Why Wear Citrus Scents This Summer

As we step into the summer, many of us are starting to think about what our wardrobe will look like and all of the things that we hope to wear for a fresh, cool few months. Your clothing may not be the only thing that you’re thinking about, however. As June kicks off, your summer makeup, hair care routine and even perfume should also be on your mind.

When it comes to summer scents, it can be hard to know what to wear. Some popular names can be too overpowering, others are better suited to evening wear and certain ingredients can even react differently with your skin as the heat cranks up. With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at why citrus scents are the perfect choice for your summer perfume, whether you’ve worn citrus notes before or this is your very first time.

Why Wear Citrus Scents This Summer
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This season’s top summer scent at a glance

It’s no secret that Dior Miss Dior was released in 1947 to be the perfect summer scent, but what do you do when you don’t have a large amount of cash to splash on this trending fragrance? Well, you could find a replica perfume instead! If you are looking for something that doesn’t only have an attractive price point, but is also vegan and cruelty-free, uses nothing short of the top ingredients and keeps everything as minimalist as possible to bring wearers everywhere the top inspired fragrances; this is exactly where Dossier comes in with its own inspired iteration; Citrus Peony.

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The science behind summer perfume

Before you choose your signature summer vibe, it can be important to understand the science behind different seasonal perfumes. You may not realise it, but perfume creators design scents for different months, as there are physiological and environmental factors that affect how well the perfume performs.

As a result, any fragrances that are promoted in the summer are likely to be lighter and created with aromatic molecules that come under the neutral medium scope. What this means is that once you have sprayed it on your skin, the liquid will leave a light scent behind during evaporation. Perfumers are able to measure how strong the molecules are going to remain and can then tailor their scent to evolve in a more natural, fresh, vibrant way.

Alongside this, the different notes comprised within perfumes are chosen to hit the right combination for the most aromatic blends, as they hit the air at different times (this is why you’ll find top, middle and base notes when reading perfume descriptions). Ingredients found in winter scents will take longer to evaporate and heavier notes will linger on the skin longer (including woods, ambers and musks).

What should you look for in a summer perfume?

It’s easy to see why citrus perfumes do well in the summer, as these are some of the lighter molecular compositions available. Not only will they evaporate quickly, but they also help to keep the skin cool and create a vibrant uplifting profile that really packs a punch. As there is a real science behind perfumery, you may want to keep a few key points in mind when choosing the summer perfume that will suit you, such as:

  1. As perfume evaporates, it will react with the natural salts and oils within your skin and so perfumes are likely to smell slightly differently on each person. This means that it is important to always test the scents that you buy and see what works for you.
  2. The best summer blends shouldn’t only feature citrus, but also floral and fruity undertones to keep things fresh. Those that incorporate woody tones are likely to last a bit longer, as these have aromatic molecules to help give the perfume staying power .
  3. Key scents for 2023 include more feminine candied notes that will provide a fresh burst of scent every time you spray, so be sure to look out for ones that have rose, apricot, blackcurrant, pink pepper, sandalwood, musk and similar ingredients.
  4. Don’t forget that the perfume you wear should reflect your personality, so don’t just choose the ones that have strong lemon and orange top notes to ensure vibrancy and fun for everyday wear. Floral perfumes are just as suited to the warmer weather, so you won’t have to sacrifice your preferred perfumes to still turn heads.
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Top tips for wearing perfume in the summer

Now that you have a better grasp of what summer perfumes entail, let’s take a look at some of our top tips for wearing perfume at this time of year:

  • You may not know it, but the strength of the perfume you wear will impact how well it lasts. Summer scents tend to have around one to three percent of fragrance oils, so they tend to only last a couple of hours at a time. This means that it will be a good idea to keep your chosen perfume with you throughout your day, so that you can top it up and never feel like you are going without.
  • One of the top secrets to wearing perfume is that it will last longer on skin that is moisturised – and this is why selecting a matching, complementary, or even scent-free body lotion can really up your summer perfume game.
  • A well-known tip is to spritz perfume instead of rubbing it in, and this is actually one of the best tips for the summer months. On the other hand, spritzing perfume into the air and walking through it doesn’t have the effect that you think it will, as not only will you be wasting product, but it won’t have time to fully sink into the skin and develop its true profile.
  • The more you sweat the quicker your perfume will evaporate, so the cooler you are the longer scents are likely to last.

One of the best things you can do is buy perfume from a quality high-end provider, but the good news is that you won’t have to go to extreme lengths and spend extortionate amounts of money on the designer brands you have in mind. For example, Dossier is an ethically conscious brand that comprises of scent enthusiasts who aim to bring clean, long-lasting, high-end perfumes that are both vegan and cruelty-free to the everyday wearer. You’ll find a host of replica scents that do exactly what your favorite designers do, all while promoting minimalist packaging, affordable options and extremely long-lasting wear no matter the temperature.

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