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High cheekbones vs Low cheekbones: A to Z about it

High cheekbones vs low cheekbones, do you know which type of cheekbones are better. Let’s learn in detail in this article.

With beauty, there are certain aspects the society uses to measure a person’s level of attractiveness. One such measure of beauty is the cheekbones. But, it is vital to remember that what one person sees as beautiful may not be the same for other people. In certain societies, people with high cheekbones are confident, sexy, and beautiful.

While others consider people with high cheekbones as sexual mature people. However, before we dive into the comparison of high cheekbones vs low cheekbones, it is essential we find out what is a cheekbone. A cheekbone is the underneath organization of face, especially the malar bones.

When the malar bones are prominent under your eyes, and they highlight your cheeks, then people say you have high cheekbones. Every person has cheekbones, and they play a crucial role in the attractive nature of a human being. However, the main difference with cheekbones is the position.

People with high cheekbones have the wider part of their face lies beneath their eyes. They have cheeks that slightly drop below their malar bones, and this makes the cheekbone structure more noticeable. The dip their malar bones cause sometimes forms a shadow that helps highlight the malar bones.

When the malar bones rest at the bottom approximately near your nose then, you have low cheekbones. Like mentioned earlier, the position of your cheekbone should not define beauty aspects for any woman or man. According to research, ethnicity and genetics play a huge role in the location of cheekbones. Nobody can control these aspects.

Meanings of cheek shapes:

High cheekbones vs low cheekbones
High cheekbones vs low cheekbones
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When people bring up the high cheekbones vs low cheekbones conversation, various discussions become known. These discussions have a considerable impact in some cultures. For instance, in some Asian cultures, people with high cheekbones are seen to possess great power.

Some Asian cultures believe that people with prominent malar bones under their eyes have more courage and determination; meaning that they are more desirable in the society.

In the United States, Abe Lincoln was a revered, respected, and successful president with high cheekbones. Most people believe that his success and the love people had for him came from the position of his cheekbones. They believe that his high cheekbones made him naturally successful and intelligent.

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On the other hand, some consider people with low cheekbones as loners who prefer spending time by themselves. Others believe that they have issues trying to get people to listen to their conversations and opinions.

A majority of other people think that people with low cheekbones have more stress in comparison to other people. The above opinions are what various people tie into the meaning of a cheekbone shape.

How does one locate their cheekbones?

Finding your malar bones is something simple. You need enough light and a mirror. Look into your mirror; position your thumbs on the tragus, which is located over the ear canal. Then position your index finger close to your nostrils. Slowly drag both your index finger and thumb over your face until they both meet.

When you press down gently in the place they meet, you can feel the position of the cheekbones. If the position of your cheekbones is on the lower part of the nose, then you have low cheekbones. If the position of your cheekbones is close to your eyes, then you have high cheekbones.

What makes people prefer high cheekbones?

A majority of people across the world associate high cheekbones with beauty. If you have high cheekbones, then you are undoubtedly beautiful. They create an illusion that your face is symmetrical, easily noticeable, and appealing. High cheekbones are even a determining aspect when it comes to the modelling industry.

Secondly, high cheekbones have a sexual appeal, unlike low cheekbones. Most people believe that the help proves whether a woman is reproductive.

In men, the presence of high cheekbones signifies in some people’s eyes signifies they have high testosterone levels. Thanks to our ancestors and their drive to conceive, people still view these traits as irreversible truth.

The position of the cheekbones still influences another sector like the acting industry. Famous actors have been known to turn heads based on the position of their cheekbones. According to the media, their cheekbones make them sexy, attractive, and elegant. When it comes to people with low cheekbones, people have opposite things to say about them.

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Most people consider the low cheekbone position inferior in looks, intelligence, and their social abilities. Despite this notion being false, some people with low cheekbones desire to change their appearance through several alterations.

How to Fix the Position of the Cheekbones:

With an advance in technology, doctors have come up with several ways to help fix the cheekbones position. These procedures help change not only the positioning of the cheekbone but the facial appearance of a person. The various methods include:


This is a surgical process where the surgeon inserts artificial objects or body tissues in some parts of the body to make them more noticeable. The body tissues they insert in these places come from other body parts like the thighs. The major purpose of a malar implant is to help highlight the cheekbones and avail support to the cheeks.

During the surgical procedure, the surgeon places an artificial implant with material like silicon on the cheekbones. But, it is essential to remember that the malar implant procedure is different from the submalar implant. The submalar implant is where the surgeon inserts the artificial implant below the malar bones. The procedure helps in adding volume to a person’s cheeks.

Dermal Filler:

This procedure is less invasive, unlike the implant procedure. In the dermal filler procedure, doctors inject a synthetic or natural filler. However, the material of the filler determines how long you experience the effects of the procedure. Despite the various changes this procedure makes to the cheekbone, it has one major disadvantage.

If the doctor makes a mistake while administering the procedure, then the change is permanent. If you choose to go ahead with this procedure, ask your doctor to do it slowly to avoid mistakes. You can also ensure there are no mistakes by using a mirror to help establish if the of the augmentation of the procedure is correct.

Before trying any of the above procedures, it is important to understand the risks and effects of cheekbone augmentation. You also have to consider that the outcome of the above procedures does not enhance your overall appearance. Keep in mind that the above procedures especially for women, these procedures result in a manly and chiseled looking face.

How to Enhance Your Cheekbones:

Other than the medical procedures available to help solve the cheekbone issue, you can use the methods below to help enhance your cheekbones. These methods are cheaper in comparison to the expensive medical procedures. However, the main procedure to help attain the cheekbone highlight lies in the make-up strategy.

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Make-up is a cheaper way of ensuring that your cheekbones are highlighted without having to revert to other forms of treatment. People with a prominent cheekbone either a high or a low cheekbone often stand out even in a crowd.

With make-up, you can emphasize the cheekbones to get the appeal effect you desire. Emphasizing the cheekbones in the beauty industry is known as contouring. You can highlight and contour the cheekbones using the following tips

First, you will require foundation, brushes, highlighters, blush, and bronzing or contour powder. Before you contour your cheeks, first ensure you find your cheekbones using the procedure mentioned above.

After you locate your cheekbones, then dip them by sucking in your cheeks. Sucking in your cheeks helps in determining the hollow lay of the cheekbones.

Ensure you know the shape of the hollow lay and where it ends before you begin highlighting or contouring. Take one of the brushes and tilt them at a 45-degree angle, while placing the brush on your cheekbone.

Once you get to the end of your eyebrows, you should stop contouring. Place the bronzing or contouring powder at the end of your hairline.

Swipe the powder down gently halfway your cheekbone. Ensure the powder does not cross further. Take the fluffier brush and apply some blush to the area below your cheekbones. Then blend the bronzer powder with the blush. The blend of the bronze powder and blush makes a face appear natural.

When applying makeup to help highlight the cheekbones, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Always select a contouring or bronzing powder that is twice or thrice darker than your skin complexion.
  • Ensure you complete the contouring process by always emphasizing on the cheekbone highlights.
  • The highlighter you use should always complement the contouring shade you use for the entire process.

Nevertheless, if you do not have makeup, you can opt to use shimmer as a substitute. The conversation of high and low cheekbones continues, but they should not indicate your beauty.

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