Is baby oil good for your skin

Many people have a question “Is baby oil good for your skin?”. You might have heard of many stories regarding the baby oils. Some people say that adults can use baby oils to make their skin healthy and smooth as it is completely chemical free and harmless.

Yet there are some other people who claim that baby oils are harmful to your skin and you should not use them. We just get confused with these mixed opinions of the people. But, do you know what is the truth about the baby oils for skin?

Baby oils are completely harmless as per FDA or the Food and drug administration. Baby oil is made up of mineral oil and some perfume or fragrance added to it. This mineral oil and also the fragrance are completely safe for use on our skin.

Many experts give a high rating to the baby oils. According to them, baby oils can be used in many different ways to benefit our skin without causing even minor side effects. So, let us look at all the different ways in which baby oil is beneficial for our skin.

Is baby oil good for your skin

Benefits and uses of baby oil for skin:

Moisturizes skin:

You might have been using many different moisturizing creams belonging to various brands. But, have you ever tried using baby oil to moisturize your skin? Baby oil is an excellent moisturizer. It can be applied like a body lotion all over your body instead of your regular moisturizing cream.

It preserves the moisture in the skin and makes it smooth and supple. You will surely notice a difference in your skin if you start using baby oil regularly.

Makes skin silky:

Yes, you have heard me right. You might have heard of hair becoming silky, right. But, baby oil can make your skin silky and soft too. Have you ever envied your favorite actresses and their lovely skin?

Many of them use baby oils to make their skin soft. In addition to using baby oils to moisturize your skin, you can add baby oil to your bathtub as well. You can also add any of your favorite essential oil like ylang-ylang essential oil or geranium essential oil for additional relaxation of mind and rejuvenation along with baby oil.

Softens cracked heels:

Many of us suffer from cracked heels and it is a very irksome problem. But, you can surely get rid of this problem. You just need to take the help of baby oil.

Just soak your feet in lukewarm water for some time, about 10 to 15 minutes. Then gently rub your feet with the pumice stone to get rid of all the dead cells on your feet. Then wash your feet again and pat them dry with a towel.

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Then apply a generous amount of baby oil over your feet and massage well. Baby oil works wonderfully along with pumice stone to heal your cracked feet and make them soft.

Excellent for nail treatments:

All of us want to take manicures and pedicures. We want to make your nails, hands and feet soft and get rid of all the dead cells and dryness.

Baby oil serves this function very well. Just use baby oil to make the cuticles soft during your manicure and pedicure. It makes your work very easy while doing manicures and pedicures.

In addition to using baby oil for manicures and pedicures, you can also massage baby oil over your nails and cuticles daily at bedtime. This helps in increasing the blood supply to these areas. It promotes a healthy growth of these nails and also makes them look shiny and good.

Rejuvenates your skin and mind:

Are you fond of beauty treatments like massages? Then baby oil is perfect for you. A body massage is an excellent way of getting rid of all the stress and anxiety that you might be experiencing.

It makes your mind calm, cool and peaceful. Just use baby oil to massage your skin while doing body massages. This relaxes your mind and body. In addition to this, baby oil makes your entire body soft, silky and adorable.

Makeup remover:

We women are fond up makeup. We all want to look pretty. But, removing makeup at night is really troublesome. The regular makeup remover that we all use contains alcohol. So, it dries up our skin and it is not at all recommended to be used for people who already have dry skin.

Baby oil is an excellent makeup remover. You can use it for your eyes, lips and also face. In addition to removing makeup very well, it also helps in moisturizing your lips, eyes, and face and makes them soft.

Protects your skin from damage caused by the sun:

Exposure to the sun can cause damage to your skin due to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. It can also make your skin dry due to the excessive heat which dehydrates your skin.

You can use baby oil to protect your skin from the damage caused by sun exposure. Just add few drops of baby oil to your favorite sunscreen lotion and then apply it to your skin. You can also apply few drops of baby oil directly over your skin and then apply sunscreen lotion.

Removes stretch marks:

Stretch marks can be caused by many different reasons. You might have had a pregnancy and then developed stretch marks after delivering your baby. You also might have developed stretch marks due to being obese or overweight and then losing weight.

Applying baby oil over your stretch marks regularly helps them in lightening. If you are suffering from stretch marks over any part of your body like thighs, arms or abdomen, just massage baby oil over them gently for few minutes every day before taking bath.

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Baby oil for shaving:

Shaving rough hair can be really troublesome. So, just apply some baby oil over your hair to make them soft. Then wait for some time and then shave this hair. Now, as the hair becomes soft, you can shave it very easily.

Both men and women can sue baby oil to smoothen hair before shaving. You can sue it over your mustache, beard and also hands, legs, underarms, etc.

Generates heat in winters:

Winters can be really daunting. They make you feel very cold and you might develop cold, flu during this season and become sick.

You can use baby oil to massage your body to generate adequate heat to protect your body from the chilling winters. Baby oil also prevents the loss of heat from the body through the skin pores by closing them.

Reduces swelling under eyes:

Some people have puffiness or swelling under the eyes due to various reasons like inadequate sleep, stress, improper diet, etc.

This under eye swelling or puffiness makes you look really terrible. Just apply few drops of baby oil over the skin under your eyes and massage well. You can use it daily at bedtime to get quick results. But, make sure baby oil doesn’t come into contact with the eyes.

Makes lips soft and pink:

Many people suffer from chapped and dry lips. This also makes your lips appear dark in color and completely unattractive. Just take the help of baby oil to make lips pink, moist and soft.

Make a mixture of 1 spoon of baby oil, ½ spoon of lemon juice, 1 spoon of sugar, few drops of rose water. Then apply this mixture over your lips and massage well for few minutes.

Sugar helps to get rid of unwanted dead cells over your lips. Baby oil helps in moisturizing your lips and makes them soft. You can skip rosewater if you don’t have it. You this mixture of baby oil to massage your lips at least 2 times a week for good results.

Best as a post waxing skin treatment:

We need to wax our skin regularly to get rid of unwanted hair. But wax can leave behind a very sticky feeling that you might not like.

So, apply baby oil over the skin after waxing and massage well. You can apply the baby oil directly with your hands or you can use a cotton swab to apply baby oil.

Mix with foundation:

Sometimes you might not be willing to do entire makeup. You might want to do just a light makeup. Then use baby oil to make a nice mixture with your foundation ad apply it over your face. Then apply some talcum powder of your choice over your face.

This makes you look good with a very small effort and time. It also makes your skin moist and supple at the same time.

Good for fractured ankle:

Sometimes your ankles might fracture due to various reasons. You just need to apply baby oil over the skin of the fractured ankle and massage well. This helps in strengthening the bone and also the skin over it.

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This baby oil massage helps in healing the broken or fractured ankle fast. So, always try to massage your broken ankle with baby oil.

Other uses of baby oil apart from skin:

Makes eyebrows thick:

We all want to have perfectly shaped eyebrows. We tend to take the help of threading, etc to make your eyebrows look thin and neatly groomed. But, sometimes, due to the mistakes of the beautician, your eyebrows might look awkward.

Then you can apply baby oil over your eyebrows to make them grow faster and to become thick. Some people have very thin eyebrows from birth. They might want to have thick black eyebrows. Such people can take the help of baby oil to make eyebrows thick.

Makes hair shiny and silky:

Have you ever wondered how to get lovely, thick, shiny and silky hair naturally at your home? You all might be aware that regular oiling of the hair is absolutely essential to make it healthy and shiny.

You might have used coconut oil or some other oil to oil your hair. Baby oil is also very beneficial for your hair and it is devoid of any harmful chemicals that damage the hair.

Just warm up some baby oil and massage it well over your scalp and hair. Then warm up a towel and then wrap it around your hair. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse your hair with your favorite shampoo. Always prefer using herbal shampoos for better results.

Cleans ears:

Your ears are one of the most important parts of your body. If they become dirty and have ear wax, it becomes difficult to clean them. Just take a small cotton swab or cotton ear bud.

Dip this cotton ear bud or cotton swab in some baby oil and then use it to remove all dirt and ear wax that is present in your external ear. Baby oil makes cleaning of your ears very easy.

Paint remover:

You might be troubled by stubborn paint stains on the walls or your clothes sometimes. Sometimes you might want to remove the stains of makeup or nail polish from your clothes.

Baby oil can be used to remove these stains very effectively. Just dip a small piece of white cloth or cotton in baby oil and then use this cloth or cotton to clean the paint, makeup or nail polish stains.

To clean makeup brushes:

We tend to apply makeup regularly. So, we need to clean our makeup brushes at regular intervals to keep them in good condition.

Baby oil helps in removing the makeup and also cleaning the makeup brushes. It is a perfect companion for women who love makeup.

As an insect repellant:

Have you ever thought that baby oil can repel mosquitoes? You can just add some baby oil and some antiseptic solution like Dettol together in a spray bottle and then spray hem at the corners of your house, windows, etc. It is a very good insect and mosquito repellant.

You have seen all the benefits of baby oil for skin, hair, beauty and also the other uses of baby oil. Do you use baby oil in any other unique way? Do share your experience with baby oil with us.

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