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Dent in thigh muscle: 4 Causes, 5 Treatments, When to see a doctor

Do you see a dent in thigh muscle? It might be a scary experience because you see a dent in your skin and it freaks you out! You probably think that it is due to a serious health condition.

The dent in thigh muscle can be positioned anywhere! It could be vertical or horizontal, and there could be many causes behind the dent in thigh muscle.

You see it as a dent in thigh muscle, but it is probably the loss of the fat tissue. Majority of us start freaking out for smallest of health conditions, but the dent in thigh muscle is nothing to be scared of!

There are thousands of people, who are fearful that they have a deadly disease. The most common fear is that people start thinking that they have ALS. What is ALS? We shall find out more about this!

Just so you know, there are thousands of individuals, who have the same fears as you. You are just one of them, and we are here to reduce the anxiety and tell you more about this health condition.

Here is an informative article which talks about the dent in thigh muscle, the causes and the treatments. Does it require medical attention? Can it be treated at home? You will explore all that and more through this post!

The Underlying Causes of Dent in Thigh Muscle:

dent in thigh muscle
Dent in thigh muscle
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According to the superintendent pharmacist Jana Abelovska at Click Pharmacy, before we read about the causes of the dent in thigh muscle, you must understand that there is no loss of  muscle. It is probably a loss of the subcutaneous muscle, and this is not something that you should be stressed about.

Let us understand the causes of the dent in thigh muscle! Here are some of the causes of the health condition.


When your thighs hit a surface, and you bump into a hard object, it causes the fatty tissue to shrink. The loss of adipose or fatty tissue under the skin makes it appear like a dent in thigh muscle.

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The question is – Will it get back to normal? Is the shrinking of fatty tissue a permanent condition? It depends on the person! Give it some time, and it will get back to normal. However, it also depends from person to person. The dent may not return to normal!

Your doctor will ask you several questions which includes the following:

  • When did you find a dent on your thigh?
  • Did you place a heavy object or hit against a hard surface?

He/she would ask these questions to understand whether the cause is trauma or something else.

Leaning against your thigh:

Leaning against your thigh for a long duration could cause a dent in thigh muscle. You lean against your thigh on a hard surface or object, and it produces a temporary dent. When you are in such a position for a more extended period, it can create a dent-like appearance on your skin.

You need to recollect whether you hit your thighs on some surface or not! This way you would be able to tell your doctor whether it is weight loss or something as small as a result of leaning against your thigh.

People who work behind the counters usually get a dent in thigh muscle. Are you doing such a type of job which causes dents in your skin? If yes, then you have nothing to worry about!

It could also happen when you rest heavy objects on your thigh. It could create a dent which is quite visible! If you do it throughout the day, it can create a dent in thigh muscle.

Anatomical feature:

You are anxious too much about something which may be a small matter! It could be that your anatomy is such that the dent was always there!

You are probably living with certain anatomical features for your whole life! However, you are probably seeing it for the first time. If the fissure is vertical and not as horizontal, then it causes the dent.

If you see a dent in thigh muscle, you are probably noticing it for the first time. A person with a toned figure will see a dent in thigh muscle. It is not uncommon for a toned individual!

Low percentage of fat in the body:

When a person has a low percentage of fat in their body, they would see a dent in thigh muscle. To make the dent vanish, you can gain some fat in your thigh area. You have a fit body and have low-fat percentage; this could be the cause of the dent in thigh muscle.

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When you have sudden weight loss, you might see there are dents in your thigh muscle and other parts of your body. It is relatively common, and you must not worry about it!

If you have toned thigh muscles and a low body fat percentage, you are more prone to getting a dent. Just for your information, this is not a bad feature! Do you know that obesity is a deadly disease and it could be lethal for your health?

Most people die of cardiac arrest because of obesity. You should be thankful that your body does not have a lot of fat deposit.

Don’t you think less body fat is a good sign? The dent is not harming your body, and it is just a feature. Check the BMI, and it should be within the healthy range. If you are morbidly skinny, you need to gain some weight because being extremely lean is not healthy too!

The Best Treatments for Dent in Thigh Muscle:

After reading the causes, it should take your scare away! The indentation in thigh muscle is nothing but just some additional pressure on your thighs. When you are sitting with a heavy object on your thighs for an extended period, you might notice the dent in thigh muscle. For best practices, try to learn how to get a Jiggly butt to maintain fitness.

Gain some weight if you are lean:

It could also be due to the natural anatomy of your body. We are different people and have different body structure. If you are too scared, you can check out the bodybuilder magazine and their physique. You would not find dents in their thigh muscle because they have enough body fat!

An athletic person or someone who does not have a lot of fat in their body will get a dent in thigh muscle. People who are very obese or overweight do not have dents in their thigh muscles. This is supposed to be a plus for you!

What is the best treatment for this condition? When you have a dent in your thigh muscle due to a low percentage of fat, it is advisable that you can gain some weight. However, being overweight or obese is not desirable for your health. We are not talking about physical appearances!

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We are saying that being overweight and obese gives way to several diseases which are life-threatening. Dent in thigh muscle is not a cause for concern but being obese is a significant cause for concern.

Wait for spontaneous resolution:

There is no specific treatment for this! All you have to do is to wait for the dent to heal on its own. In some cases, it will return to its normal position, but for some people, it might never heal!

Avoid placing heavy objects on thighs:

Also, you must avoid placing heavy objects on your thigh. This causes the dents to appear and gives you unnecessary stress. If you find that the dent in thigh muscle is not appealing to you or your partner, you could meet a plastic surgeon and get this fixed.

Plastic surgery:

There are some surgical procedures which could be helpful! We would not suggest you go for this procedure because plastic surgery is not free from risks! Also, it is expensive, and you would need to find the right professional to do it for you.

Fat grafting:

Fat grafting is a treatment which is used for fixing the dent in thigh muscle. You can speak to your doctor about this! Meet the plastic surgeon with a good reputation, and you can opt for fat grafting.

Do you think you still want to go for a plastic surgery? Think about it!

When should you seek medical attention?

Indentation in thigh muscle is not a medical emergency, and you should stop worrying too much because it can be handled. If you further want to see a doctor, you could book an appointment, but they will tell you the same thing which we did!

Once you visit the doctor, you will realise that it is nothing something that is life-threatening. When you get an expert opinion, your worries will vanish. A dent in thigh muscle usually heals on its own. In some cases, the dent will remain, but you need to understand that it is not lethal for your health.

So, quit worrying because the dent in thigh muscle will vanish on its own! Give it some time and do not lean against the thighs.


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