Purple Bump on Inner Thigh: 10+ Causes, 7 Symptoms & 3 Treatments

Purple bump on inner thigh is a sickness of the thigh that can come about as a result of muscle strain, extreme temperatures that can cause purple bumps on the inner thigh due to rubbing of the thighs, bacterial infections, viral infections and even physical injuries.

This condition can be an indication of a possible skin infection that should be taken to utmost seriousness, and one should have a checkup immediately to alienate possible further complications. Some of the causes of this infections are: boils, rubbing of thighs, warts, blood clot swelling on inner thighs, sexually transmitted infections and even cancer!

It would be of interest that you should note that this skin condition differs as some of them are painful while others are painless. This is small/large hill-like projection on the skin(metaphorical). They tend to grow slightly raised from the skin. While not all purple bumps on the inner thigh are visible. Some could be negligible!

Purple bump on inner thigh is an infection suffered by both genders: male and female.

What are the symptoms of a purple bump on inner thigh?

purple bump on inner thigh
Purple bump on inner thigh
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I have read about this purple bump on inner thigh, and I have never suffered from it, how do I know of possible infection? Well, when one has been infected with this infection, you will possibly experience at least one of the following symptoms:

  • Swelling of the thigh.
  • Limping.
  • Red/purple skin.
  • Bleeding from the infected thigh.
  • Excessive heat from the affected area.
  • Skin tends to be tender and soft.
  • Swollen glands.
  • Purple bump on leg.
  • Dark bumps on inner thigh.
  • Black bump on inner thigh.
Swelling of the thigh:

This is a protrusion on the surface of the skin. This could perhaps be the most common possible symptom to purple bump on inner thigh. The skin around the infected area broadens becoming more elaborated on the surface of the skin.


Limping is the loudest symptom of a purple bump on inner thigh. Painful purple bump on inner thigh may distort the nature of how we walk. We tend to limp to accommodate the swelling in the inner thighs.

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Red/purple skin:

The affected part of the thigh changes colour: it reddens or turns purples. This is due to an infection or otherwise an injury.


Bleeding can be an indication of a possible serious infection on the inner thigh, and when this happens, one is advised to consult a physician for prescriptions. However, this kind of bleeding on the inner thigh may never be intense as the thighs would bleed in small bits.

Excessive heat:

When the temperature around the infected area is taken, there is more heat emanating from that section. This can be explained biologically by saying that there are more metabolic reactions going on within that infected area of the skin.

When the body is infected, it tries adaptively to help kick out the infection through a process known as metabolism thus generating more heat.

Tender skin:

The swollen part of skin gets soft. They can pain when touched and it is so sensitive.

Swollen glands:

Glands around the thighs and up the urinary bladder swell and pains a little even when not touched.

Causes of purple bump inner thigh:

What are the chances that one gets purple bump inner thigh? What are the causes and can it be prevented? Can it be treated? All the answers to this questions lie right here! It could be even that you know some of the remedies and at least have a hint of what causes it.

Well, like most illness they have more than one possible cause. Here are those prominent causes:

  • Boils.
  • Warts.
  • Chafing of inner thighs.
  • Cysts.
  • Cancer.
  • Acne.
  • Sexually transmitted infections.
  • Radiations.

The causes of purple bump inner thigh are grouped into initial causative groups, i.e. environmental causes, diseases and accidents.

Environmental causes:

The thigh being an inner protected part of the human body, it is well shielded from the environmental causative factor. However, allergy and radiation are an exception.


Environmental factors like allergy may not fail to appear on the list of the causes of a purple bump on inner thigh. The human body can naturally be allergic to environmental factors like water and can lead to pimples on the inner thighs that can otherwise cause a purple bump on inner thigh.

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Radiation is the second after allergy as an environmental causative agent of a purple bump on inner thigh. As technology advances, inventions like laptops and phones being kept around the thighs causes cancer around the inner thighs. Soft tissue sarcoma is one of the possible riskin exposure to radiations.


Diseases are the most causative factors to purple bump on inner thigh. It is due to these diseases that most of the purple bump on inner thigh infections are acquired. Some of the common diseases are:

  • Sexually transmitted infections.
  • Boils.
  • Warts.
  • Cysts on the inner thigh
  • Cancer.
  • Acne and pimples.

Having one symptom isn’t a guarantee of infection. Consult a doctor.

Sexually transmitted infections:

Diseases that are transmitted during sexual intercourse can cause a purple bump on inner thigh. Examples of this diseases are syphilis and genital herpes which forms bumps around the private organs.

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a bacterium infection that is revealed through initial painless rashes forming on the back of an infected person and in some cases these rashes are also found around the genitals.

Herpes is a viral infection and has painful, watery blisters forming around the genitals.


This is a skin infection that involves swelling of the skin with pus being accumulated in it. This can also be found in the inner thigh forming a purple bump inner thigh. Caused by infected hair follicles usually under too much heat in the body.


This is a skin condition that leads to a painless protrusion on the surface of the skin which is rough. It is a viral infection which is known to be caused by human papillomavirus and can be spread from one person to another. Warts exist in quite a number:

  • Common warts.
  • Pigmented warts.
  • Planter warts.
  • Flat warts.

Warts are a common infection in children even though it is sometimes sighted in adults. They also disappear within five years or less without treatment.


Cysts are sac-like projections on skin surfaces and contain gas, liquid or pus. They are caused by infections and blockings of sebaceous glands in the skin. They are also not designated to any part of the body as they can appear in almost all parts.

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Cancers result from an overgrowth of tissue cells. Small metastatic tumours that seem to emanate from below the skin can always be a threat to life as they can be infectious and should be treated early before the infection become acute.


It is hard to talk of acne without mentioning pimples. Well, acne has blemishes in adolescents.  They can be distinguished physically as acne is red pimples caused by inflamed sebaceous glands. It is a bacterial infection!

Rubbing of thighs:

When the temperatures are high, and our bodies sweat, the thighs rub each other in a frictionally explained movement causing bruises and purple bump on inner thigh.


Purple bump on inner thigh can be caused by the physical harming of the thigh through physical activities like football, athletics and even accidental drifts that can lead to physical injuries. These happen accidentally. However, they can also happen as a result of fights and physical assaults.

Treatment of purple bump on inner thigh:

Most purple bump on inner thigh is treated domestically even though they can heal naturally. For most of this purple bump on inner thigh illness, they can be cured domestically. Apart from these home treatment methods, purple bump on inner thigh can be cured medicinally through quite some means:

  • Medication.
  • Surgery.
  • Therapy.

Once one is noted to have a purple bump on inner thigh, the cause of the purple bump on inner thigh would dictate the type of medication to be given. For the case of warts, medications like salicylic acid and cantharidin would be recommended. While boils are known to disappear on their own.

As most of this infections are bacterial, antibiotics are recommended.

For sexually transmitted infections, that is syphilis and herpes; one is advised to visit a technician.


Most therapies to purple bump inner thigh are domestically available at home. It can also be taken as a home treatment method to these infections. Some of the therapies are:

  • Cleansing the infected part.
  • Squeezing out pus for a case of the boil.
  • Oiling the rubbing parts of the thigh.

If these remedies don’t seem to cure this infection within a reasonable time, you are advised to seek the attention of a physician.


Surgical removal of warts is sought for a case of persistent warts in delicate parts of the body.


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