Fresh Like A Daisy: Perfect Scents Summer

A Complete Guide to the Perfect Summer Scent

Like all aspects of fashion and beauty, once the hot summer months roll around, you will naturally change the products you choose to reflect the warmer weather. While you should ultimately wear whatever fragrance you like, finding your ideal summer scent is the perfect complement to your uplifted mood and light clothing options.

Thankfully, deciding on the right smell is relatively easy as long as you know which notes best appeal to you. From Hugo Boss and Chanel to your ultimate vegan range, you will quickly find your next summer favourite.

Perfect Scents Summer
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Fresh, Fruity & Light

Your body temperature will be higher than usual in hot and humid climates. Perfumes with a light middle and base smell are preferred as many people associate these light and fresh bouquets with the warmer climate. The hotter the temperature gets, the softer your fragrance should be.

Lavender, sage and mint represent cooling and fresh tones that perfectly complement your summer aesthetic. Ultimately, you will want to choose fragrances that have soothing scents and resonate with the calmness of nature on a classic summer day.


When layering your fragrances, the general rule is to avoid mixing notes. However, use summer to experiment with two or three scents that can be layered on top of each other in a way that allows them to complement one another.

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For example, if you want to wear an intense leathery fragrance, pair it with a fresh and light citrus scent that will help soften it without removing the unique smell. Remember to wear your more intense choice first and build light options on top.

Alternatively, you can layer the same fragrance as part of your beauty routine by using the same notes in your shower gel, body cream, deodorant, and perfume to intensify the scent and help it last longer throughout the day.


Fragrances are classified into EDT, EDP, and colognes based on their fragrance oil concentration. For the summer season, experts recommend choosing a scent that falls under EDT, as they have a lower oil concentration and develop better in warm and humid climates.

Alternatively, you can choose a cologne that is lightest in concentration and is meant to be a summer smell you splash on before heading out the door.

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Top Summer Notes

With so many different scents and smells available on the market, narrowing down your choices can feel incredibly overwhelming. Thankfully, there are go-to notes that have held their own for many years and are the perfect place to start your summer fragrance journey.


The green citrus Bergamot is a wonderful hybrid scent of fresh lemon and bitter orange and has quickly become a summer staple for many. As it is greener, it is less sharp than traditional lemon and doesn’t carry the same fruity intensity as orange.

The resulting scent is very fresh, and it is known to be an excellent mood lifter once used. If you are after a summer go-to that will carry you through the season, Bergamot is the choice for you.

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Yuzu is similar to Bergamot and falls into the same family as the green citrus. It is quickly growing in popularity due to its expanding availability. Previously, it was solely grown in East Asia, including Japan, but is now produced in Australia, Spain, Italy and France.

Yuzu is a fruitier and more floral scent than Bergamot and can best be described as light, sharp, fruity, and fresh. An excellent combination of all the summer smells we know and love.


For those after a summer scent that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of fruity, Moroccan or Turkish rose will perfectly satisfy your needs. You will be treated to warmer notes of greenery built onto a slightly musky base, providing the perfect option for those days you want to feel sexy and sultry.

If you are unwilling to commit to rose fully, consider incorporating it into your date night routine as your go-to evening option, paired with a lighter daytime scent.

Neroli & Orange Blossom

Neroli and orange blossom are taken from the exact same source- the bitter orange tree. Neroli is extracted via steam distillation, while orange blossom is achieved through solvent. These days, more fragrances use a synthetic copycat, but they still deliver an incredible payoff and are nearly impossible to pick out.

The end result is floral notes that deliver a delicious orangey sweetness that is both uplifting and almost sherbet-like, the ideal summer smell. It is considered one of the most used summer florals, and once you give it a chance, you will quickly see why.

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Neroli & Orange Blossom
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Extra Tips

Your ideal summer fragrance is going to be something that doesn’t attract mosquitos and midges. It is said that notes of cedarwood, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, mint, lemongrass and clove repel them. You want a seasonal option that is memorable and completely different to a scent you have used before rather than just being a ‘summer edition’ of your current favourite.

A summer scent should be light and refreshing, without a heavy base which could include tonka or vanilla. However, exceptions can be made for smells originating from Middle Eastern, heady ouds. Most summer fragrances will consist of either note of citrus or aquatic, so deciding on your preferred base is an essential step to settling on your final choice.

And finally, you want an option that will smell just as good when sprayed onto fabrics or clothes and can continue to be worn well throughout the day and the summer heat. If you would prefer not to spray it directly onto your clothes, douse a piece of ribbon that you can tie into your hair or keep in your pocket throughout the day.

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