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Boil on Anus: 7 Causes, 7 symptoms, 16 Treatments & Prevention

Boil on anus can be very painful and irksome. So, let’s explore why it occurs, its symptoms, and remedies.

The anus is the rectal opening through which faeces are expelled out of the body. Usually, the skin of the anus is smooth and is free from any lesions or cut.

A boil is the infection of the hair follicles or the oil glands. A boil is a skin infection that happens deep inside the skin. At the start, the area becomes red and tender, slowly turning hard.

Finally, the centre of the boil becomes soft and gets filled with white blood cells which are called as pus and is present to fight the infection. Finally, this mass forms a head; this head can be surgically operated to take out the pus.

Boil on anus can be very painful due to its location and can cause pain while doing various routine activities like sitting, bowel movement etc.

One can feel the boil on anus while cleaning the anal area, pain while sitting, an expulsion of faecal matter etc.

Anal bumps could also be associated with many other reasons like:

  • Haemorrhoids or piles can form a bump on anus
  • Bumps could be a result of new growth in the area
  • A bump can also be a result of a tumour or a mass which could be benign or malignant

Causes of Boil on Anus:

boil on anus
Boil on anus
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There could be various causes for the Boil on the anus. Some of the well-known causes include:

Exposure to faecal matter:

In case some faecal matter left behind. Faecal matter contains microbes. In case there is a cut or lesion present in the area. This could lead to infection in the area.

Improper cleaning of the area:

In case there is improper cleaning of the area or proper hygiene is not maintained around the area. Alongside there is a broken hair follicle at the site; this could lead to infection in the area and boils near anus.

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While cleaning if too much pressure is applied or too much rubbing is done, in that case, an infection can develop in that area causing an injury and a boil on anus.


In case a person has severe constipation, and the person tends to apply too much pressure to release, then the person might end having an injury at the site which ultimately can lead to the formation of a boil on anus.

Low fibre diet:

In case a person has a low fibre diet he may face difficulty in the expulsion of faeces as a result too much pressure is applied during the bowel movement. As a result, this leads to infection at the site and the formation of a boil on anus.

Hereditary factors:

Some of the factors related to a boil on anus are also genetic. In some cases, genetic factors lead to the formation of a tumour or a new growth in the anal region which slowly grows resulting in the formation of a boil on anus.

People suffering from certain diseases a more likely to have a boil on anus. These include:
  • Diabetes
  • Aids or HIV infected person
  • Anal fissures
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Sexually transmitted disease
  • Placement of some foreign substance in anal cavity etc.

Symptoms of Boil on Anus:

There are many symptoms associated with a boil on anus. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Pain in the anal area
  • Pus accumulation in the area
  • Fever
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Painful bowel movement
  • Swelling of the buttocks
  • Fatigue etc.

Treatment of Boil on Anus:

There are many treatment options available for the treatment of boil on anus. However, some of the natural home remedies available for the treatment of boil on anus are highlighted below:

Hot compress:

Applying a hot compress over the affected area can increase the circulation in the area. This can result in increased white blood cells in the affected area which would result in faster healing and quicker recovery of the person from the boil.

After the head formation of the boil is there, it is a general recommendation not to pierce it yourself; in case it is required one should visit a doctor who will use sterile equipment for the same.

Garlic and Onion:

Garlic and onion are excellent remedies for the boils. Garlic and onion juice helps in the ripening of the boil, hardening, drainage, and bursting of the boils. Garlic and Onion juice can be applied individually to the boils or can be applied together to the surface for faster healing.

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A mixture of milk, vinegar, and turmeric:

It is an excellent mixture that can help in the healing of the boil. Turmeric has an antiseptic property while milk and vinegar helps in the drying of the wound and helps in curing the infection quickly

Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds are very commonly used for the treatment of boil on anus. Cumin seeds can be mixed with water and ground into a paste. This paste can be applied over the affected area. Cumin seeds can be applied to the affected area; this helps in curing of the wound and also helps in faster recovery from the infection.

Parsley leaves:

The parsley leaves can also be boiled in water; the leaves can then be wrapped in a cloth and wrapped around the affected area. Parsley leaves help in drying up the wound and also helps in preventing the spread of infection. Thus a quicker recovery from boils.

Ginger and asafoetida:

One can also apply a paste of ginger and asafoetida or a turmeric powder to the affected area. One can also mix these two along with basil leave juice. These can be applied as a paste to the affected part, or one can have this orally.

These have an antimicrobial property and helps in faster healing of the boils and also helps in prevention of the spread of the infection to nearby areas


Herbs and herbal extracts and supplements like Echinacea, Golden Seal, and burdock also help in proving relief from boils. Tea tree oil has also known to have its healing properties for skin and its related ailments. Tea tree oil has especially been found good for the treatment of Boils and associated infections.

Soaking in warm water with Epsom salts:

Bathing with warm water with Epsom salts dissolved can help in providing relief from boils. Epsom salts are also known to help in the drying of the boils and thus supporting in healing and preventing infection from spreading.

Healthy diet:

A poor diet and eating habits and lead to boil on anus. Opposite of this is also true, e.g. inclusion of healthy diet as well as having fruits and vegetables in the regular diet can help in building body’s immune system and thus help in preventing the body from infection.

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Aloe vera gel:

Aloe Vera is a naturally available ingredient that helps in healing the body from boils. Aloe vera is a naturally acting antiseptic that helps in preventing the infection from spreading and also helps in soothing out the infected area. Aloe vera reduces the irritation in the affected area and also helps in reducing inflammation.


Sometimes cleaning the wound and applying an antiseptic over the affected area help in curing. It is important to keep the area of the boils and surrounding are clean before applying an antiseptic to it.

Neem oil:

Neem has a good antiseptic and antibacterial property. Application of the neem oil on the affected area can help in faster recovery and healing of the boils.

Tea tree oil:

It has the same antiseptic property as the neem oil. Tea tree oil should also be applied in the same way as the neem oil.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil on the affected area where the boils have occurred can help in keeping the skin hydrated and also has an antiseptic property.  Coconut oil aids in the faster healing of the boils.

Ice pack:

Ice packs can also help in providing relief to the area. An ice pack wrapped in the cloth can be applied over the boils. This will provide a soothing effect and will help in reducing the itching. This would also help reduce inflammation of the affected area.

Sitz bath:

Taking a sitz bath is also an effective remedy. One can take a sitz bath several times a day. Sitz bath can help in increasing the circulation at the site and will help in the faster formation of the bump and drainage of the liquid from the boil.

In case the above natural home remedies are not able to provide relief from the boils, one should consult a medical practitioner; A doctor may prescribe an antibiotic, painkiller, antiseptic. The doctor may perform surgery in case the above treatments are not able to provide relief to the person.

Prevention of the boils:

Some of the steps that can help prevent the formation of boils around anus are:

  • Protection against sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Practising good hygienic practices, especially keeping the anal area clean and hygienic, this will help the infections away.
  • Eating habits: One should not use oily food and should drink plenty of water. This would help the area hydrated and would help in faster healing.
  • Fruits and fibrous food items should also be included in the diet to prevent constipation which would help to prevent any injury due to difficulty in bowel movement
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