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Benefits of kokum/Garcinia Indica: Top 10 Benefits

Benefits of Kokum are countless. Kokum has many benefits over our skin, hair, and health. The Scientific name of kokum is Garcinia Indica. Kokum is also known with many other names in India like noni. It is called Bhirand in Konkani language, punarpuli or muragalu in Kannada. It is also called as Mangosteen fruit.

Kokum is mainly cultivated in India and its used in many cuisines all throughout India. It is used in cooking mainly due to its tangy flavor and its ability to impart a nice red color to the dish. It is also used in some other Asian countries.

Nowadays, people in other parts of the world are becoming very aware of this wonderful plant and they are also using it in a plethora of ways.

Benefits of kokum:

benefits of kokum

1. Benefits of kokum on heart:

Kokum has absolutely no fat and cholesterol at all. Heart diseases like atherosclerosis and heart attack are mainly caused due to the ill effects of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels. As kokum has no cholesterol, it is very effective in preventing heart diseases.

Kokum acts like a very good antioxidant. Antioxidants play a vital role in preventing many diseases including heart diseases. It is a good source of dietary potassium. Our heart requires potassium in good amounts to function properly. So, the potassium content of kokum maintains proper functioning of our heart muscles.

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2. Kokum as an antioxidant:

Kokum contains a high amount of vitamin C. This acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants play a vital role in preventing diseases like heart diseases, cancers and also protect our skin from aging.

All these diseases are caused due to free radicals in the body. Kokum fights against these free radicals and protects our body from many ailments. It delays aging and makes us look younger.

3. Benefits of kokum on digestive system:

Kokum enhances the health of our digestive system to a great extent. Digestive problems are very common amongst the people nowadays. It helps us in getting rid of constipation, flatulence, excessive bloating and indigestion or dyspepsia.

Kokum also helps to treat acidity or gastritis. When a mixture of Kokam, sugar, and salt is taken regularly, it helps in combating acidity or gastritis eventually. In order to get rid of flatulence, kokum is taken along with ginger and honey.

For getting rid of indigestion, kokum needs to be taken with black pepper powder. For getting rid of constipation, kokum needs to be taken daily at night before going to bed. Kokum even helps us in getting rid of dysentery.

4. Benefits of kokum for allergies:

Many people suffer from allergies these days. Allergies are being increasingly seen even amongst the kids. Kokam is very effective in fighting against allergies. If kokum is taken in diet regularly, you will not suffer from allergies like allergic rhinitis.

Some people develop rashes on the skin due to being allergic to food, drugs, or even due to viral infections. These rashes are called urticaria and they are extremely itchy. If kokum is boiled in water, cooled down and applied over these rashes, it helps in alleviating the symptoms of the rash.

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5. Benefits of kokum on brain:

People taking kokum regularly are very sharp and active. They also have a good memory power. Kokum fights free radicals due to its antioxidant properties. This antioxidant nature makes it very good for the brain. It protects the brain from harmful free radicals.

Kokum also stimulates the growth of nerve cells or neurons. If you take kokum regularly, you will definitely realize that your memory power is increasing day by day and you will appreciate the benefits of kokum.

6. Kokum for weight loss:

Kokum contains an active ingredient called hydroxy citric acid. It promotes the burning of fat. Normally, in our body excess carbohydrates or calories are converted into cholesterol or fat and they are stored in the adipose tissue. This makes people gain weight.

Kokum prevents the conversion of excess calories into fat. This aids in proper weight loss. Kokum also promotes the metabolism in the body which further enhances its weight reduction capabilities.

7. Benefits of kokum on immunity:

Kokum has a substance called Garcinol which is the main reason for its ability to boost immunity. Garcinol helps in killing bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the body due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Garcinol is a powerful antioxidant which also enhances the immunity of the body. According to studies, people who consume kokum regularly suffer from diseases less frequently.

8. Kokum cools down our body:

Our body suffers a lot due to the detrimental effects of sun and heat. It is known as the cool king of Indian fruits due to its cooling capabilities. Kokum cools down our body when it gets heated excessively. It protects us from sunburns, suntan, heatstroke and all the possible problems caused by sun exposure.

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You can also make kokum juice and drink it during hot summer months. It protects you from getting dehydrated due to the hot sun.

9. Kokum butter benefits for skin:

Kokum butter is a butter-like substance made from kokum fruit. It is a natural moisturizing agent. You can directly apply kokum butter over your face and body like a moisturizer. You can also use it to cure cracked heels and lips if you apply it over them regularly.

Kokum butter is also used in the manufacture of many cosmetic products like moisturizers, lip balms, etc. If you use kokum butter as a moisturizer, your skin will become soft and supple just like a baby.

10. Benefits of kokum butter for hair:

Kokum butter can be used to promote hair growth as well. You can use kokum butter for hair in many ways. Just mix some kokum butter with hair oil and apply it like a hair oil all over your scalp, hair and massage well. Then wait for half an hour and rinse your hair with shampoo.

You can use kokum like a hair conditioner after shampooing. You can use kokum to control frizzy hair. Whatever way you use kokum butter for hair, it promotes hair growth, nourishes hair from the roots, makes hair shiny, soft, smooth and easily manageable.

Some tips while taking kokum:

1. Kokam is a sour substance. It makes milk curdle. So, don’t take any milk products with kokum. There should be a gap of at least one hours before and after taking kokum.

2. Many people are not aware of how to use kokum in the diet. You can just use kokum instead of tamarind to make your rasam, sambar, in dals to bring out the tanginess. You can also make it into small pieces and add it to your salads. Kokum is definitely more healthy than tamarind. So, start using it regularly.


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    1. Hi Kunal,
      Kokum juice is really healthy and completely natural. It doesn’t need any recommendations of health consultants. People also include kokum in their diet regularly in many parts of India. Go ahead and drink it without any apprehensions.