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Muscle twitching all over body: 20 Causes & Treatments.

Muscle twitching all over body can cause a lot of trouble. So, let’s explore its causes and treatments in detail.

What is muscle twitching?

muscle twitching all over body
Muscle twitching all over body
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Muscle twitching is a process where your muscles contracts. A human body is made such that there are muscles all over the body controlled by the mind that contract and stretches to bring about motion.

Most of these muscle twitches are negligible. In only extreme cases are they a cause for concern. The muscle twitch is also called muscle fasciculation. In extreme cases, you are advised to see a doctor.

Muscles in all parts of the body twitch, eye muscle, ear muscles, legs, back, arm etc.

Everyone is subjected to a muscle twitch every day. Any voluntary muscle of the body twitches at any given time. When a sudden rush of action is needed of them.

Causes of Muscle twitching all over body:

Muscle twitching all over the body can be caused by quite some conditions. Minor muscle twitch have minor causes while acute cases have more serious causes. Fasciculation all over the body is caused mainly by diseases and natural factors.

Natural factors that cause muscle twitching all over body are;

  • Vigorous activities like sporting events.
  • Stress and anxiety.
  • Drugs.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Dehydration.
  • Lack of sleep and fatigue.

Diseases cover a wider cause of muscle twitching all over body. Some of these diseases are;

  • Muscular dystrophies.
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  • Isaac’s syndrome.
  • Spinal muscular atrophy.
  • Mono.
  • Withdrawal from a given medication.
  • Weak muscles-myopathy.
Vigorous activities:

Vigorous activities like running and playing tops the list of those causes of muscle twitching all over the body. During physical exercises, the body has lactic acids accumulating in the muscles. When the lactic acid is released the muscles contracts bringing about a muscle twitch.

In the fields when we are either running or playing, we are forcing our muscle to be on standby to an act like, sudden stop- this would demand of our muscles to contract and cause a braking force on our motion.

The same case when we are running, we are in motion, and our muscles undeniably are alert for a sudden change of direction, sudden stop and frequent acceleration. These forces muscle twitching and alertness.

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Stress and anxiety:

Stress and anxiety are probably the leading factors contributing widely to muscle twitching all over body. It is very evident that when you have stress or is anxious about something, your muscle tissues are affected greatly.  And muscle movement is enacted by the contracting muscles.

This is so because our muscle tissues are always ready for a reflex action when, we are scared, stressed, anxious and even when we fall. This means that fasciculation happens randomly.

When we subject ourselves into worrying, we are subjecting our muscle to be on guard because in no time an impromptu action might be required of them causing them to jump into action.


Drugs are substances which when taken alter the normal functioning of the body. This means that these are substances that are meant for either mild stimulation or even for medicinal purposes. These drugs include; caffeine, nicotine, corticosteroids, estrogen pills and any other mild stimulant.

When a foreign substance is induced into the body, the body muscles prepares itself for the effects of these drugs. They contract or loosen up under the effect of these drugs including medicinal ones.

Illegal drugs like bhang, cocaine and heroin have aversive effects on the muscles of the body. They arrest the muscle tissues from normal functionality and causing muscle quiver all over the body.


This drug is found in chocolate, kola nuts, tea, and even in some medications. Caffeine is a mild stimulant and works by causing muscle twitch.


These are drug contents found in tobacco products especially cigars. They work by causing general muscle weakness in legs and arms. They cause muscle twitch.

Estrogen pills:

These are hormonal pills that work to stop the process of conception. It causes muscle twitch in the body.

Mild stimulants:

Mild stimulants are drugs, and they work by forcing your body muscles to remain active and keep you awake. This is done by muscle twitch.

Muscle spasms:

What are muscle spasms? These are a muscle movement that happens around the eye. Slight irritation of the eye can cause muscle spasms. They are caused by; dehydration, poor blood circulation, and lack of certain specific food nutrients in the body that replenishes the muscles.

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Treatments for muscle spasms include:

Drinking a lot of water- this would help facilitate circulation in the body and keeps the body hydrated.

Eat a balanced diet i.e. rich in:

  • Sodium- Helps keep a balanced body and fluid medium.
  • Potassium- Helps in muscle development and magnesium-helps in taming adenosine triphosphate which is the hormone responsible for the production of energy used in muscle contractions and relaxations.  It is present in foods like yogurt, avocados, bananas, dried fruit and chocolates.
Muscular dystrophies:

Muscular dystrophies are inherited diseases. These are diseases that destroy all muscle networks and causes twitching in the body muscles. It causes weakening of the muscle tissues and muscle twitching all over body.


This is a process through which the body loses water. Fluid levels in the body reduce. This is a process through which water in the muscle tissues is drawn out of the body, leads to the contraction of the body muscles hence causing muscle twitching all over body.

Lou Gehrig’s disease:

This is a disease that kills nerve cell forcing contraction in the muscles.  It is also called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Isaac’s syndrome:

Muscles are controlled by the brain through connections called nerves. Isaac’s syndrome destroys these nerves causing random muscle twitching all over the body.

Spinal muscular atrophy:

Muscle are interconnected such that there are motor nerves which relay information from the brain to the muscles or glands. Spinal muscular atrophy destroys these motor nerves distorting relay of information from the brain to the muscle. This causes random muscle twitching all over body.

Lack of sleep and fatigue:

When you go for long periods working or with no sleep your muscle tissues wear out and due to fatigues. When eye muscles are stretched over for longer periods of time and are not allowed to rest, they wear out. This means that they contract and loosen up due to wear.


It is a disorder where the process of nerve cells in the brain is being disturbed. It causes cuffing of these nerve cells cutting off relaying of information. The disorder is random and not continuous as it is pulsating. It causes seizures or periods of abnormality to the individual.

Symptoms of this infection include; temporary confusion, strange stares, jerks in arms and legs, unconsciousness and even déjà vu.

Parkinson’s disease:

Brain cells are responsible for producing dopamine. Parkinson’s disease destroys this brain cells. Tremors and stiffness in several parts of the body is a characteristic of Parkinson’s disease. Patients of 60 years and above are the common victims of these diseases.

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It is a disease of both genders and all races.

Its medications include; medicinal drugs and surgery.,

Tourette syndrome:

Tourette syndrome is a chronic disease that causes a nervous breakdown, muscle twitching all over body and is characterized by repetitive acts that are usually annoying like unwanted sounds and behaviours. The disease is however not cured in hospitals as there are no known cures, but there are medications that can help reduce intensiveness of the disorder.

It is common for children, and its cause is solely based on genetics.


In full, it is infectious mononucleosis.  It is a viral infection and can be transmitted orally through saliva contact. Symptoms include general body fatigue, circumstantial pain, sore throats, malaise, lymph nodes and swollen tonsils.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics can help cure the disease. Restricting ourselves to strenuous activities can help cut down the effects of the disease and self-cure the infection.  The diseases cause muscle twitching all over body.

Withdrawal from a given medication:

When our bodies are so used to medications, when they ran without it, the body muscle contracts and functioning of the body is compromised. When one withdraws from drugs either medicinal or otherwise, body activity changes and these contractions brings about muscle twitching all over body.

Weak muscles-myopathy:

This is a muscle disease that affects how the muscles work. They destroy muscle fibres and hinders their functionality. The immediate effect of this condition is general weakness and crumbing of muscles over the body.

They cause muscle twitching all over the body.

Treatment of Muscle twitching all over body:

Initial cases of muscle twitch are not a cause of worry as they eventually cool down and the twitching fades away on their own. Extreme and acute muscle twitching all over body should, however, be brought to the attention of a doctor.

This condition can be evaded by observing certain habits all from physical exercises to diets. Drinking fewer drinks with caffeine like tea and coffee reduces and cures eventually muscle twitch caused by caffeine.

Going to the gym, attending jogging sessions after work or school help along tighten muscles and keeping fit. The treatment of muscle twitching all over body is mainly based on the disorder or problem causing it.

Even though having muscle twitch is a good thing, some people might see it as bad. They help prepare the body for sudden moves.


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