Itchy legs after shaving: 12 Causes and 14 Remedies

One of the most popular routes to Silky smooth legs is shaving.  Of course, the process is cumbersome, long and disgusting.   This method often has its pitfalls!  Irritation, redness, dryness and Itchy legs after shaving are common.

“Why do my legs itch after shaving?”  This is a common refrain among women. But you bear it all as the end result will boost your self-image and allows you to wear the boldest of dresses confidently.

The condition of Itchy legs after shaving is a very common problem.  If you are looking for relief, you need to understand its causes and choose the best remedy to resolve the malady accordingly!

12 causes for Itchy Skin after shaving:

itchy legs after shaving
itchy legs after shaving
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Here are the reasons for its occurrence.  The remedies for this unique problem follow.

Dull razor blade:

Use of old and dull blades can cause more harm than good.

First point … they will cut your skin more than hair follicles as you may use pressure while shaving.  Secondly, old blades may have traces of bacteria that can enter the wounds and cause infections.

Razor burn:

Red rashes and bumps characterize razor burn after shaving.  The symptoms of Razor burns are tenderness, burning or hot sensation and itchiness in legs, underarms or bikini area.

Itchy skin after shaving is a temporary condition and will pass on in a short period of time.

Sharing razors:

Using razors of your friends and family members is also a reason for Itchy legs after shaving.   There are few chances that you may get the barbers itch.  Barber’s itch is a fungal infection that is highly contagious.

It is possible that the blade sharer has this fungal infection. Since it is contagious, it is possible that you incur this infection.

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Dry skin:

Lack of moisture is the bane of dry skin.  When you shave you remove more moisture and naturally itchy legs after shaving occurs.

Use of Harsh Cosmetics, Fragrances and  creams:

Some cosmetics may have high alcohol content.  They also might contain some chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions.  Itchy legs after shaving is one of the reactions that occur.

It is better to use moisturizers with low alcohol content and more of water/oil content.  It is best if you use skin products with ingredients like coconut oil, vitamin e, natural oils and aloe vera.

Using hot water:

Hot water strips the moisture of your skin.  Though it is soothing to your muscles, it may cause dehydration of skin which in turn leads to Itchy legs after shaving.

Using warm water for bathing is the best option in this case.


Scratching your legs after shaving irritates the skin cells which have already faced the trauma of shaving.  You will experience Itchy legs as a result of this.

Using Pressure while shaving:

Sometimes you might use more pressure while shaving.  The reasons for this are obvious; you want to shave closely to achieve the smooth legs.  This could cause uneven skin, cuts, nicks and itching after shaving.

Some types of shaving creams are itchy:

Sometimes the culprit behind Itchy legs after shaving is the cream that you have been using.   High alcohol content in the creams may cause drying of skin.  When the skin dries, you feel itchy.

To avoid itchiness use low content alcohol based creams. Also, rinse off the residual cream on your foot to avoid redness and drying.

Sensitive skin:

Sensitive skin reacts to every irritant that comes its way.  It could be perfumes, detergents, allergens, cosmetics, even the sun, wind and rain.   Red bumps appear immediately on exposure to such elements and products.

So, when you have this type of skin, you are likely to have itchy legs after shaving.

Climatic Conditions:

The Climate is dry and cold your skin lacks moisture and gets dehydrated easily.  There are higher chances of Itchy legs after shaving in such climatic conditions.  The skin could become Itchy, even flaky if you do not follow a moisturizing regime after shaving.

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Chlorinated water:

If you are using chlorinated water or you are often at the swimming pool, you may always experience itching legs after shaving.  This is because chlorine is harsh on skin and dries it very easily

13 Remedies for Itchy legs after shaving:

While Itchiness occurs due to various causes, the biggest remedy for this condition is moisturization.

Shaving legs immediately after a bath:

Never shave dry legs.  It is best to shave legs a few minutes, say 15 minutes after a bath.  After a warm bath, your hairs on legs soften, and follicles are open.  This will ensure smooth shave and decreased itching or razor burn episodes.

Home Remedies:

You can combat Itchy legs after shaving by using few ingredients available even in your kitchen.  Here are a few of them.

  • Aloe Vera Gel is the first treatment for every episode of dryness, and itchy legs are no different.  It replenishes moistures and makes your legs soft and supple.
  • Combination of cooling agents mashed avocado, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar and calendula cream is also a good alternative
  • Use Baking soda can do wonders as it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Applying  Olive oil, a source of vitamin E, on the affected area is another option
  • Mixing Oatmeal with water and applying the pack for at least 15 minutes after shaving
  • Use of natural products like Lavender  Witch Hazel for quick relief
  • Use of solution of water and powdered aspirin this small remedy can dispel Itchy legs after shaving condition in minutes
  • Make a solution of sugar and coconut oil and apply it on your legs for some time
  • Combine two cooling substances yoghurt and cucumber can do the trick
  • Other moisturizing agents that you can use are corn starch, cocoa butter and Honey
OTC itch creams:

There are various OTC creams available for treating Itchy legs after shaving.  The main ingredient in these creams is hydrocortisone.

  • You can apply Ammonium Lactate lotion also to get relief.
  • Likewise, you can also use Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) to get relief from itching.
  • Avoid bump fighters.  They may exfoliate your skin and make your hair stand up. But regular use may cause itchy skin after shaving or even damage your skin in other ways.
Cold Compress:

The Nerves on your legs are highly jittery after you shave.  Tie a towel full of ice cubes on your legs to soothe them.  Cold compress numbs your nerves, and the itchiness and pain of shaving will diminish.

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Exfoliate your skin on legs before and after shaving.

Shave in hair growth’s direct:

Shaving in the direction of growth of hair on legs is the best option to avoid side effects like red bumps, itching and rashes.

Don’t shave again till itching goes:

If itching persists, don’t shave again till you get relief.  If you shave in spite of the itching sensation you may harm the delicate skin on your legs.

Table salt with water:

Salt exfoliates skin and water moisturizes it after shaving. Soak your legs in this solution for few minutes to get relief from Itchy legs after shaving.

Lukewarm water wash of the affected area:

Do not use hot water during shaving as it tends to dry the skin.  Use lukewarm water as it does not harm skin. Instead, it softens the leg area for shaving easily.

Usage of proper Razorblades:

Razor blades are an essential part of making smooth legs.  Here are a few pointers to get the best results from your blades:

  • Always buy good quality razors to avoid cuts and itches
  • Old blades are one of the reasons for Itchy Legs after shaving.  Like the toothbrush, these blades should be changed at regular intervals.  The number of times a blade should be used is left to your discretion. One rule that you can follow is changing the blade as soon as the blade stops gliding on your skin.
  • Use multi-blades disposables as they easily glide through your skin with any hitches.
Lubricate skin before shaving:

Lubricate the skin on your legs before shaving.  You can either shave in a shower or use a lubricating cream.    Work up lather so that your razor glides easily chipping the hair follicles easily without nipping or cutting your skin.

Avoid bar soaps as they will not soften your skin as much as the cream can.

Oil-based shaving creams for sensitive skins:

Oil-based skins will lubricate your sensitive skin and keep it hydrated after shaving.

Lifestyle changes:

Adopt these tips while shaving.

  • Avoid harsh chemical-laden fragrances and lotions
  • Setup a moisturizing regime on a daily basis
  • Do not shave when you have rashes or redness on your legs
  • Shaving legs at night is a better option as the temperature is cool and humid and you will not experience dryness.
Seek doctor’s help if the condition does not change:

If the itchiness persists even after a period, then you need to consult your doctor at the earliest.

Consistent itchiness might be a symptom of other diseases, and only the doctor is in a position the cause methodically.


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