What Are Some Group Activities You Can Do On A Summer Holiday?

Planning your summer holiday and struggling to think of fun group activities? You have come to the right place. Whether your group is made up of friends or family, adults or adults and kids, we have a great group activity for you. Moreover, we have suggestions both for city breaks and countryside getaways.

Can you see your group walking for two hours around a city, learning about its culture and history? Or else sampling delicious wines and cheeses at a local wine bar or vineyard? Or is your group holiday a more adventurous endeavor? In that case, perhaps paddle kayaking and mountain biking are your best bet.

Read on to get inspired and start planning your summer trip.

What Are Some Group Activities You Can Do On A Summer Holiday
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Free Walking Tours

The phenomenon of free walking tours has taken over modern-day tourism in a big way. You and your group of friends or family can book a free walking tour of the city you are visiting and enjoy the engaging expertise of a local guide as they show you the highlights and history of the city.

There are even some walking tours catered to specific interests, such as Boston’s Freedom Trail tour, which focuses on historic figures such as Paul Revere and John Hancock, or Philadelphia’s LGBT+ history walking tour, which takes you to nine locations of interest, including the site of the county’s first trans and gay sit-in in 1965.

The idea with these tours is that you pay the guide at the end of the tour what you think it was worth. It is a good idea to look up what tours in the area generally cost and remember that this is the guide’s income, so think about how much is reasonable to pay for an informative and fun two-hour experience. These walking tours are a great way to get to know the local area, history, and culture. It is also a fabulous group activity, as you can all enjoy the stories and learn about the city while keeping your eyes open for good eateries and bars for later! Your group can then share ideas about places in the city you want to revisit together.

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Wine Tasting

If your group is made of people of legal drinking age, why not take a trip to a vineyard and sample the local wines? This is a classy and super fun day out, and a great activity for birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, or just for a summer holiday treat. Some vineyards will even pair the wines with delicious cheeses and give tours of the establishment. Dress up and chill out at a sunny vineyard and enjoy the summer feeling.

For a lower-budget city-orientated version of this fun group activity, you can find a wine bar that offers tastings. This too is a chance to dress up, chill out, enjoy great company and delicious wines, and make summer memories. So, whether your summer vacation is taking you into the country or the center of a bustling city, there is a wine tasting experience waiting for you.

Pedal Kayaking

If you and your family or friends love to hit the open seas, rivers, or lakes and chill on the water, kayaking is the perfect group activity for you. With the right planning and equipment, you can make a day or even a whole weekend of it. Bring along food and camping gear if you want to spend a few days with nature, or simply bring a picnic for a fun-filled day on the water. You can also incorporate other fun activities into your group kayaking adventures, such as fishing, hiking, bird watching, and wild water swimming.

An obvious benefit of pedal kayaks is that you do not need to carry or store paddles. This makes it a much more practical summer holiday activity to manage. Especially if you are traveling in a car with your kayaks and equipment. When choosing the perfect pedal kayak for your needs you should consider the weight of the kayak, its weight capacity, and of course the price. These factors will help you to determine whether the kayak is the right fit for your summer holiday.

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Mountain Biking

This is a great group activity for adults and families with children. Depending on the level of experience and the age of your youngest group members, you can choose your route accordingly. If you are going to a mountainous area, you will undoubtedly find a plethora of great trails to choose from, or you can research the most popular biking trails in the area to make the most out of the adventure. If your group does not regularly mountain bike and therefore does not own the bikes and equipment, look for local rental stores.

You can also bring along a tent and stove if you want to make it an overnight adventure, as well as a fishing pole, a ball, or any other equipment that you can turn into a fun evening activity. Make sure you have a 4 season tent 4 person sized so you have enough room for the group! Another great piece of equipment you can bring along is a GoPro camera. Attach it to your mountain  bike or helmet and record the trail as you ride. This will create a special memory in the form of an awesome video or timelapse that you can share on your social media accounts.

Have A Great Summer!

So, whether you are taking your summer vacation in a city or the country, with your family or friends, you can make it unforgettable. Take the group on a free walking tour to sample some history and culture, and keep an eye out for great places to wine and dine in the evenings! If your group is made up of adults only, the wine tasting activity is also highly recommended.

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However, if your group holiday involves little ones, or takes place outside of the city, there is nothing more fun than taking to the open water in a peddle kayak and trundling over mountain paths on a mountain bike. Remember, you can bring along fishing poles, food, tents, and any other equipment that will make the outdoor activities even more unforgettable.

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