Signs Your Skin is not Feeling Well and How To Cure Them

Sensitive skin is a normal condition affecting over half of the world’s population (60-70% women and 50-60% men). Each and every one of us has had a skin condition that cannot be considered normal. Be it a rash or itchy skin, it is never a pleasant feeling. Fortunately, people are generally used to having some minor issues with skin. For this reason, they usually know when to ignore changes and when to act on them. Our guide will help you learn more about which signs are never to be ignored when it comes to your skin.

Some Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

From minor to major, skin issues and conditions can cause particular problems for most people. Even those who have never had a skin condition can develop one under some circumstances. Here are some of the signs you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to your skin:

  • Despite being the most common skin disorder, if you happen to have significantly more problems with acne than usual, you should see a dermatologist. They occur when the hair follicles become blocked. Also, they can be a sign of increasingly oily skin.
  • Severe dermatitis. While dermatitis is common, if it becomes severe or it doesn’t end, you should consult the dermatologist. It can be anything, from minor itchy skin issues to red oily patches of skin that hurt without any particular reason. See your doctor if that’s the case.
  • If red welts start forming on your skin, chances are that those are hives. They can be both chronic (if they are present for more than a month and a half) and they can reappear again in the future. However, they can indicate some underlying skin conditions, an allergy, or even sensitivity to something. Check with your doctor if you encounter those.
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Some Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore
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These three signs are typically the most common skin conditions that can occur and if you happen to have any, it might be a good idea to consult your dermatologist.

Things You Shouldn’t Do

Unless you are a dermatologist yourself, you should not be taking any medication before consulting with the experts. Some skin conditions can look similar to something you’ve seen before but could mean something completely different. Taking the wrong medication can only worsen the situation.

What we recommend, as always, would be to pay a visit to your dermatologist and see what the best course of action for your current situation would be. Some conditions cannot be treated with Coq-10 for helping reduce the effect of aging on the skin – you should always consult with the doctor.

Things You Shouldn’t Do
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Another thing you should never do is scratch or peel your skin. We understand that having itchy skin or a rash could tempt us into scratching, but it is actually one of the worst things you can do. Instead, you should never scratch it for hygienic reasons. Besides, you can only make it worse.

Things You Should Do

As we have already mentioned, the one thing you should definitely do is pay a visit to your dermatologist. Dermatologists are professionals and they know the best. Even if it is nothing to worry about, they can still prescribe you something that will help you out with your skin condition.

If you have a recurring skin condition or if you know what caused it and what it definitely is, then you can treat it with your regular medicine without consulting the doctor. Keep in mind that you will have to be absolutely certain that it is not anything else or you can make it worse. Only do it for skin conditions you are certain about.

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Some Measures of Prevention

Hydrating your skin is the way to go. It is not trendy or anything of the sort – it seriously helps your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is one of the things you shouldn’t only do for dry skin. It will also provide a layer of protection from outside sources and your skin will be healthy as well.

Some Measures of Prevention
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Another thing you can do is use lotions and sunscreen. They will protect your skin and you will avoid getting sunburnt as well. Sunburns are not necessarily a skin condition, but they can be really annoying to deal with, and when the skin peels it can even get infected.

To keep your skin protected throughout the year, you should also consider what it is missing. There are different skin types and products you can use for your skin specifically. Also, to relax your muscles and relieve your joints, you can try skin-nourishing collagen products.


The best thing you can do for your skin is to react to the early symptoms if you cannot prevent them from happening in the first place. In case anything happens, consult your dermatologist before doing anything else. The doctors can help you out more than you could on your own, so keep this in your mind. Good luck and stay safe!

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