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Fishy Odor No Discharge: 8 Causes, 7 Home remedies

Fishy odor no discharge is a puzzle for many women. Women wonder if its possible get fishy odor without discharge. Let’s find out now.

We all know, vaginal discharge accompanies unpleasant odor. Vaginal discharge is an indication of some vaginal infection, poor hygiene, or any minor injury. What happens when you get fishy vaginal smell no discharge?

Often, many women find unusual odor emanating from the undergarments or the vagina. Frequently, many women experience it. Even though you take good care of your body, vagina, and maintain hygienic practices, it is unavoidable. Fishy odor no discharge is quite common.

How often women disclose or discuss these problems? Hardly a few! Most women do not disclose their problem due to a lot of hesitation. There is nothing to get embarrassed to talk about these issues. The perception of women towards fishy odor no discharge prevents them from discussing even with the closest pals.

What makes the vaginal odor no discharge unusual? Under what circumstances vaginal odor is normal? Vaginas have an odor, and it varies with every woman. Not every woman has the same vaginal odor. However, in case of a healthy vagina with no trace of fishy odor no discharge smells fleshy and musky. It doesn’t have an unpleasant smell.

Vaginal odor without discharge varies every day with different activities. What you eat, your level of physical activity, your hormonal cycles, etc. impact the vaginal odor.

During menses, it turns a bit metallic. After intercourse, vagina smells differently for a short period. All these are quite natural. They don’t come under the category, ‘fishy odor no discharge’.

Before we look into seeing what cause odd vaginal smell no discharge, learn about how vagina cleanses naturally.

Our body can repair and rejuvenate naturally; as so the vagina. It cleanses naturally without any device or medication. It can maintain the health pH levels, keep all infections at bay. When the vaginal health is optimal, it carries the natural odor.

When you notice the difference in the odor, even with no discharge, it indicates a sign of an underlying problem. Strong odd fishy vaginal odor without discharge with or without irritation and itching is a concern to look after.

Hope you got the clear idea of the foul vaginal odor no discharge. Let us look at the causes of fishy odor no discharge.

Causes of Fishy Odor No Discharge:

Fishy odor no discharge
Fishy odor no discharge
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If you feel awful smell down under, you are not alone. Many women experience the fishy odor no discharge for some reason or other. Below are the most common causes of vaginal odor without discharge.

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Bacterial Vaginosis:

The term bacterial vaginosis may look alarming. It is nothing but a bacterial infection. This is the most common cause of fishy odor no discharge.

Every woman has naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is an overgrowth of bacteria in the vaginal area. Since this is merely the growth of microorganisms, it causes no discharge but the fishy smell.

Bacterial Vaginosis aka BV is quite common. How common means, most women during their reproductive phase develop BV at some point or other. While sexual intercourse is a cause that triggers an overgrowth of bacterial, frequent douching also triggers it. In the worst scenario, it causes discharge along with the fishy smell.

It is easy to identify BV that causes fishy smell no discharge. After sexual intercourse, the odor sounds prominent. The infection clears on its own without any treatment. While this is not a serious infection, if the odor persists for a longer time, you can visit a doctor.

Treatment for BV is antibiotics.

Sexually Transmitted Infections:

The second common cause of fishy odor no discharge is sexually transmitted infections. There is a big difference between sexually transmitted diseases – STDs and sexually transmitted infections – STIs.

It is natural that vagina smells different after sexual intercourse for a brief period. In case of STI, it causes fishy smell with or without discharge. Usually, STIs in women cause vaginal discharge only when the infection grows. During the initial stages of STIs, you may experience mild to severe vaginal odor without discharge.

Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, and Trichomoniasis are the three most common types of STIs that cause fishy smell no discharge.

Usually, STIs pose a serious threat both in men and women. When left untreated, it may lead to severe consequences. On a bitter note, the infections do not show up any symptoms. Since unpleasant vaginal odor associated with many reasons, it is difficult to identify the actual cause.

If you experience the vaginal odor without discharge along with painful urination or itching, it might be a sign of STI.

Among these common types of STIs, Trichomoniasis is a severe infection. A parasite named Trichomonas vaginalis causes this infection. The fishy odor smells very strong and unpleasant.

Antibiotics are the common treatment for STIs. If you experience pain, discomfort, or fishy odor after sexual intercourse, and experience any of these symptoms, avoid unprotected sex.

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Yeast Infection:

It is easy to mistake yeast infection as BV until you emit the thick, smelly vaginal discharge. Yeast infection is a common fungal infection, triggered by the overgrowth of yeast called Candida.

Similar to BV, a yeast infection is quite common in women. Unlike BV, this is very uncomfortable. Except for that discharge along with foul smell, yeast infection resembles Bacterial vaginosis.

Fishy odor no discharge may not directly apply to yeast infection. It is easy to miss out the yeast infection during the initial days. It doesn’t have a strong fishy odor during the initial days of infection.

Generally, a yeast infection accompanies mild burning sensation or itching along with the fishy odor and discharge.

Treatment for the yeast infections needs antifungal medicines. The yeast infections are common and it you may get repeated episodes of the same.

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease:

Unprotected sex is the major cause of all sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Inflammation of the pelvis, caused by bacterial infection also causes fishy odor no discharge. It is also transmitted during sexual intercourse. It arises as a complication of the STIs.

Just like STIS, PIDs are not identifiable until it turns worse. Fishy odor no discharge accompanies along with chronic pain is an indicator of PID. Besides, it also leads to infertility in women.

PIDs are often diagnosed during ectopic pregnancy, severe pain after intercourse, and infertility treatment.

Antibiotics and analgesics are prescribed to treat this infection.


Sweat is not unusual. Abnormal sweat is a cause of fishy odor no discharge. We sweat in all the parts of the body beyond our imagination. We sweat from head to toe. Many times it leaves an odd odor. Armpits, back of the neck, hips, thighs, and vaginal area are also common areas we tend to sweat a lot.

Excessive sweat causes fishy smell without discharge. It may be a repeated episode or occurs infrequently.

Foods You Eat:

You are what you eat. It is easily applicable on every aspect related to health. Foods you consume can have a straight impact on how you smell. While this indicates the mouth odor, some foods can have a bad impact on your genitals. Some foods lead to fishy odor no discharge in the vaginal area.

On a simple note, some foods make you stink, in and out. There is a stringent rule that specific foods lead to this vaginal odor no discharge. It varies with every woman. However, foods with a strong odor like garlic, fish, pepper, blue cheese, cabbage, etc.

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Poor Hygiene:

Ideally, this is one of the major reasons for fishy odor no discharge. When you smell fishy down under, double check your hygienic practices.

Incessant sweat, not washing properly, ignoring the abnormalities, etc. leads to fishy smell no discharge.

Using too many products:

On the contrary, extreme care also leads to vaginal odor without discharge. Using vaginal wash products, fragrant products, or excessive use of these products leads to irritation. It causes fishy smell no discharge.

Home Remedies for Fishy Odor No Discharge:

There are many ways to get rid of the fishy smell no discharge problem. You can easily overcome the vaginal odor with simple home remedies.

Do not Douche:

Vagina has the natural cleaning mechanism. You don’t need any special cleaning device or methods to make it healthy and smell pleasant. Douching is a bad idea. Never force any sprays or harsh chemicals on the vaginal spot.

Use gentle, fragrant free soap:

Vaginal area is very sensitive. Using soaps or washes with full of fragrance doesn’t make it smell sweet. Rather, it causes a lot of irritation. Merely washing with running water is sufficient to manage the vaginal health.

Load up Yogurt:

Yoghurt aka curd makes the best home remedy for vaginal infections and related problems. Yoghurt is a probiotic and has naturally occurring bacteria. It treats the infections.

You can also apply yoghurt directly on vulva to reduce the irritation and itching.

Avoid Tight Undergarments:

You should exercise proper care when you choose undergarments. Too tight undergarment can lock the sweat and leads to bacterial buildup.

Try Essential Oils:

Essential oils serve multiple purposes. Most of the essential oils come with antifungal and antibacterial properties. Besides, they smell pleasant. It helps elimination of vaginal odor without causing a fuss.

Add a few drops of essential oil, preferably tea tree oil with water (a carrier is essential) and apply on outside wall of the vagina. In two or three days, the smell fades away.

Vinegar Bath:

Retaining natural pH can help elimination of fishy odor no discharge. Add two cups of vinegar in warm water and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. It naturally reduces the bacterial plague.

OTC Medication:

Technically, the over the counter medicines do not count as home remedies. OTC drugs are easily available to get rid of this condition. Antibiotics treat the vaginal odor problems in a day or two. In case of fungal infection, you need antifungal medicine.

In case if the fishy odor no discharge continues as recurrent or repetitive episodes after trying out the home remedies, visit a doctor.

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