4 Advantages Of Doing Cardio On An Exercise Bike

Cardio is essential for achieving and maintaining good health. When it comes to doing cardio, an exercise bike is the preferred equipment for many fitness fanatics. Not only does it allow you to get fit at home, but it also provides numerous benefits.

If you want to start doing cardio on an exercise bike but want to know the benefits you stand to gain before including it in your exercise regime, do not worry. Below, we discuss four advantages of doing cardio on an exercise bike.

4 Advantages Of Doing Cardio On An Exercise Bike
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1.  Burns Calories And Promotes Weight Loss

An exercise bike workout can burn between 400 and 600 calories per hour; however, the number of calories you burn per hour depends on your weight and cycling speed. Additionally, if you maintain a high cycling speed throughout the workout, your metabolic rate may remain high for several hours after the workout, helping you burn more calories when your body is at rest.

An exercise bike workout burns fat, helping you achieve your desired weight. Doing cardio on an exercise bike reduces your waist circumference. It also helps you lose a substantial amount of abdominal fat, which, in turn, enhances blood level functioning in the midsection.

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2.  Improves Your Mood

Riding a stationary bike is a great way to improve your mood. After a rigorous workout, you may notice that you feel blissfully happy once you step off your exercise bike. This sudden feeling of happiness is brought about by endorphins, which are feel-good chemicals your body produces during exercise.

Moreover, riding an exercise bike reduces stress hormones, which, in turn, puts you in a better mood, lowers the risk of depression, and decreases anxiety. If you have been the victim of your bad moods, riding a stationary bike can lift your spirits and help you return to your normal state.

3.  Boosts Cardio Fitness

Cycling is a great way to boost cardio fitness. Riding a stationary bike strengthens your heart, lungs, and muscles. It also improves the flow of blood in your veins and increases blood oxygen levels, both of which benefit your body in several ways, including:

  • Better sleep;
  • Better mood;
  • More energy;
  • Lower stress levels;
  • Lower blood pressure;
  • A stronger immune system;
  • Improved blood sugar levels; and
  • Improved brain and memory functioning.

4.  Improves Markers Of Health

Doing cardio on an exercise bike improves markers of health. Studies show that riding an exercise bike can lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and reduce blood pressure. When you routinely ride an exercise bike, you can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Tips For Doing Cardio On An Exercise Bike

If you are just getting started with cardio, you may not know how to perform cardio exercises in a way that helps you achieve your desired workout results. Do not fret. Here are some tips for making the most out of your cardio workout.

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Choose A Saddle

When shopping for a bike saddle, opt for one wide enough to sit comfortably on but not too wide that it causes chafing or rubbing. Also, ensure that the saddle supports your sit bones and is made from durable materials, such as leather.

Position Your Seat

We always recommend getting your seat fixed by a professional, but if you are fixing it yourself, ensure that the seat is at the perfect height so that your legs are slightly bent when cycling.

Invest In Handlebars

The handlebars should be as high as or slightly higher than the saddle. They should also be a forearm’s distance from the saddle. Using handlebars allows you to target your upper body, which you cannot do with a bike with no handlebars.

Use Enough Resistance

Resistance is just as important as speed when doing cardio. While speed boosts cardio fitness, you need resistance to build strength. If you do not use enough resistance, you will overwork your muscles and not burn as many calories as you want.

Position Your Body

When cycling, avoid leaning forward or backward. Lean forward as little as possible, keep most of your weight in the middle of the saddle, and keep your core tight. Forward leaning increases your breathing and causes you to lose your stamina faster.

Have Variations In Your Workout

When doing cardio, ensure that you have variations in your workouts. Use different resistances and speeds to create more progress over time. Also, rotate exercises during your workout to create new stimuli.

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Pedal Towards Fitness With An Exercise Bike

Doing cardio on an exercise bike can set you up for several benefits, including weight loss, improved mood, improved cardio fitness, and improved health markers. An exercise bike is also an excellent type of exercise if you prefer working out indoors. Remember to follow the above tips when doing cardio on a stationary bike for an enhanced cycling experience and better results.

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