6 French Drinks Everyone Should Try At Least Once

French people love their drinks. From the age-old traditions of sipping cognac after meals to the more modern trend of taking espresso shots in the morning, there’s no denying that French culture is deeply rooted in its beverages. Whether you’re looking for a classic refreshment or something new and exciting, in this blog post we will discuss six delicious French drinks everyone should try at least once. We will also go through their history, way of producing and developing, and the best way of matching them with food. So if you’re looking to become a connoisseur of French drinks, keep reading!

6 French Drinks Everyone Should Try At Least Once
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1) French Wine Is Unique and Delicious

The first beverage on our list is wine. French wines are renowned worldwide for their unique flavor profiles that come from the different regions in France. From earthy, full-bodied reds such as Bordeaux and Rhone wines to crisp, refreshing whites like Chablis and Sancerre, the variety of French wines is practically endless. The most common division regarding wine is into the groups of champagne wines, still wines, and fortified wines.

Champagne wines are made from the bubbly kind of wine that we all know and love, while still wines are made without effervescence. Fortified wines have had spirits added to them to increase their alcohol content, giving them a more intense flavor. You should combine different types of food depending on the wine’s flavor profile and the type of meal you want to pair it with.

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For example, a Chablis would go perfectly with fish due to its acidity, while a Bordeaux pairs well with red meat because of the tannins that bring out the flavors in the dish. On the other hand, if you are preparing a dessert, you should pick a light-bodied white or sparkling wine. With so many options, you’re sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds.

2) Cognac Has Been Around Since the 16th Century

Cognac is a type of brandy that has been produced in the Cognac region of France since the 16th century. It is made from distilled wine and then aged in oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Recent regulations have been put into place to ensure that only authentic cognacs are being produced, which include carefully selecting the grapes used and aging it for at least four years. The result is a smooth, fragrant beverage with an intense flavor profile that can be enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment to a meal.

3) The Refreshing Taste of Pastis

Pastis is an anise-flavored liqueur that became popular in France during the 19th century. It’s usually mixed with water before drinking to create a cloudy, refreshing beverage with a smooth flavor. The classic recipe for pastis is five parts water to one part liqueur, although this ratio can be adjusted depending on the desired strength. Pastis is often served as an aperitif before meals, or during social occasions such as picnics and barbecues.

4) Calvados – The Traditional Apple Brandy

Calvados is another type of brandy produced in Normandy since the 16th century. It’s made by fermenting and then distilling apples into a strong alcoholic beverage and aging it in oak barrels for at least two years. As it ages, Calvados develops richer flavors that make it perfect for sipping neat after dinner.

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Calvados is also popularly used in cooking, either as an ingredient to add flavor to dishes or as a way of flambéing desserts. You can find it in many different dishes such as tarte tatin, beef bourguignon, and crepes. Additionally, some restaurants serve unique dishes such as Calvados-baked apples that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. So if you’re looking for an interesting and flavorful way to enjoy Calvados, consider giving these dishes a try!

5) Kir – The Perfect Mix of Wine and Fruit Liqueur

Kir is a French cocktail made with dry white wine and crème de cassis, a blackcurrant-flavored liqueur. This mixture creates a sweet yet light drink that can be enjoyed on its own or served as an aperitif before meals. Depending on the region, other ingredients such as Chambord or Crème Yvette may also be added for variation.

For example, in the area of Bourgogne, Kir is traditionally made with an equal mix of dry white wine and a sweet dessert wine. However, regardless of the recipe, Kir is always a refreshing and delicious way to start off any meal. French people love to drink it for its delicate flavors and easy-to-make preparation. The process of making it is a great activity to share with friends, and it will surely impress them with its flavor.

6) Café au Lait – A Popular Morning Drink

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Finally, let’s look at café au lait. This classic French beverage is made by combining hot coffee with steamed milk, creating a rich and creamy drink that is perfect for starting your day. The ratio of coffee to milk can be adjusted depending on one’s preferences, but usually, it’s two parts coffee to one part milk. Also, café au lait can be served with sugar or cream, making it a versatile and delicious way to start the day.

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Café au lait is usually served with breakfast pastries like croissants or brioche. This popular drink is a must-try for anyone visiting France. Additionally, it is important to note that French people have a strong coffee culture and many prefer drinking coffee over tea. According to a survey conducted in 2019, 80% of French people drank coffee every day. It is clear that coffee is an important part of the culture in France, and café au lait is a popular option.

In conclusion, the French have a wide array of drinks to choose from, ranging from light and refreshing wines to strong brandies and liqueurs. Whether you’re looking for something complex and sophisticated or simple and comforting, there is sure to be something that suits your taste buds! So next time you want to raise a glass, make sure to explore the fascinating world of French beverages.


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