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Black worms in stool- 6 Causes, 7 Symptoms and 11 Treatments

Black worms in stool is definitely a cause for concern as it can lead to many problems in the affected person ranging from mal-absorption of nutrients to severe conditions like the obstruction of the gut and allergies in rare cases.

Black worms in stool are most commonly seen in young kids as they tend to play with mud and dirt through which the worms can be contracted. But, sometimes such worms can also be seen in adults when they consumed unhygienic or improperly cooked or washed food. Let us discuss further the causes, symptoms and treatments available for the Black worms in stool.

Black worms in stool Causes:

Black worms in stool
Black worms in stool
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There are many types of worms like Hookworms, Roundworms, Pinworms, Whipworms, Tapeworms, etc. which can infest our body and cause symptoms.  Black worms in stool are caused due to many reasons, the main being unhygienic practices. Let us explore them further.

Infected food and water ingestion:

If you ingest food or water contaminated with the worms, then you can have Black worms in stool. This might happen when you ear improperly cooked food, improperly washed raw food of fruits and vegetables.

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Worm infested food handler:

The food and water can get contaminated with worms when a person infested with worms handles the worms without proper precautions like washing the hands after using the toilet, wearing gloves, etc. When you eat such contaminated food, you too will have worms in your gut which can pass out as Black worms in stool.

Walking without footwear on the ground:

If you ever happen to walk on the ground barefoot without wearing footwear, you might contract the worms from the soil, for example, hookworm.

Eating food from roadside:

It is advisable not to eat food from the roadside stalls which don’t maintain hygiene as this is one of the most common reasons for having worms in your body and then passing them out as Black worms in stool.

Living in an unhygienic environment:

Living in an unhygienic environment or not keeping your surroundings clean will make it a breeding ground for many worms, germs, etc. making you susceptible to contract them.

Insect bites:

There are many insects which can transfer worms from one infected person to another. For example, a Mosquito bite can transmit filarial worm from the blood of one person to another.

Black worms in stool Symptoms:

There are many different of having worms in your body depending on the type of worm you are infected with. Some of the symptoms are:

Weight loss:

When there are many worms present in your body, they tend to feed on the nutrients that you consume for the well-being of yourself. This makes nutrition unavailable to you, making you develop weight loss.

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When you don’t have adequate nutrition due to the worms stealing your nutrition, you are prone to develop various nutritional deficiencies leading to weight loss.

Itching at anus:

If you have worms, you will experience continuous itching at your anus or pruritus ani. This becomes very embarrassing when you are outside the home.

Iron deficiency anaemia:

Some worms like hookworm in particular cause Iron deficiency anaemia. This makes you feel very weak, lethargic, etc.

Abdominal pain:

As the worms are present in the abdomen or gut, they cause abdominal pain, which is severe at times.


They can cause bowel abnormalities like diarrhoea due to malabsorption of the food or nutrients.


When we are having so many physical symptoms like diarrhoea, weakness, abdominal pain, etc., a person is irritated a lot and won’t be able to perform his daily activities properly.

Black worms in stool Treatment and Prevention:

There are many remedies and treatments which are available to get rid of the Black worms in stool, and also to prevent contracting them in the first place. They are:

Using only packaged food:

When you are outside the home or travelling outside, eat only packaged food or food from good restaurants. Don’t eat food anywhere on roads.

Avoiding Roadside food:

Many roadside food stalls have unhygienic food practices as the food vendors don’t wash the hands properly, flies keep flying over the food, etc. Avoid such places to eat at all costs.

Drinking Bottled water:

Improperly boiled water or unclean water causes man6y diseases ranging from worms causing Black worms in stool to many o5ther diseases like Cholera, Typhoid, Jaundice, etc. So, drink only bottled water when outside.

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Thoroughly washing Raw vegetables:

The skin of the Raw vegetables can also have many germs and worms. So, thoroughly wash them before consuming. Soak them for ½ hour in salt water before washing them and eating.

Cooking food properly:

Improperly cooked food doesn’t kill the germs and worms. So, make sure to cook food properly without fail.

Taking Anti-helminthic drugs:

Anti-helminthic drugs can help to get rid of the worms in the body by killing them. This prevents having Black worms in stool. There are various Anti-helminthic drugs available like Mebendazole, Albendazole, etc.


If there are big worms in your body causing intestinal obstruction, then you will have to get the surgery done to get rid of the worms.

Taking Garlic:

Garlic contains a compound called sulphur which facilitates the getting rid of the worms in the body, and it also enhances our immunity. So, its good to include raw garlic in our diet.

Keeping surroundings clean:

An unhygienic environment is a contributing factor for developing many health ailments including worms in the body leading to Black worms in stool. So, keep your environment clean and hygienic.

Not walking without footwear:

Don’t walk barefooted in the soil to avoid getting worms like Hookworms into your body. Always wear footwear when walking on the soil.

Making kids wash hands after playing:

Kids are very naughty and play with dirt, dust, etc. So, always ensure to get them to wash their hands and feet after playing to avoid contracting worms and germs.

You have seen all the possible causes, symptoms and Treatments of Black worms in stool. I hope you find this article informative. Take all the above precautions to stay safe and healthy.

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