Small Painful Bump on Finger: 9 Causes, 4 Treatments

Small Painful Bump on Finger can be really very painful and irritating. Let’s explore why it occurs and how to get rid of it.

Finger bumps or finger lumps are very common. How often you noticed the lumpy structure on your finger? Little sore bumps on finger, or blisters or tiny red bumpy structure on your finger is quite harmless. Yes, small bumps on fingers are harmless.

In fact, these bumps on fingers appear anywhere in your hands or fingers. We often tend to ignore the bumps unless it turns as a painful bump on finger. In fact, we are likely to notice the bumps on fingers that hurt only when it hurts badly. Is it dangerous? Not really. The tiny painful bumps on fingers are also harmless in most cases.

It can be a result of many skin conditions, from simple skin irritation, allergy to cancer. Do not panic. Cancer is just one of the indications of the small painful bump on finger, which is likely to appear as clusters of red, itchy, and painful bumps.

The bumps can be red, can be scaly, can be like a sore, can be pus-filled, can be itchy, and many more. While you can easily ignore a small painful bump on finger, sometimes it affects the daily activities. Let us see the most common causes of a small painful bump on finger.

Causes of the Small Painful Bump on Finger:

small painful bump on finger
Small painful bump on finger
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Hand Eczema:

Eczema is a skin condition, called atopic dermatitis. Hand eczema appears like swollen, red, crusty, scaly, and small bumps on fingers. It is common in children. It grows as a small painful bump on finger and aggravates into a cluster of bumps.

Dyshidrotic Eczema:

It is a type of eczema, similar to hand eczema. However, Dyshidrotic eczema affects both hand and feet. The small bumpy blisters grow on the soles of your feet and in palms and fingers. The small painful bump on finger also causes a lot of itching and filled with fluids.

It is triggered by many factors from a seasonal allergy to stress. This is very common in women. These are tiny painful bumps on fingers and often tend to itch a lot.

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Dyshidrotic eczema causes the bumps on finger that hurt a lot. The blisters dry it and peel in 3 to 4 weeks. The skin on your fingers beneath the small bumps on fingers become scaly, red, and pains a lot. Accompanied by constant itching, you tend to scratch the fingers, where the skin turns scaly.

It is not easy to ignore the small painful bump on finger when it aggravates into painful bumps on fingers that hurt badly making the skin scaly.

While Dyshidrotic eczema causes the painful bump on finger, we should not ignore the conditions that trigger it.

  • Too much stress
  • Prone to seasonal allergies
  • Risk or episodes of atopic dermatitis
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Exposure to chemicals, cement, etc
  • Receipt of intravenous immunoglobulin fluids as a part of any medical treatment
Stress Bumps on Hands:

Skin is the powerful receptor. Your emotions reflect in many ways in your skin. Stress causes a chemical response which reflects on your skin in multiple ways. If you are otherwise healthy, but prone to a lot of stress, it may cause small bumps on finger, which may or may not be painful.

Stress releases a chemical called cortisol. It makes your skin harder and leads to a breakout. It also triggers the oil glands in your skin to produce more oil, i.e. sebum. Oily skin produces more bumps.

Hand Dermatitis:

Dermatitis is an irritating skin problem that causes a lot of discomforts. Dermatitis often includes painful bumps on fingers, hands, palms, and back of the palms. Dermatitis may be acute or chronic. Acute hand dermatitis causes tiny painful bumps on finger, without any itchiness. The bumps may turn red and filled with fluid.

Chronic hand dermatitis grows from a small painful bump on finger to scaly, itchy, and fissuring bumps. It causes a lot of dryness and excessively scaling skin.

Heat bumps:

These are generally triggered by two types of heat. Don’t get confused. The heat or hot climate that surrounds as externally and the heat that generates from inside our body.

Extremely hot and dry climate causes tiny painful bumps on fingers that are usually filled with fluids. This is a seasonal condition and goes off upon exposure to a normal climate.

The food you eat, your lifestyle, and healthy practices also generate too much heat in the body. Heat is typically expelled through the skin. In most cases, too much body heat expels as a small painful bump on finger fluid.

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Generally, heat bumps are small bumps on fingers. Overtime, the heat bumps may turn red, and grow bigger.

Granuloma Annulare (Hard Lump):

Granuloma annulare is a rare skin disorder that causes tiny bumps or lesions in shape of a ring on hands and feet. These bumps on fingers are red, hard, and itchy. Since it is very rare, not many know what leads to granuloma annulare and how it is treated.

So, it is better left not to touch that small painful bump on finger. These sore bumps on fingers vanish away in a few weeks to a few months.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Not all bumps cause a lot of pain in your fingers. Some may cause mild pain; some may be painless. The same applies to bumps that do not cause itchiness. If the bump

When you notice the nodule like small bumps on finger, which may be painless or cause mild pain, without itchiness, it could be a sign of Rheumatoid arthritis. However, it usually occurs in the people aged 50 + years.

However, this small painful bump on finger accompanies other symptoms like inflammation of joints, lack of mobility, fatigue, mild fever, etc.


If you develop the small painful bump on finger in the joints of the finger, followed by the inflammation, it is an indication of the osteoarthritis.

Benign or Malignant Tumors:

Some bumps on fingers cause no pain, no itchiness, doesn’t grow and remains too quiet. The tiny bump may gradually turn a painless lump or mass in the fingers, which may indicate growth of a tumour, i.e. cancer.

However, not all tumours are cancers. It may be benign (a non-cancerous tumour) or malignant (cancerous), which is diagnosed based on biopsy.

Treatment for Small Painful Bump on Finger:

The major treatments for the small painful bump on finger involve prescription creams, steroids, phototherapy, and immunosuppressant medications.

While the doctors can easily diagnose the cause of the small painful bump on finger by physical examination, sometimes, biopsy becomes a necessity.

Prescription Creams:

In most cases, the small painful bump on finger is triggered by some kind of skin conditions. Be it eczema or dermatitis; it needs proper medication to clear away the painful bumps on fingers.

Mostly, a dermatologist prescribes emollients to use on the affected spot. It prevents your skin from dryness and gradually improves the symptoms.

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Steroid creams are prescribed by the dermatologists to reduce the inflammation, scaling, and irritation of the skin on your fingers.

These two external medications treat the small painful bump on finger in most cases. However, in aggravated conditions, these may not be efficient to treat the painful bumps on finger that hurt. In such cases, the following treatments come handy.


For most of the skin problems that doesn’t subside in the initial stages, phototherapy comes handy. It is nothing but the controlled exposure of the tiny painful bumps on finger to the UV light. It is easy to reach the affected spot, and this treatment turns out to be effective in treating the bumps on fingers.

Steroid Tablets:

When the condition does not improve, the doctors prescribe steroids for short-term use.

Immunosuppressant Medicines:

Immunosuppressant medicines are generally chosen as the final resort when all other treatment options failed. Our body has the natural defence mechanism called immune system. The body eliminates and tries to eliminate everything that is considered as a foreign object.

Sometimes, the medicines we require to cure certain conditions may turn out as an allergen or a foreign object to the immune system, which is eliminated. Malfunction of the immune system also aggravates this condition. So, immunosuppressant is prescribed by the doctors to take good control over the painful bumps on fingers. It includes both creams and tablets.

While the above-mentioned treatments form the major part of treatment for the small painful bump on finger, it also needs subsequent treatments to retain moisture, shrink the size of the bumps, reduce the itchiness, etc.

The doctors may prescribe the following to control the symptoms, which forms part of the treatment.

  1. Moisturizers to prevent the scaly skin. It is generally free from scent, fragrance, chemicals, and dyes. You have to apply it several times a day to keep the skin moistened.
  2. Petroleum jelly as a skin lubricant.
  3. Medicines or creams to relieve the itchiness.
  4. Anti-histamines to reduce the symptoms if the bumps are triggered as a response to the allergy.
  5. Corticosteroids to control the skin inflammation.

A small painful bump on finger is harmless. However, when the lump is seen for a longer time or continues to grow or spread, it indicates an underlying problem, which needs proper medical treatment.

Do not try to dry out the blisters or try to expel the fluids from the bumps on your own.

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