20 Ultimate Benefits of Multani mitti for Face, skin, and hair

I regularly use multani mitti for my beauty regimen. There are innumerable benefits of multani mitti, and my grandmother had this beauty ingredient in her beauty box. I used to adore my grandmother a lot. She is one of the most beautiful and elegant women I have ever seen. She looked very young for age even at the age of 70 years. Her skin was almost wrinkle free, and I could feel the radiance from her face. Many people in our community were always envious of her looks.

I wanted to find out her secret remedy which made her look so beautiful. Once I inquired her about her beauty secret. Suddenly she started smiling and told me that she never had any beauty secrets. All she did was to respect the mother nature and use all its resources to be healthy, beautiful and energetic. She never resorts to using the beauty, skin care and hair care products available in the market, and was always fond of natural ingredients.My grandmother used to tell me that our kitchen itself is a Pandora box of beauty secrets and healing powers. We need not search anywhere outside for beauty remedies.

Having said that about my grandmother, one of her favorite ingredient for her beauty remedies was multani mitti, which is also known as fuller’s earth. Multani mitti is an all natural ingredient with no added preservatives and chemicals, and it has no detrimental effects when used on skin, face or hair. We can only see a bright spectrum of positive effects due to its usage. Let us look at some of the most important benefits of multani mitti.

Benefits of Multani mitti:

Benefits of multani mitti

1. Multani mitti for exfoliation:

Our skin cells die every day and are replaced by new cells. This is a natural phenomenon. But our face looks dull and lifeless if we don’t get rid of these dead cells. We keep buying scrubs to exfoliate our skin or to remove the dead skin cells. Benefits of multani mitti on skin are manyfold. Multani mitti acts like a natural scrub and exfoliates the dead cells very effectively, leaving behind a very glowing skin.

2. Multani mitti for skin tightening:

As we become old, many changes are produced in our body due to ageing cells. Aging has many ill effects on our skin as well. Our skin tends to become loose and saggy as we age. Benefits of multani mitti for skin tightening are known by many people. Multani mitti can tighten our skin and reduce the sagging of skin. This will rejuvenate our skin and makes us look younger.

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3. Multani mitti face pack for acne scars and blemishes:

Acne scars and blemishes is a very common problem that we suffer from. We get irritated looking at the ugly looking acne or pimples and start picking them. This leads to more acne scar formation. Multani mitti can ward off acne scars very effectively when used along with lemon water as a face pack.

4. Multani mitti for glowing skin:Multani mitti for glowing skin

Our skin becomes very dull and lacks glow due to the effect of environmental pollutants, stress, artificial chemical containing skin care products and also due to aging. We all wonder how those beautiful actresses have a youthful look despite being middle-aged or elderly. Well, they use multani mitti regularly. Benefits of Multani mitti in getting rid of dead cells, scars, blemishes, tan, etc can’t be stressed enough and all these things make our skin glow a lot.

5. Multani mitti for dry skin:

Dry skin is very troublesome for everyone. We keep moisturizing our skin regularly in order to make our skin moist and soft. But, sometimes all our efforts are in vain. Our skin remains dry, itchy and irksome despite trying many face packs, and skin care products like moisturizers and toners. Multani mitti can rescue us from dry skin problems very efficiently.

We just need to prepare face masks with multani mitti by mixing it with other ingredients like honey, cucumber, curd, etc and use regularly to make our skin soft and supple. But, this face mask is effective only for people with slightly dry skin. If you have extremely dry skin, multani mitti can aggravate your dryness, so stay away from it.

6. Multani mitti for oily skin:

Multani mitti is effective in controlling oiliness of the skin as well. Now, you might be wondering how can the same substance act as a cure for both oily skin and dry skin, which are diametrically opposite to each other. But, the truth is that multani mitti is helpful for any skin type and it converts our abnormal dry or oily skin to become normal. Make a face mask with 2 or 3 spoons of multani mitti, a pinch of turmeric powder and some tomato juice and use it once every week. This Multani mitti face mask helps to get rid of oiliness of face.

7. Multani mitti for pimples:

Pimples are every girl’s foe. The Oiliness of face is one of the main reasons for the development of pimples. Excess oil clogs the pores of the skin. Dirt and bacteria accumulate in the clogged pores leading to pimples. So, people with oily skin are more prone to pimples development. Multani mitti absorbs oiliness effectively,  and as a result, reduces the incidence of pimples.


8. Multani mitti for suntan:

People having certain skin types are more prone to develop sun tan.  When we look into the mirror sun tan makes us feel terrible. When we use multani mitti face mask regularly, we can reduce sun tan very easily within no time.

9. Multani mitti for blackheads:

In people with acne, an excess oily substance called sebum is produced at the base of hair follicles. This sebum contains many melanin or black pigment-producing cells called melanocytes. When exposed to air, the acne spots turn black due to the effect of melanin. These are called blackheads. Blackheads on the face can be quite annoying. Good news is that Multani mitti can help you to get rid of blackheads. In addition to blackheads, multani mitti also helps you to get rid of whiteheads.

10. Multani mitti face pack for fairness:

Multani mitti face pack for fairnessSelling fairness creams in the market is a million dollar industry today all over the world. People are so obsessed with fairness. Elders are always on the look out for fair and beautiful brides for their sons and handsome grooms for their daughters. It has become mandatory for every girl in some societies to try out various things to become fair and beautiful. They spend hell lot of money over such products which are not effective at all.

But, why should we waste our money on expensive useless fairness creams, when we can just improve our skin complexion with such a simple and natural ingredient like multani mitti. In order to use fullers earth or multani mitti for fairness, you need to mix 3 tablespoons of multani mitti with 2 tablespoons of grated potato and 1 spoon of honey and use this mixture as a face pack once a week.  This will reduce any pigmentation and scars you have and give you a blemish free, radiant skin. But, don’t overdo this face mask. If you use this face mask very often, it can dry out your skin.

11. Multani mitti can treat sunburns:

Sometimes, excessive exposure to the sun can lead to sunburns. Sometimes we also tend to develop skin rashes due to it. Multani mitti can control sunburnt skin , skin rashes and soothes our skin.

12. Multani mitti for dark circles:

When we are dressed up quite well and look ourselves in the mirror and find that dark circles under our eyes. This makes us feel quite annoying. Grate half a potato and squeeze out juice from it. Mix this potato juice with 1 spoon of lemon juice and 2 spoons of multani mitti. Apply this face pack all over your face including the dark circles and rinse well after 10 to 15 minutes. You can see a remarkable reduction in dark circles if you use this multani mitti face pack regularly.

13. Multani mitti for hair growth:

Multani mitti for hair growth

We all know that multani mitti can be used as a face mask. But, very few of us know that multani mitti can be used to promote hair growth as well. You must be surprised to know this fact. But, it really does work to make our hair lustrous and strong. For making multani mitti hair mask, mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of multani mitti with 1 to 2 spoons of lemon juice and 1 spoon of amla or gooseberry juice. Now apply this hair mask and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair with an herbal shampoo. Use this mask of multani mitti for hair once every week. You will notice a profound improvement in the health of your hair after some months.

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14. Multani mitti improves supply of blood to various body parts:

When you apply multani mitti to any body part, whether it’s your face, hair or hands or legs, or anywhere else on your body, blood supply to that part increases drastically. This helps that body part to remain healthy and get rid of all impurities.

15. Multani mitti for insect bites:

Sometimes we are bitten by insects without our knowledge. This makes the skin at the site of insect bite inflamed, itchy and painful. If we apply multani mitti paste to the site of insect bite, it provides a soothing relief to us by reducing the inflammation or swelling. This is one benefit of multani mitti that you might have never thought of.

16. Multani mitti to relieve pains:

We might suffer from pain in different parts of our body, and it might be a pain in stomach or leg or even a simple headache. Benefits of multani mitti can be seen in reducing pain in many parts of the body. Just apply some multani mitti paste over the painful body part and your pain vanishes very quickly.

17. Multani mitti provides relief from skin infections:

Multani mitti has antiseptic properties, so it can also treat certain types of skin infection if the infection is mild. But, if the infection is very severe or if you have any other symptoms like fever, you should consult your doctor immediately instead of just using multani mitti.

18. Multani mitti for herbal bath powder:

Well known actresses always use homemade bath powders and they don’t use soaps that they endorse. This is the real secret of their beauty. You can prepare an herbal bath powder with multani mitti by mixing sandalwood powder, turmeric powder to it. You can just experiment with proportions and use the one that suits you the most. First of all, add some milk or honey to it while bathing, and you have created your own Diy herbal bath powder.

19. Multani mitti for a smooth skin:

Multani mitti for smooth skinSmall babies have a very soft skin, and we all adore to touch their cheeks a lot. It feels really good. All of us want to have a smooth and supple skin just like a baby. Benefits of Multani mitti in getting a smooth skin are many. It helps us in getting a soft and supple skin.

20. Multani mitti as a toner:

There are myriad benefits of using multani mitti as a toner. You can create your own toner by mixing few spoons of multani mitti with some curd and a beaten egg. This is a very fantastic toner indeed.

Benefits of Multani mitti are many folds. It is us who has to use it in every possible way to unleash the full potential and benefits of multani mitti for our face, skin, and hair.

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