Fixing what’s underneath: A goodbye to your cakey makeup days

No one wants their face captured with a cakey makeup-whether you’re in the middle of that big event, with the cameras all focused on you, or hanging out with your friends in that aesthetic café with a lighting setup that illuminates your face a little too much.

The last thing you want is a face full of cakey makeup that’s flaking apart, creasing and greasing making it look like you’ve plastered on a thick, heavy foundation that is barely letting your skin breathe. No matter how much coverage a foundation provides, if your final look is far from ‘natural’, it will end up looking like too much product strewn on your face like an oil splatter.

A goodbye to your cakey makeup days
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So, what does your cakey makeup mean? While on one hand, it means that you’ve used too much of one product, on the other hand it also entails that the makeup is evidently displaying all your blemishes, creases and pores. Hence, the starting point to fixing a cakey makeup face isn’t to use less product but to take care of your skin.

If your skin is healthy and glowy, foundation will glide on like another skin on your own, unlike a cakey makeup look on the verge of melting off your face. It is important to understand that skin has texture, coarseness, and some level of imperfections, and “that is completely normal” to appear when applying Makeup.

However, with skin that is healthy, hydrated, and protected makeup enhances the skin texture, making it look much more youthful and brighter instead of flaky and worn out when it turns out cakey.

Tips to take care of your cakey makeup

Tips to take care of your cakey makeup
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Here are some tips to ensure you never have to go out with a cakey makeup face again, or get those horrifying days captured in your snaps.

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The first step requires nourishing, moisturising, and protecting your delicate skin. A healthy and gentle skincare routine is a much better investment than a rigorous makeup routine, as a cakey makeup look is pretty much inevitable if your skin is not healthy.

A beginners’ skincare routine should definitely include a gentle purifying cleanser, followed by a nourishing moisturiser that is essential for smoothing out the skin’s surface. This will allow the foundation to settle on a hydrating base more naturally than on dry skin, which is the number one reason for cakey makeup.


Further, to prevent the tiny bumps and pores that become very apparent when makeup is applied, it is essential to include a sunblock religiously every single day. It protects your skin from harmful UV radiations, which decreases collagen in your skin, loosening and wrinkling it, making a canvas very easy for your makeup to look cakey.


Lastly, after you’ve taken care of the canvas itself, there are ways to fix your cakey makeup in times of need. Setting sprays work like magic when it comes to melting the powdery residue left from your contour, bronzer or highlighter. A quick splash of good setting spray leaves the skin dewy and natural in an instant.


If you’re using the essential makeup products that require layering, such as foundation and concealer, it’s very important to blend properly. You can blend using a blending brush or the perfect little beauty blender that eliminates any harsh lines that remain.

For the under-eye area that requires a lot of concealers, the best way to blend it is by dabbing the beauty blender with a dash of toner or facial spray that quickly dissolves the powdery residue under the sensitive area.

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Dry and sensitive skin tends to look cakey, even after much hydration. Therefore, the best way to give a quick fix to your cakey makeup look when you’re running late is to add a few drops of face oil at the end of the routine. Face oils are effective in melting together the products on your face without having to take off your product and redoing the whole face all over again.


Finally, we all have different skin needs based on our varied skin types. If you are one of the many who deal with regularly oily skin, no matter what you do, there is an excellent hack to fixing your cakey makeup on top of all that oil.

Beauty experts suggest switching the order of your routine, starting with setting powder before your foundation, which blocks the oily skin at its core from spoiling your foundation. It’s also an easy way to make your foundation last longer.


While cakey makeup can appear anywhere on your face, sensitive zones such as the T zone, your nose and its creases are easy targets. The best solution for cakey makeup on these areas is to powder them more than the amount of foundation you put in. This controls the amount of product from breaking up around the nose. Further, experts do not recommend fixing crinkled makeup with more makeup.

Controlling the amount

Instead, less is the key. Try avoiding makeup around the areas that are prone to creasing, such as the eyes, the mouth, and the forehead. Instead applying only, a tiny amount, possibly what’s left on your makeup sponge after your face is done, is the way to go. The technique also plays a key role in fixing your cakey makeup, such as dabbing instead of swiping concealer for your under-eyes.

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In addition, primers are a great way to ensure your makeup doesn’t move later in the day, especially when it’s sweltering hot, and the sweating begins. It’s also important to make sure that your primer is compatible with the foundation you apply. An easy way to check this is by checking the ingredients. Silicon-based primers work very well with foundations containing the same.

Although fixing a bad makeup day might not seem like your forte of work, the rules are pretty simple and easy to navigate. With these simple tips, you can definitely pull off a no-makeup, makeup look that’s trending on the minimalist makeup scene these days.

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