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Thumb twitching: 6 Causes, Remedies, When to see a doctor

Twitch! Twitch! Do you suffer from thumb twitching? If the answer is a big YES then this post is meant for you. Majority of the people start worrying too much once their thumbs begin to twitch! Is it something to be concerned about? We, as human beings, are prone to be fearful of the smallest of symptoms. It is relatively common and human!

The question is – What does thumb twitching mean?

thumb twitching
Thumb twitching
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Thumb shaking or thumb twitching is when your thumb starts shaking involuntarily. It could be caused by a nerve impulse or a tingling sensation. Sometimes your hand goes numb, and it affects the thumb. You could get thumb spasms due to numbness as well!

Thumb twitching is known as fasciculation in medical terms. Most people associate it with a neurological disorder, but there are multiple causes of this condition. The next time your thumbs start twitching, you must come back here and check the causes.

Yes, here is a post which talks about the causes, symptoms and remedies for thumb twitching. Just so you know, many people get thumb spasms and it is common! However, there are times when it is a sign of a severe illness. How do we find that out?

There’s only 1 way to find that out! It is by reading this post which tells you everything you need to know about thumb twitching.

The Underlying Causes of Thumb Twitching:

There are many causes of thumb twitching, and we have listed them below!

Trauma to nerves:

Nerves trauma could cause thumb twitching. When the injury is severe, it will cause thumb spasms.

Unhealthy Diet:

When a person has unhealthy eating habits, it will lead to trembling of the thumbs.Low levels of magnesium in the diet could be the cause of thumb shaking. You must include magnesium-rich foods in your diet. The list of magnesium-rich foods includes whole grain, spinach, dark chocolate, almond and leaf vegetable.

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Dehydration is another cause of cramps and twitching. You must stay hydrated through the day. People who do a 9 to 5 job or a blue-collar job need to stay hydrated because constant work and pressure drain out the energy. Gulp at least 10 glasses of water in a day.

Drug Side effects:

There may be some medications which are not suiting you. You might have noticed when the twitching started! Did it start after taking the medications? If yes, then the cause of the twitching could be due to the medications. Some medications do not suit all types of bodies. You must check with your doctor as to why the drug is causing this condition!

Excessive exercise:

When you do too much of exercise, your body starts shaking, and you would realise your thumb starts shaking too. You must start slow and not overdo!

If the thumb is shaking right after the workout, you must take a cue that it is not something that you should worry about! When we exercise too much, our muscles get exhausted. This causes the muscles to twitch! You would notice your legs also start shaking after a strenuous workout.

  • There are diseases which could cause the thumb twitching problem. Parkinson’s disease is a disease in which your body and hands start shaking involuntarily.
  • It could also be caused due to multiple sclerosis.
  • Muscular dystrophy could be the reason behind the thumb shaking problem.

These were the causes of thumb twitching. You must be aware because knowing the cause takes you to the conclusion as to what needs to be done! In case it is not a severe problem, and it happens after a workout or a sudden exciting situation then you do not have to worry too much about it!

Sometimes human beings get scared, and their hands and feet start shaking. It is fairly normal! It is not a life-threatening situation. However, you must check with a doctor for serious conditions like Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis. Your doctor would prescribe the best treatment for the same!

Symptoms to watch out for:

Does your thumb start twitching or jump for no reason at all? This is the first sign of thumb twitching! Just like every other muscle twitches, the thumb is no exception. The only worry is that you get to see the thumb in action and it worries you!

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Along with many thumb twitching, you might experience weakness and loss of the muscle size. There are not many symptoms related to the thumb twitching condition!

What are the best remedies for thumb twitching?

What are the best remedies for the thumb twitching condition? You are hoping to find an answer here!

If it is a neurological condition, then the neurologist will run tests, and they will prescribe the best treatment for the same. You will have to go through an MRI and blood tests. The doctor will try to understand your history and current health condition.

Sadly, there are no drugs for the involuntary trembling thumb, but you can improve the condition by including magnesium and potassium-rich foods. You must also drink water many times in a day. Keep your body hydrated and eat healthy foods.

In the majority of the cases, the thumb twitching stops on its own! In case it does not stop, your doctor would do the needful! He knows the best remedy for the thumb twitching problem!

Do note that there are no home treatments for thumb twitching but in case you find that the twitching is repeating, you would need to visit the doctor/neurologist. Keep a number handy!

When to seek medical attention?

How much is too much? When do we need to see the doctor? A person in a panic situation would immediately go to the doctor. But, we would advise you to wait for a day or two.

In case the thumb twitching does not stop, and you find that it is not improving, you must visit the doctor and find out the underlying cause and the right treatment for it!

You can visit a neurologist or a general physician. Ideally, you must visit the general physician first, and if the doctor tells you that the condition is serious, you must head to the neurologist.

What to expect when you visit the doctor/neurologist?

When you visit the doctor/neurologist, you have to be prepared with the answers! They are going to ask you the following questions:

  1. Since when is the thumb twitching happening?

It could be two days or three days, but your doctor needs to know whether it is a serious condition or not. The duration does matter in this scenario!

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2. How long did the thumb twitching last?

Was it for few seconds or minutes? You have to keep track of the time!

3. How often do you experience this condition?

Be as clear as you can! When you are facing a problem, your doctor needs clear answers. When you visit the doctor, he may or may not see the thumb twitching! He/she can only learn from you about how many times it happens!

4. Does the thumb twitching happen in the same location?
5. Are you pregnant?

You might find this odd, but it is relevant. The doctor is not your friend, but he needs to know your medical history. Sometimes panic and excitement could be the cause of thumb twitching. When you are pregnant, you go through many emotions which could be the cause of this!

6. What other symptoms do you experience?

Is it life-threatening?

The answer is NO! You might feel that your thumb shaking could mean that your end is near, but it is a fairly normal condition. It could be due to low levels of Vitamin D, poor diet, overuse of the muscles or excitement. You do not have to bother too much about the condition!

If you find that it is not improving within a day or two, you must take an appointment and get the tests done. Sometimes it could be a kidney problem. You might think that how is a kidney related to the thumb! Kidney problems can lead to problems with the nervous system.

If the condition is occurring due to repetitive action of the thumb, then give it rest! Sometimes when we are typing too much or writing a long answer, you would find your thumbs start shaking! Do note that it is normal and all you need to do is give it rest.

Takeaway Advice for Patients:

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You never know that it might be helpful for someone! Social media should be used constructively! Once you share this helpful article with someone, they would share it on their wall, and it might just reach someone, who needs advice and medical attention.

If you are experiencing thumb twitching, you must find out the cause first! In case of a neurological condition, take an appointment and speak to your doctor about it.


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