Enterogermina-Uses, side effects, dosage, precautions

Enterogermina is one drug that is becoming very popular among people nowadays. We come across many people who are using it. It is a very useful drug . But, many of us are completely unaware of Enterogermina. They don’t know what is enterogermina, what is it made of, what is it used for. There is lack of awareness among people about this very useful drug. So, let us learn about all the possible facts about Enterogermina.

What is Enterogermina?

Enterogermina is the trade name or the name given by a pharmaceutical company called Sanofi Pharmaceuticals for a very helpful probiotic which contains Bacillus Clausii, which is a kind of bacteria.


What is a probiotic?

Now that I have told you Enterogermina is a kind of probiotic, you might want to know what a probiotic is. Our digestive system or out gut contains many helpful bacteria. They help us in many different ways and protect us from harmful bacteria attacking our body.

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We use antibiotics to kill harmful disease causing bacteria. But, due to the unnecessary and excessive use of antibiotics, we are damaging and killing our helpful intestinal bacteria.

This makes us susceptible to many more diseases. A probiotic is a substance which contains many helpful bacteria like lactobacillus, Bacillus Clausii. They promote the growth of helpful bacteria in our gut. They also produce substances to ward off harmful bacteria growth.

What are the benefits of probiotics?

Probiotics help in preventing allergic disorders which are becoming very common among kids nowadays.
Probiotics help in treating diarrhea caused by various bacteria by promoting the growth of helpful intestinal flora.

They are helpful in treating both antibiotic-associated diarrhea, and also gastroenteritis.
Research also indicates the beneficial role of probiotics in controlling high blood pressure. High cholesterol levels are becoming a major health threat among the people these days. Probiotics address this issue very well and help in reducing high cholesterol levels as well.

They are also helpful in controlling certain diseases of female genital tract like bacterial vaginosis in which there are many unpleasant symptoms like gray foul-smelling vaginal discharge, vaginal itching, etc. Let me tell you one more thing, they also help in controlling very common and troublesome conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder.

Their efficacy in treating certain long-term or chronic diseases like IBS or irritable bowel disease, Inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis is being studied by many researchers. I am sure, you can get rid of these conditions with use of probiotics like Enterogermina.
Probiotics also help in treating disorders of our urinary tract like UTI or urinary tract infections.

What does Enterogermina contain:

Each and every capsule of Enterogermina contains 2 thousand million spores of Bacillus clausii. Enterogermina is also available like a bottle, and each bottle contains 2 thousand million spores of Bacillus clausii.

Uses of Enterogermina:

Enterogermina helps in treating diarrhea, which is acute in onset or from which you have been suffering from the past few days.
In addition, Enterogermina also helps in treating chronic diarrhea, from which you might be suffering for months or years together.
Excessive use of antibiotics, and other drugs damages intestinal flora.It helps in restoring the balance of your intestinal flora.
Furthermore, Enterogermina is also helpful in treating certain disorders of the respiratory tract like colds and flu.

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Is Enterogermina really effective?

This is the doubt that crosses the mind of many people. They don’t know if taking bacteria in the form of capsules helps their body or harms them in unknown ways. This is a very helpful remedy, and it will promote helpful gut bacterial growth.

Does this medicine cause any side effects?

There are no major side effects of Enterogermina. Many people have been using this drug very safely.

When to take Enterogermina?

Do not take it immediately after taking any antibiotics if you are taking antibiotics for any other condition. Just give a gap of around 30 minutes to 1 hour after taking antibiotic until you take Enterogermina.

Enterogermina dosage?

Breastfeeding infants: 1 or 2 bottles per day (one in the morning, and one at night)
Kids: 1or 2 bottles or capsules per day
Adults: 2 to 3 bottles or capsules per day (One each in the morning, afternoon and night)

How to take Enterogermina?

You can swallow Enterogermina capsules with water.
Moreover, you can mix Enterogermina bottle’s in either water or some juice of your choice like orange juice, milk, buttermilk, etc and then swallow.

Can we give Enterogermina for infants under 1 year of age?

Yes, you can give Enterogermina to kids under 1 year of age. But, make sure to give them Enterogermina bottles mixed in some kind of juice or milk, and that too very slowly, sip by sip.

Is Enterogermina available as over the counter drug:

Yes, it is easily available in all pharmacies without prescription of your doctor.

Some precautions while using Enterogermina:

Store the bottles or capsules in a cool, closed area. Don’t expose to sunlight.
In addition, Don’t use it after 1 hour after opening the bottle. Discard if any residual substance is left in the bottle after 1 or 2 days.
Don’t take Enterogermina along with antibiotics. Give a gap of 30 minutes between both.
If your symptoms of diarrhea or a runny nose, don’t subside after taking Enterogermina, consult a doctor again, as you might need the change of drug or some other investigation to correctly diagnose your condition.
Never take more than the prescribed dosage of Enterogermina.
If it’s vial or bottle has any abnormal smell or color, immediately discard it.

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What is the age group of people in which Enterogermina is used?

People across all age groups including kids, adults, elderly people, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and even infants can use it safely.

Can it be taken during pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant women can safely use it because it does not cause any unwanted side effects on you or your baby.

Can it be taken during breastfeeding?

Yes, you can certainly take it during breastfeeding.

What are it’s contraindications?

Although there are no reported side effects of it, discontinue its usage if you experience any unwanted symptoms immediately after its usage.

Should I avoid taking any food if I am taking it?

Because there are no contraindications for any sort of food while taking it, you can eat all that you want while taking this wonderful drug.

What is it’s expiry date?

It generally has an expiry date of about 2 to 3 years from the date of manufacture.

How to store it?

You can store it in a cool, protected place like a shelf. Avoid exposure to excessive sunlight.

Is it some sort of antibiotic:

No, it is not an antibiotic. It helps in treating the adverse effects of antibiotics by stimulating the growth of helpful intestinal flora.

Can it be given for diarrhea caused virus?

Yes, you can give it for viral diarrhea as well. You also need to give your child ORS solution to replenish the lost fluids and electrolytes in addition to Enterogermina.

My son having vomitings? Can I give it to him?

Yes, you can give it when the child is having to vomit.

My 6-month-old son is having runny nose, fever, and cough. Can this be given to him along with antibiotic?

Yes, you can give it to your child along with antibiotic. It is also helpful in controlling symptoms of respiratory infections like a runny nose or cold.

I am suffering from Amoebic dysentery. Can I take it?

Yes, It’s helpful in amoebiasis also.

My child is suffering from lactose intolerance. Can it help him?

Doctors prescribe it for lactose intolerance as well, because it definitely helps to some extent in this condition.

I opened it’s bottle 2 days back and then stored it. Can I use it now?

Use it within half an hour after opening it. Also, discard it when not used for some days, as there might be the growth of harmful bacteria in it.



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