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Pain in right side of head above ear: 6 Causes, Treatments

Pain in right side of head above ear is very troublesome. It can make you worried a lot. Let us discuss all its causes and treatments.

Headaches are common, but when they cause excruciating pain, it becomes difficult to carry on with day-to-day activities. Majority of the people would pop a pill but sometimes that is not enough, and you may need to visit the doctor.

While some headaches last for a couple of hours or 24 hours, the chronic headaches may persist for many weeks! Also, you might have noticed that a headache could affect just one side of the head or the whole area. A headache is usually caused by skipping meals, muscle problems, stress, medication side effects and fatigue.

You may have noticed that headaches may cover your entire head or just a specific side. It is not common to get one-side headaches, but it is possible. These are lifestyle factors which could be the major cause of piercing pain in right side of head above ear.

You have visited this page for a reason, and we are aware of it! It seems like you have pain in right of head above ear. What causes this? What are the symptoms? Are there are specific treatments for this condition?

We usually rely on relatives, colleagues and friends to give us advice on the health problems that we are facing. Does that help the cause? We do not think so! The best judgment is given by a doctor, and sometimes you require more than just a prescribed medicine.

We suggest you focus on the solution and not worry too much about a headache as that would double the pain. As of now, you should not take any additional stress as that might be the cause of the pain.

Here is a post which covers everything that you need to know about pain in right side of head above ear and its causes and treatments.

What causes pain in right side of head above ear?

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It is not common to get pain in right side of head above ear. However, it is possible, and there is a fix for it. Before skimming through the treatment options, it is important to understand the health condition and what causes this.

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Here is the list of causes which cause this condition:


Pain above right ear could be a result of a stressful situation. When an individual is under extreme stress, the muscles tighten above the right ear which causes extreme pain. When the muscles contract, it results in excruciating pain, and it causes extreme discomfort.

Dental Problem:

Do you have a dental issue? We do not realize this, but most of our body parts are connected. A dental issue could be the cause of the pain in right side of head above ear.


Do note that the mastoid bone is located just behind your ear. Mastoiditis is a condition when the bone gets infected or inflamed. This health condition is more common in children, and it happens when the infection of middle ear remains untreated.

Symptoms of mastoiditis include swelling, redness and a type of discharge from the ear. This leads to pain in right side of head above ear, fever and one may lose the power to hear from the ear.

Carotid Artery Dissection:

Carotid artery dissection is a condition which causes one-sided pain in the head above or behind the ear. The carotid artery is the main vessel which supplies blood to your brain. In case of neck injury trauma, one may experience a sharp pain above or behind the ear.

Damaged Nerves:

Nummular headaches are caused by damaged nerves. The symptoms include pain in right side of head above ear. The pain could be behind the ear as well. It is suspected that the cause of this headache is the reactivation of herpes virus.

Herpes Zoster:

This is a type of skin condition which is caused by virus infection. Blisters can develop in the area which is fluid filled, and these are painful to touch. If the cause is herpes zoster, the patient must visit the doctor immediately because it causes sharp pain on right side of head above ear.

These were the causes of pain in right side of head above ear. It does not seem like a pleasant thought because stinging headaches can be irksome and it can cause hindrance in your day-to-day activities.

If you have a detrimental condition such as Carotid Artery Dissection, you must check with a doctor immediately and not wait for the pain to get worse! Different health conditions require different treatments, and we shall discuss it in our next section.

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When should you seek medical help?

Pain in right side of head above ear could be serious, and it requires immediate attentions. Popping any pill recommended by your colleagues or friends may not help you. It is best to rely on a doctor, who can advise you the best treatment for this condition.

The question is – When should you seek medical help? We have listed some of the symptoms which are a tell-tale sign that you must visit the doctor and find a solution.

Symptoms include sharp pain on right side of head above ear, fever, locked jaw, nausea, lethargy, and unexplained weight loss. Pain above ear causes a lot of discomforts but the good news is that it can be treated.

How? Let us take a look at the treatment options which are available!

The Best Treatment Options:

There are treatment options available for this health condition. How would a doctor diagnose the underlying problem? They would usually advise you to get a CT or MRI scan of your brain.

It also depends on the underlying problem related to the pain in right side of head above ear! If the pain is caused by stress or tension, then medications will be given to you for the same. The key is to not take the needless stress and relax your mind.

Stress management techniques are also available for solving pain in right side of head above ear. One can do meditation, yoga or travel to a new place. Your doctor may tell you to opt for acupuncture, massage therapy or yoga. If the cause is stress then you do not need medical attention and rather, you need to manage your stress efficiently.

As for Herpes Zoster, it is a type of viral disease which will get resolved in few days time. However, you need to visit your doctor, and they would recommend you to take pain killers.

In case of tension or nummular headaches, it is best to apply heat over the affected area. This works like a charm, and you would get relief from the heat. You could use a hot water bag. These days you would find a chargeable hot water bag which requires 5 minutes of charging!

Carotid artery dissection is a condition which requires the immediate attention of the doctors. Anyone with carotid artery dissection may get a stroke, and it is best to get medical treatment for this. Visit a specialized doctor and get this condition treated as soon as possible.

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If you have Mastoiditis, then it is advisable to undergo surgery. Your doctor will provide you all the necessary information regarding the surgery and complications.

Additionally, patients who are suffering from pain in right side of head above ear should bid adieu to alcoholic beverages and caffeine. It is lethal for you!

Words from the Wise:

You require a lifestyle change because stress can be lethal for you. Stress can cause headaches, and it can even lead to depression which is a serious problem. However, if the cause of your headache is related to a specific body part, then your doctor can prescribe you the best medical treatment.

Health is wealth, and your body depends on you to keep it healthy and fine! Make some lifestyle changes such as sleeping for 7-8 hours and limiting the use of technological gadgets.

Pain in right side of head above ear could also be caused by improper posture. Your posture should be right! Do not hunch and walk. Also, we live in a competitive world where we forget to take a break. It is best to unwind and take a break between lots of work. Additionally, eat your meals and never skip eating as that can cause headaches too!

The key is to be far away from stressful situations and keeping your posture right! If you are experiencing pain in right side of head above ear, you will find that these treatments may help you a great deal!

We hope that this post was helpful for you! Share it with your circle as it might just help someone to diagnose the real issue! Pain above ear is not something we get on a daily basis. It is uncommon and needs attention! Once your doctor understands the underlying problem, they would be able to suggest the best treatment.

Do not hesitate to visit the doctor as they might ask you the history of the health issue. They would be able to diagnose the real cause of the pain in right side of head above ear. Be ready with honest answers!


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  1. This article has been helpful. I have been to the emergency room 2 times with pain right side of head, severe pain, behind the ear. throbbing pain relived only by heat and pressure to area and lying down. have been unable to stand or fix any type of meal. Pain comes backif I am up more than 5-10 minutes. RX. have had an IV with A STEROID, benadryl,
    I had one severe episode of pain after that, up until now 10am 7/7/21. I also had a Cat Scan which showed nothing.
    I have gone to my DR. who did blood work to rule out the Shingles and it showed no
    no shingles, just anti bodies which told us I had shinges in the past, which I have, many, many years ago. She ordered Gabatintin 100mg. Starting at the smallest dose. No more pain. We re awaiting a MRI and a consult to the Neurologist. No Diagnosis yet. Any ideas??????Thank You