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Itchy pubic hair: 8 Causes, 10 Treatments

Itchy pubic hair is a prevalent problem of women. It is embarrassing for them also. But more importantly, repeated itching can turn into skin infection also.

So it better to take care at the preliminary stage. Here in this article, we will discuss the causes of having itchy pubic hair and also discuss the process how you can get relief from it.

The general thoughts on itchy pubic hair:

itchy pubic hairWe all have a question who is suffering from this, “why does my pubic hair itch?”

And there is the answer:

Pubic hair doesn’t get itchy by itself, but the pubic skin is the cause of itchy pubes, but it is erroneously mentioned to as itchy pubic hair.

“Why do my pubes itch?”:

Feelings such as itching, heat touch and pain are felt by the pubic skin, not by the hair. The pubic skin is prone to itching due to numerous causes.

However, the exclusive position of the pubic skin makes it more susceptible to scratching and itching, even when there is no skin infection or itching at the site.

Reasons for having Itchy pubic hair:

There are several causes of itchy pubes. Let’s discuss some of the preliminary causes of it:


The role of undergarments is significant in this case.

The fabric of undergarments determines how much heat is trapped in the genital region and the irritation occurs. Thicker fabric can harm the skin of pubic area which will become a reason for itchy pubic hair.

And also try not to wear very much tight innerwear. It also enhances the chances of having itchy pubic hair area.


The temperature or heat in the pubic region is high when compared to skin elsewhere in the body. This is because the pubic region is always enclosed with coatings of clothing.

The clothes that protect the pubic area trap the heat in that region, which can be the cause of itching, sweating and irritation.

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People who live in warm climates are more susceptible to develop itching in the pubic area.

The hygiene factor:

Hygiene factor plays a key role in having itchy pubic hair. If you are not washing the pubic hair area every day, it will accentuate the chances of infection. Sweat, body secretion, dust will remain there which causes dead skin cells, and at last, you will have itching in the pubic area.


Sweating is necessary to keep the body cool and protect it from excess heat of the environment. But, any good thing in excess is also not good.

If you are a person who is into athletic activities or is physically active, then you tend to sweat a lot. Also, if you live in the warm environment or climate, then also you can sweat a lot.

This sweat can get accumulated beneath many clothes that you wear on a day to day basis. This accumulated sweat becomes a focus for development of infections. This sweat trapped below the clothes also irritates your skin and leads to itching.

Infection of skin:

Infection of skin is mainly of two types- bacterial infection and fungal infection. Here we will discuss both of them, as these are the main reasons for itchy pubic hair.

Bacterial infection: Many bacteria live as commensals on our skin without causing any harm to our body. But, there are times at which these bacteria can turn villains and cause damage to our body.

If we develop any cuts or lacerations on the skin due to any causes, the commensal bacteria enter the body and try to cause harm. Also when the immunity of a person is weakened due to stress, illness, etc., these bacteria try to damage the skin and cause itching.

The most common type of bacteria causing this problem of itchy pubic hair by infecting the pubic skin are Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. Many types of diseases called STD or diseases which are sexually transmitted can also cause pubic skin infections and itching.

Fungal Infection: Fungal infections are also the very common cause of itchy pubic hair like the bacterial infections. In fact, fungal infections are more common than bacterial infections in causing itching.

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Itching is the hallmark symptom of fungal infection. Fungi like Dermatophytes infect the groin area and lead to infections like Tinea cruris which are extremely itchy. Candidal fungal infection can also lead to itchy pubic hair by causing itching of the underlying pubic skin.

Interaction Dermatitis:

Skin irritation can also be caused by physical contact. With various materials may also be the reason of itching in the pubic area.

The materials that can cause skin annoyance upon frequent contact include sanitary pads, sweat, water, talcum powder, soap, body lotions and perfumes. In some people, sensitive skin reactions may also occur upon contact with such materials.


Infestation of the pubic area by various bugs or insects can also lead to itchy pubic hair. Some classic examples of such infections are pubic lice, mites and scabies. All these insects or bugs infest the pubic hair, and their eggs are laid in the pubic hair. They also survive by consuming our blood. They cause irritation and itching of pubic hair.

Other causes:

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, shaving of pubic hair can also be a cause of itching in the pubic area.

Some of the other reasons are- hives, psoriasis, genital warts, seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis,

How to get relief from itchy pubic hair area:

So till now, we are discussing the causes of itchy pube area or itchy pubic hair. Now everyone wants to know the treatment of it or how they can get relief from this.

Here we will discuss that now:

Maintain the hygiene factor:

Everyone should clean their pubic area regularly with medicated soap or with fresh water. Keeping it clean is the most important remedy for getting relief from it.

Materials of undergarments:

Try to wear thinner fabric undergarments so that it will not build-up heat in the pubic area.

Also, do not wear very tight inners just because it will develop more sweat which can cause itching in the pubic area.

Medicated Cream:

There is some steroid medicated cream available in the market which helps to get relief from itchy pubic hair. By using this cream, you could have an easy way out at a minimal price and can assist you to get relief from itching and irritation in the area.

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This cream works in decreasing the itching of the pubic area, but if the irritation is due to a longterm problem, then the person should find an enduring solution.

Using Vinegar:

After cleaning your hair with shampoo, wash your tresses utilising vinegar. Then comb the hair as it can make the eggs of lice come out easily, and this helps in getting rid of them easily.

Dip a small piece of cloth inside vinegar and then apply vinegar over your hair using this cloth, recapping till entire hair is coated with vinegar. Leave the hair with vinegar for some time. Then dry the hair with a cloth, and then comb the hair to get rid of the lice.

Medicated Shampoo:

Several medicated shampoos are available which helps to kill the pubic lice, and this is also confirmed by National Institutes of Health. To use these shampoos, just use the shampoo into your dry, itchy pubic hair methodically for a few minutes. Then wash well, and comb the itchy hair with a good comb to remove lice eggs from that area.

Salt and water:

Add ½ cup of salt to a bucket of water and mix properly. And then applied it in pubic area to get relief from itchy pubic hair.

Uses of Aloe vera:

Aloe vera gel can fight against the itching problem in both for women and men which generated by infections.

Take one spoon of aloe vera gel and then applied it in itchy pubic hair and rubbed in gently on itchy pubic hair.


Apply plain yoghurt in the itchy pubic hair area. Keep it there for some time and then rinse it with water.


You can use honey directly in itchy pubic hair or can mix with warm water. Raw honey can be used with a cotton ball over itchy pubic hair. Just keep it for 10 minutes and then rinse with Luke warm water.

Other treatments:

To get relief from itchy pubic hair you can also use gooseberry powder, cranberry juice, saffron, rosemary leaves, basil leaves. These will also help you to get respite from itchy pubic hair.

Just try to maintain a healthy diet and also the hygiene factor. You can get relief from itchy pubic hair easily.

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