6 Most Useful Hair Styling Tips Every Beginner Should Learn

A haircut not only provides an aesthetic and unique appearance but can also become an extension of one’s personality. After all, there are some original and eccentric hairstyles that speak louder than words. They are a part of one’s culture, tastes, and beliefs.

There is a strong hidden meaning behind one’s haircut. Unsurprisingly, taking care of it is of paramount importance for many people. However, there are hundreds of men and women who don’t know how to treat their own hair. They use certain products, and apply techniques, but how useful are they in reality?

If you are having doubts, don’t worry. Here we present the top factual hair styling tips for beginners.

6 Most Useful Hair Styling Tips Every Beginner Should Learn
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1.  Learn to Use the Hairbrush

It seems that we are pulling your leg with this first tip. However, it is most likely that you have been brushing your hair wrong your entire life.

First of all, stop brushing from top to bottom. Do it the other way around so you avoid pulling the hair and harming it. This tip is probably the one that most people are aware of. Nonetheless, there is more to consider.

Not every brush is made for every type of hair. In other words, you should have a specific brush that suits your particular hair type. For example, for curly hair, you need a resistant brush that has enough tension. For fine hair, a natural boar bristle is perfect. If the hair is especially thick, then go with a nylon bristles brush.

This can make your hair nice and straight when done right, but it’s not the only way. Lots of women are curling hair with a straightener as it’s proven to be one of the safest and least damaging methods. To maximize results, use a ceramic-plated flat iron that can generate an even heat distribution.

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2.  Wash Before Taking Action

If you have ever stepped into a barbershop, you have noticed how the hairdresser sprays water before making a cut. This facilitates the process and helps to bring a more accurate result.

Having the hair clean before styling is so important that in certain barber shops they even wash the hair fully. After all, the hair gathers grease and grime. These interfere with the effectiveness of the hair product you apply to your head, especially when using pomades, clays, or waxes since these products are pretty greasy themselves.

Whether you have your hair cut by a professional or do it yourself at home, make sure you wash your hair before you begin.

3.  Scissor Cutting Techniques

Cutting your own hair is not an easy task. After all, it is better to pay for a quality cut and avoid regrets. However, there are some brave enthusiasts who dare to find a hairstyle on their own.

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to know the proper approach to take. Naturally, those who want to cut a man’s hair require strict concentration and knowing the basic techniques, including blunt cutting, clippers, free hand, and thinning, among others. Each technique has a different method, but here we’ll focus mainly on the most classical one: scissors.

The most basic approach is beginning with the back of the head, then moving to the sides, and finally ending up at the top of the head. For the front, you should begin from the fringe all the way back to the crown. Then you must work around the sides and clean everything up.

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Needless to say, this is the most basic tip for cutting hair. But one way or another, understanding it is a necessary step before continuing with other techniques. Check the best hair cutting shears and purchase them if you want to cut your hair.

4.  The Right Blow Dryer

If there is a right brush for your hair, then there is also a right dryer.

We highly recommend using a dryer with ceramic and tourmaline technology. They are the perfect choice for gaining greater control over the heat, which all in all, makes for more uniform heat distribution.

Now that we mentioned heat, check if you can purchase a blow dryer with multiple settings. In the end, higher heat doesn’t mean faster results. There are occasions in which you’ll need to set the heat low, like when you are about to finish drying your hair.

5.  Getting Rid of Frizz

Long-haired people struggle with this issue every day, especially on days when humidity is excessively high. Luckily, battling frizz is possible and easier than most people believe.

It all begins after you have washed your hair. When it comes to towel drying, the majority savagely rub the towel against the hair, which leads to frizz later on. Instead, treat your hair more kindly. Gently press the towel against the hair, and take the water out as slowly as you can.

Then, apply coconut or argan oil, which has protective benefits for your hair. You may use other products like a leave-in conditioner or hair serum. Ensure that, when applying shampoo (or any of these products), you don’t overuse it since this can also lead to frizz.

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Lastly, it is worth pointing out that hot temperatures ruin your hair as well. Therefore, when washing your hair, try to do it with cold water. This way, you avoid creating frizz. Next time you take a shower, finish it with cold water. It may be a less than pleasant experience, but it will make your hair look fantastic.

6.  Hairspray Is Your Friend

Generally, it’s not common for men to use hairspray. Nonetheless, hairsprays and setting lotions are absolutely useful. Everyone with long hair, or with a hairstyle that needs to be in a certain shape for long periods of time, should have hairsprays as their go-to product.

After all, it is not a rarity to brush your hair and have it look great just to have it dismantled in just a couple of hours. To make the best use of this product, apply it just at the very end. In other words, hairspray must be the finishing touch.

Give it a chance and you’ll never want to do without it.

Hairspray Is Your Friend
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All in all, with so many hairstyles, it is impossible to provide every applicable tip. Each person is unique and so is their hair. Those who have thin hair cannot be compared with those with curls

Some have it longer, some have it shorter. Some have hair that’s excessively damaged, while others take good care of it. Regardless, you want to use these tips and find the results that suit your style the best.

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