Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness in a Rental Car: Tips for Drivers and Passengers

Hiring a car for long drives provides us with a variety of benefits. We can plan a route and go wherever we choose. People who go on vacation abroad enjoy this kind of transportation. However, for certain people, this approach doesn’t always bring only benefits. This is true for individuals who frequently get motion sickness when driving.

The state, when you feel dizzy, nauseous, and tired, cannot be inspiring, especially when you are on a long-awaited vacation. For travelers who rent a car abroad, this can be an even bigger problem. You will have to pay extra for interior dry cleaning.

Just imagine that you arrive in Abu Dhabi, where you have wanted to go for a long time, rent a fancy Audi at and decide to hit the road, but nausea or dizziness in the middle of the road takes you by surprise. All your plans can go awry when you have to cope with illness along the way.

However, you don’t have to give up your car rental and your road trip adventure as there are medications available today that can help manage motion sickness. You can follow simple tips that will help get rid of motion sickness on the road.

Ways to Avoid Motion Sickness in a Rental Car
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Simple tips for passengers and drivers

If you do nothing about the condition that occurs while driving a rented vehicle, then your trip will be a failure. You will have to stop while driving, which will affect your experience of the adventure. In addition, if the driver does not stop in time, you will have to pay additionally for cleaning the rented vehicle.

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However, you don’t have to give up your road adventure or choose a different, less comfortable means of transportation. You just need to know what to do when you start feeling nauseous and dizzy.

Try the following:

Drive the car smoothly

When you know what can happen to you on the road, you should talk to the driver about driving smoothly. All sudden movements can cause motion sickness, so you should avoid them. Ask whoever will be driving not to make sudden turns or stops. This also applies to fast accelerations. The movement of the car should be smooth.

Breathe fresh air

When vacationing in hot countries, people also rent a car because they can enjoy air conditioning during the road trip. For example, in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, a car air conditioner will be a salvation for all passengers. In such cases, when you start to feel unwell, you should open the windows rather than turn on the air conditioner. Additionally, if you are afraid of renting an expensive sports car due to possible nausea, you can consider a more budget car that you can find at, which is also great for road adventures.

Breathe fresh air
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Focus your eyes on something

When something starts flashing through your car window while you’re driving, you may start to feel dizzy or nauseous. Experienced passengers with motion sickness know that it is best to sit in the front rather than in the back, as the front seat is where they can find a spot or object to focus their eyes on. It could be something on the horizon.

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Calm your breathing and close your eyes

When you start to feel like you are about to get sick, you should make sure to open a window so that you can start breathing fresh air. In addition, if looking at one point on the horizon does not help you, you should close your eyes and also try to calm your breathing. Your body will begin to feel stressed, and your heart rate will increase, but you need to make your breathing even.

Make frequent stops

When planning your travel route, try to plan frequent stops. If you are going to another city to see the sights, then you can also see what attractions will be on your way. You can mark all the points in the navigator on your rented car and make planned stops. This way, you can also stretch your numb body and take a break from the road.


No one wants to get sick during a road trip on vacation. If you often experience motion sickness, then this is not a reason to cancel your car rental and road trip. Before you go on a trip, you should remember simple rules that will help you avoid nausea and dizziness. These rules will also help you leave your rental car clean, so you don’t incur additional costs.

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