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How to make gums pink? How to get rid of black gums?

A smile is an important part of our face. Everyone wants to have a lovely smile. A beautiful smile makes a person very attractive and everyone loves a person who smiles a lot. Don’t you agree with me? I know, you do agree.

Having healthy teeth and pink gums is absolutely necessary to have a good smile. But, many people develop darkening or blackening of gums due to various reasons. This can have a really bad impact on the way your smile and face looks.

In addition to affecting your appearance, having black gums or dark gums can also cause many symptoms like pain in the mouth. So, it’s really important for you to know the underlying causes of black gums and the ways in which you can get rid of them. Let us discuss all the possible home remedies for pink gums too.

black gums pink gums

Causes of black gums or dark gums:

There are many different causes of black gums ranging from simple hereditary or genetic factors to many diseases. Let us explore all the causes of dark gums.

Genetic factors:

People belonging to certain races are more prone to develop black gums or dark gums. The people of certain races like African race are darker in color due to excessive melanin production.

This occurs due to excessive sun exposure in these regions. So, the excess melanin production also occurs in the gums which make them appear black or dark.

Dental treatments:

Many of us get different types of dental treatments done to treat rotten teeth and many other dental problems. We get ourselves some fillings, crowns, bridges and also dentures. The substances in these prosthetics can cause a blackish or bluish discoloration in the mouth.

This is often called as amalgam tattoo by the people. The black gums or dark gums caused by dental treatments are not at all harmful. So, you don’t need to worry about them.

Poor oral hygiene:

Many people don’t maintain a good oral hygiene. They don’t brush their teeth twice a day and they don’t floss. This leads to build up or accumulation of food substances between the teeth.

These food particles accumulated between the teeth serve as breeding grounds for the growth of bacteria. As a result of this, a condition called gingivitis develops. Gingivitis is the swelling or the inflammation of the gums.

Gingivitis can also lead to the darkening of gums, which ultimately makes you develop black gums. Gingivitis can also lead to falling of teeth in addition to the development of dark gums.

Certain drugs or medications:

Intake of certain drugs or medications can also result in the development of black gums. The most common drugs that cause blackening of gums are the drugs used to treat malaria and also the drugs used to treat depression like the TCA or the tricyclic antidepressants.

Tobacco products:

Tobacco products in any form can lead to the development of black gums. If you smoke frequently or use any other sorts of tobacco products like chewing tobacco, you are more prone to develop dark gums.


Stress is the reason behind the development of various diseases. Even the gums are not spared from stress. If you experience a lot of stress and anxiety, the hormonal changes that occur in your body can result in black gums.

Inadequate nutrition:

Taking proper nutritive diet is absolutely essential to have a strong immune system. If you have a good immune system, you can fight all the bacterial infections that attack your body. You can get rid of plaque forming bacteria in your mouth if your immunity levels are high.

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But, if you don’t take good nutritive diet, your immune system will be weak. This enables the bacteria to grow in your body easily and cause periodontal diseases and gingivitis. These oral problems lead to the development of black gums.

HIV infection or AIDS:

People suffering from HIV infection or AIDS have very low immunity levels. This leads to the overgrowth of bacteria in the body very easily. They can develop gingivitis, periodontitis quite often. This ultimately leads to the development of black gums or dark gums.

Addisons disease:

Addisons disease is also known as hypoaldosteronism or hypoadrenalism or primary adrenal insufficiency. In this condition, there is a deficiency of a hormone called Aldosterone which is produced by the adrenal gland. This causes a feedback elevation of the ACTH levels from the pituitary gland.

The excess ACTH or the adrenocorticotrophic hormone in the body leads to the hyperpigmentation of many regions of the body. This also leads to the development of black gums.

Peutz Jeghers syndrome:

Peutz Jeghers syndrome is a very rare condition. It is inherited genetically or hereditarily. In this condition, the intestines are affected in addition to the development of dark gums.

Von Recklinghausen disease:

Neurofibromatosis type 1 is also called as Von reckling hausens disease. In this disease, there is the development of black or dark brown spots all over the body. So, the gums are also affected by this problem and they become black.

How to get rid of black gums?

You have seen all the possible causes of black gums. Now, let us talk more about the ways in which you can get rid of dark gums. Let us discuss some tips to cure black gums and also home remedies or natural remedies for black gums.

How to get pink gums and get rid of black gums?

Visit a dentist regularly:

Many different dental and gum diseases can lead to black gums. So, to get rid of black gums and also to prevent them from developing, you need to visit your dentists regularly.

You need to go to a dentist at least three times a year. When you go to dentists, he will examine your teeth and gums and diagnose if you have any gum diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, etc. He will advise you to take appropriate antibiotics to clear up the infection causing these conditions.

Your dentist will also clean up any plaques accumulated between the teeth. These plaques are one of the most common reasons for developing black gums. So, regular removal of plaques between the teeth is absolutely essential.

These plaques are not removed by regular brushing and flossing. Only a dentist can help you get rid of these plaques by using his sophisticated equipment.

If you experience any symptoms like red or swollen gums, pain in the gums, halitosis or bad breath, and loose teeth you need to visit your dentists immediately. These symptoms suggest that you might have developed Periodontitis or gingivitis.

Brush twice daily:

We have already seen that poor oral hygiene is also a cause for developing black gums. So, if you want to get rid of black gums and make your gums pink, you will need to take good care of your teeth.

Don’t be lazy. Brush your teeth twice every day. You need to brush your teeth early in the morning and also at bedtime. It’s better to opt for some good herbal toothpaste which has antibacterial properties rather than the ones containing chemicals.

Always make sure to brush even the last teeth in your mouth. Try to reach all the corners fo the mouth and also brush well between the teeth. The junctions between the teeth are the most common regions for food particle accumulation and bacterial growth. So, brush properly between the teeth.

Also, choose a brush which has soft bristles. Avoid toothbrushes with hard bristles. Toothbrushes with hard bristles don’t penetrate properly between the teeth and clean them. Choose the toothbrushes which have round soft edges to ensure proper cleaning of the teeth.

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Floss daily:

Flossing the teeth is an important part of your dental care regimen. Flossing helps to remove the food particles accumulated between the teeth that cannot be removed by just brushing alone.

You need to floss your teeth daily at night before going to bed. Brushing twice daily and flossing ensures the removal the food particles, prevents the bacterial growth and also prevents the development of black gums.

Listerine mouthwash:

You can use mouthwashes containing Listerine to wash your mouth. Listerine mouthwash can effectively kill bacteria in the mouth. By killing the bacteria, Listerine mouthwash ensures that you can prevent the development of gum diseases which lead to black gums.

But, Listerine mouthwash can lead to staining of teeth if used excessively. So, don’t use the mouthwash daily. You can use the Listerine containing mouthwashes on certain occasions when you think that your mouth is not clean, when you eat something sweet that can promote bacterial growth, when you can’t brush or floss your teeth, etc.

Don’t use tobacco products:

Tobacco products like smoking, chewing tobacco can lead to deposition of black substances on the gums. This can lead to the development of dark gums.

Avoid Carbonated drinks:

The aerated or carbonated drinks are consumed by many people. In fact, people in some parts of the world drink these beverages instead of water.

But, consumption of these drinks in excessive quantities can erode the enamel of teeth and cause tooth decay or rotten teeth. These drinks can also damage the gums and lead to the blackening of the gums.

Restrict alcohol intake:

Excessive drinking of alcohol can also damage the teeth and gums. So, minimize the intake of alcohol that you drink. Drink alcohol only on certain occasion and not daily.

Consume dairy products:

Dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt are really good for your teeth and bones. They contain many essential substances like calcium and vitamin D which strengthen the teeth. They also make your gums healthy and make them pink.

Relaxation techniques:

Stress and anxiety are also reasons for developing hyperpigmentation of the gums leading to black gums. So, practice relaxation techniques every day like meditation, yoga, Pranayama, breathing exercises, swimming, etc.

Visit a Physician:

Sometimes, black gums can be caused by diseases like HIV infections, Addison’s disease, Von Recklinghausen disease, Peutz Jeghers syndrome, etc. So, if you or your dentists suspects that you have any other problem apart from simple black gums, visit your Physician promptly for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

How to get pink gums naturally at home?

We have seen some effective tips to get rid of black gums. Getting rid of black gums will make your gums get back to their normal and healthy pink color. Let us look at some of the most commonly used natural remedies to make your gums pink easily from the comfort of your home.


Salt is an ingredient that is readily available in the home of everyone. You just need to take some salt and brush your teeth and gums with it. You can use salt to brush after you brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste.

It helps in removing all the stains on the teeth and also the bacteria accumulated in the mouth. Salt also helps in strengthening your gums and makes them pink. You can also use salt water gargling once or twice a day to maintain good oral hygiene.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera is a wonder herb. It can effectively kill any bacteria growing in your mouth and also reduce inflammation. Just cut a leaf of Aloe vera plant and extract gel out of it.

Now, apply the freshly extracted Aloe vera gel over the teeth and gums and massage well for 5 minutes. Repeat the massage with Aloe vera gel twice every day. It helps you get rid of black gums, reduces swelling and foul odor. Aloe vera helps you get pink gums naturally.


Turmeric contains an ingredient called Curcumin which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills the bacteria causing detrimental effects on the gums and gingivitis.

You just need to take a tablespoon of turmeric powder, mix some water with it and make a nice paste. Then apply this paste all over the teeth and gums and massage well. Wait for 10 minutes and then rinse your mouth thoroughly.

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Turmeric helps you get rid of black gums and helps you make your gums pink and moist. It is a very good and simple home remedy for gingivitis.

Green tea:

Green tea is very renowned for its antioxidant content. Green tea promotes your health in all the possible ways. It contains many ingredients that are capable of destroying the gum disease causing bacteria.

Green tea also reduces the swelling of the gums and gingivitis or Periodontitis due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Just consume 2 to 3 cups of Green tea a day to keep all the gums diseases at bay.

Black tea bags:

In addition to Black tea, Green tea also has many properties to kill the bacteria and reduce swelling or inflammation. You can drink black tea daily to benefit from its antibacterial properties. You can also apply the black tea bags locally over the inflamed or black gums to get rid of them.

Just boil some water and place a black tea bag in it. Then steep a black tea bag in it. Let the black tea bag cool down and become warm. Then apply the black tea bag all over the gums and massage the gums with the black tea bag.

You can use this remedy at least once daily to see a significant reduction of gum swelling and also reduction of black pigmentation of the gums. They help in making your gums pink.

Sesame oil:

Accumulation of plaques between the teeth is an important reason for the development of gum diseases like gingivitis. Theses gum diseases lead to blackening of gums. Sesame oil helps in removing the plaques that accumulate between the teeth.

So, take some sesame oil, about 1/3 rd cup and warm it up. Then swish or wash your mouth with this oil for 5 minutes. Sesame oil also prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth and gums. You can use this remedy twice or thrice a week to get rid of black gums and make your gums pink.

Clove oil:

Cloves have highly effective antimicrobial activities. They can destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi which can cause dental and gum disorders. Take a spoon of clove oil and massage your gums with this oil for 5 to 10 minutes every day. This will make your gums strong and make your gums pink.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil has very good antiseptic properties and can kill the bacteria, and fungi which cause oral problems. You can add few drops of tea tree oil to your daily toothpaste and brush your teeth with it twice daily.

You can also mix a spoon of tea tree oil to a glass of warm water and wash your mouth with it after brushing your teeth. It helps in getting rid of black gums and makes your gums healthy and pink.

Yarrow flowers:

Yarrow flowers have been used by many people to make their gums and teeth strong. But, many other people haven’t heard of this plant before. Just take a few flowers of Yarrow plant and make them into a fine paste.

Massage your gums and teeth with the yarrow flower paste. You can also use the leaves of yarrow plant for this purpose. This helps in strengthening your gums and making them look pink and moist.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a well known antiseptic and antimicrobial substance. Just brush your teeth and then swish your mouth with this amazing oil. It prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth and also the diseases of the gums and teeth caused by them. It also helps in getting rid of receding gums.

Lemon oil:

Lemon oil is also a very good substance to get rid of black gums and make gums pink. Just dilute a spoon of lemon oil with a glass of warm water and swish your mouth with it after brushing daily. You can also massage your teeth and gums with lemon oil regularly to make them pink and healthy.

Other substances used to get pink gums:

There are many other natural remedies that can be used to get rid of black gums and make gums pink, healthy and moist. These substances include rose vinegar, sage leaves, Myrrh resin, and Sumac tree.

Try to choose few remedies from the above list based on your preferences and availability and follow them regularly to get rid of black gums and make gums pink.

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