficiency like vitamin B12 deficiency or Folic acid deficiency can lead to canker sores or blisters on tongue. In order to get rid of them or to prevent their development in the first place, you will need to take more vitamin rich foods.

Taking vitamin rich diet will help to reduce swelling of tongue called glossitis, burning sensation and sore tongue. You can include fruits, milk, eggs, fish and whole grain foods in your diet to get your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals in sufficient amounts.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. It is one of the best home remedies for canker sores. Just dip your finger or a cotton swab in coconut oil and apply gently over the blisters on tongue.

Then wait for few minutes and then rinse your mouth. You can repeat this method about 3 to 4 times a day. It has no side effects at all on your body or tongue. It provides a soothing relief to the burning sensation of your tongue.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a mighty plant with so many medicinal values. It can heal almost any wound on our body. Just take some Aloe vera gel and apply it over the blisters on the tongue. Wait for few minutes and then wash your mouth. Aloe vera gel works wonder on your canker sores.

You will get rid of burning sensation and pain very quickly. It enables the mouth ulcers t heal fast. If you use Aloe vera gel over the canker sores, you will definitely agree that it is the best home remedies for canker sores. But, make sure to use fresh Aloe vera gel rather than the bottled one with added preservatives.

Eat curd or Yogurt:

Yogurt is a type of probiotic. It promotes the growth of helpful bacteria in the body. It is mainly used for stimulating the growth of helpful intestinal flora. But, it also helps in growth of helpful bacteria in the mouth, while getting rid of the harmful bacteria.

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Just make a habit of eating yogurt daily. You can add some honey, some fresh fruits like berries to the yogurt to make it more appetizing. All the 3 ingredients of your fruit yogurt are helpful home remedies for canker sores or blisters on tongue.

Clove oil:

Cloves and clove oil have many medicinal values. They are very strong pain killers. Blisters on the mouth are very painful. So, you can apply some clove oil with a cotton swab over your canker sores for quick relief from the pain.

The main reason for such a quick relief from pain by using clove oil is due to its active ingredient called Eugenol. Eugenol helps you get rid of blisters on tongue and also toothache caused by decayed tooth.

Hydrogen peroxide:

Hydrogen peroxide is a potent antiseptic agent. It is one of the most efficient home remedies for canker sores. Dilute hydrogen peroxide with an equal amount of water. Then take a cotton swab and apply this diluted hydrogen peroxide over the blisters on tongue.

Wait for some time and then wash your mouth. It provides quick relief from the burning and pain caused by canker sores.

Some other natural remedies for blisters:

1. You can use a paste made of licorice powder and water over the mouth ulcers or blisters to heal them fast and get relieved from the burning sensation.

2. You can rinse your mouth the warm water and few drops of lavender essential oil mixed in it to get quick relief from canker sores.

3. You can apply milk of magnesia over the mouth ulcers to get instant relief.

4. You can use chamomile tea bags over the canker sores to get relief. Just boil some water and dip chamomile tea bag in it for some time. Then remove it and place it over your canker sores when slightly warm and massage it with the tea bag. They help in healing the canker sores or blisters on tongue fast.

5. You can make a tea with sage leaves and drink it daily for quick relief from mouth ulcers.

6. You can also prick a vitamin E capsule, squeeze the liquid out of it. Then apply this vitamin E liquid over the tongue sores. This helps in effective healing of the mouth ulcers.

7. Eat a nutritious diet rich in fruits, vegetables, dairy products like milk, yogurt, and fish daily.
Drink plenty of fluid. Take good rest. Avoid smoking and all tobacco products. Avoid taking too much stress. Be peaceful and relax.

Follow all these home remedies for canker sores as per your convenience and get quick relief from the symptoms of pain and burning sensation. Tell us how these remedies have helped you get rid of canker sores.

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