How to use curry leaves for hair growth

We come across actresses and models with shiny, luscious tresses and start envying them. We wonder how they have such a long, shiny and healthy hair. We all can get such a lovely hair by using Curry leaves for hair growth. These actresses and models keep endorsing many hair oils, shampoo’s and hair masks and woo us to buy these products from the market. But, do these products really work and show the effect on our hair? Will our hair become as shiny and luscious like their hair? We always keep asking ourselves this question. But finally, one day we decide to experiment with the products and give a try.

We assume that our hair will also glitter like their hair. It’s every woman’s dream to have such a healthy and glowing hair. But, only after we start using such products we realize that our hair is still the same, and it’s far from looking like our favorite model’s hair. But, what do we do now? We have already exhausted our money buying all such useless and expensive products, but still, there is not even a slight improvement in our hair.

Curry leaves for hair growth

We need not worry at all, as we can definitely own such lovely tresses within no matter of time if we follow some simple tricks like using curry leaves for hair growth. It is a very inexpensive and time-tested remedy. It is being used from times immemorial. It’s one of the favorite remedies of our grandma’s for hair growth. But, we are ignoring such gems of nature in pursuit of products which drain all our money. But, we still have time left to correct our mistake and make our hair long and strong. Just start using curry leaves for hair growth.

You can even get a small pot with curry leaves plant in it, such that you can have fresh curry leaves in the comfort of your own home. Before looking at how to use curry leaves for hair growth, let us look at some of the benefits of curry leaves for hair growth.

Benefits of curry leaves for hair growth:

Benefits of curry leaves for hair growth

When we start talking about curry leaves for hair growth, people keep questioning themselves how to use curry leaves for hair growth. Before discussing how to use curry leaves for hair growth, let us know some of the important benefits of curry leaves for hair growth.

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1. Revitalizes injured hair follicles:

Healthy hair follicles are absolutely essential for the healthy growth of your hair, and to make them look flawless. But, nowadays due to the detrimental effects of environmental pollutants and harmful chemicals in the hair products that we are using, our hair is becoming lifeless. But, curry leaves play a pivotal role in rejuvenating our damaged hair follicles and makes our hair strong and healthy. It also promotes the growth of new hair from the scalp. Curry leaves also help to remove a blockage in the hair follicles to promote hair growth.

2. Promotes growth of new hair:

In addition to revitalizing damaged hair follicles, curry leaves also promote the growth of new hair from the scalp, such that you have lovely, thick tresses.

3. Delays hair graying:

Delays hair graying

Aging and graying of hair are a natural phenomenon. But, nowadays we tend to develop gray hair very early on in our life. Many factors like psychological stress, intake of alcohol and exposure to harmful environmental agents are taking a toll on our health including our hair. Even small kids are developing hair graying very soon. But, using curry leaves in various forms is a magical way to delay premature hair graying.

4. Stops thinning of hair:

We want to stimulate the growth of new hair from our scalp. But, what is the use of it if we have very thin hair. Thin hair looks awful. Any hairstyle looks absurd with thin hair. People with thin hair can’t try out many hair styles and lose their confidence due to it. But, use of curry leaves helps in growing thick hair as well. Now, we can flaunt healthy, thick hair due to benefits of curry leaves.

5. Moisturizes your hair:

Moisturizes your hair

We all want to have a lovely thick, long and lustrous hair. Don’t we? Dryness of hair makes us feel irritated. We want to own a soft, smooth hair. Feeling the smoothness of our hair upon touching makes our heart fill with joy. Curry leaves moisturize our hair and make them feel soft and supple. Curry leaves also help us to fight harmful free radicals. After seeing all such wonderful benefits of curry leaves, what are you waiting for? Just start using curry leaves for hair growth regularly.

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6. Strengthens hair shafts:

Curry leaves help you to strengthen hair shafts, apart from rejuvenating the hair follicles. Many people suffer from brittle hair, which breaks quite easily. Many of us notice that our hair breaks easily when we comb our hair, and sometimes we are even afraid to comb as we don’t want to see our hair on the comb. Sometimes, we even wonder will we become bald due to such a massive hair loss. But, there is a solution for every single problem in the world. You can get rid of hair fall and brittle hair, by using curry leaves for hair growth as they make your hair healthy with a lot of vigor.

How to use curry leaves for hair growth?

How to use curry leaves for hair growth

Curry leaves are very beneficial for hair. So, let us discuss how to use curry leaves for hair growth.

1. Make curry leaves part and parcel of your diet:

Curry leaves promote hair growth when used for hair care, and also when used in the diet. You can think of many creative ways to use curry leaves in your diet. Eat 10 to 12 curry leaves on an empty stomach daily. It helps you to kick start your day in a healthy way.

In addition to promoting hair growth, eating curry leaves on an empty stomach also helps you to lose weight. You will help you look fabulous with a slim body and lovely tresses. This is called hitting two birds at the same time.
You can dry some curry leaves and make a powder and store it in an airtight container. Use this powder in all of your curries, gravies, and even your salads.

This will enhance the flavor of the food and also bless you with many benefits of curry leaves. You can also add some curry leaves to the green smoothies which you blend regularly. You can also add some curry leaves to the buttermilk, which you prepare from yogurt.

2. Curry leaves for hair mask:

How-to-use-curry leaves for hair growth


A handful of curry leaves
5 to 6 tablespoons of yogurt
1 spoon of honey


Blend the curry leaves into a smooth paste.
Now mix the yogurt and honey and blend again.
Wash your hair with water.
Then apply this yogurt, curry leaves and honey mixture over the damp scalp and hair.
Leave this mixture for about 30 to 45 minutes.
Then use a mild herbal shampoo to rinse off your hair.
You can also apply this mixture on dry scalp and hair without washing it.

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Why this works:

Curry leaves help to prevent premature hair graying. They help to unblock the clogged hair follicles and also stimulate the growth of new hair. Yogurt and honey in the mixture also have many wonderful effects on your hair like moisturizing your hair and they also help in getting rid of dandruff as well. You can become a lovely damsel with wonderful tresses with this remedy.

When to follow this remedy:

You can follow this remedy once every week. But don’t overdo it.
This remedy is certainly effective, but it takes some time for the results to show. So, just use it and wait patiently to see the results. You will definitely feel happy with the results.

3. Curry leaves and coconut oil as a hair tonic:

Curry leaves and coconut oil as a hair tonic

2 cups of coconut oil
Handful of curry leaves
Petals of 2 or 3 hibiscus flowers (optional)


Add a handful of curry leaves and petals of 2 or 3 hibiscus flowers to 2 cups of coconut oil and boil well.
Boil the mixture until the curry leaves turn black and the quantity of oil also reduces.
Then let the mixture cool down completely.
Collect the clean oil by straining the above mixture and store it in an airtight container.
Use this oil as a hair tonic to massage your scalp and hair thoroughly.
Massage at least for 10 to 15 minutes.
Then you can use your favorite herbal shampoo to rinse your hair.

Alternate method:

Massage this oil over you scalp and hair at night.
Then leave the oil over your hair overnight.
Wash your hair the next morning.

Why this works:

Coconut oil is very nourishing for the hair. It helps in converting a dull, dry, lackluster hair into a shiny, smooth hair. Adding curry leaves to coconut oil helps to amplify the benefits of coconut oil for hair growth. Hibiscus in the above oil also helps to turn gray hair into shining black hair. Use this hair oil regularly, at least twice a week. You can see a drastic change in your hair within a few months of its usage. You will be surprised to look at your wonderful, shining, black tresses.

By now, you must have understood clearly how to use curry leaves for hair growth. Just follow these simple tips and let us know how curry leaves have benefitted your hair.

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  1. From last 2 years I am too stressed about my hairfall , I am lossing my hair like anything and I tried lot of remedies to regrow my hair but nothing work me that much, this post is seems to be very helpful i will definitely try this curry leaves remedy. Thanks for sharing this post.