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Navel oranges-Everything about these yummy Oranges

Navel orange, whenever I hear this word, my mouth starts watering. Navel oranges are absolutely delicious and you can never resist eating these oranges. Many people love this variety of oranges.

Yet, there are many other people who question “what is a navel orange?”. Our article is for such people who don’t know what a navel orange is. Do you know that there are 3 main varieties of oranges, the bitter oranges, the sweet oranges and the mandarins?

The sweet oranges are subdivided into three groups. They are the common oranges, blood oranges, and the Navel oranges. Do you know which type of orange is most widely available throughout the world?

Well, it’s the Valencia orange, the most popular orange variety that is used for juicing. The Navel oranges are really good to eat. Do you know why the Navel oranges are known with this name?

The Navel oranges have a small depression which appears like a human Navel at the stem end or the blossom end of the orange. This gives it the name of Navel orange. The skin or flesh of the Navel oranges is extremely easy to peel off. This makes them kid friendly too.

Where do you find Navel oranges?

navel orange

Well, there are many regions throughout the world where Navel oranges are grown. These oranges are very popular in the American countries. Some examples of such places where Navel oranges are grown are Brazil, Florida, Arizona, and California.

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Originally, Navel oranges were found in Brazil. Then, they were transported from Brazil to California in the 18th century. Nowadays, the export of foods including fruits is being done on a large scale, so these Navel oranges are also being sold in other countries across the globe.

Do Navel oranges have seeds?

This is one of the most common questions that many people ask me. The majority of oranges have seeds in them. Many people don’t like oranges just because of the excessive number of seeds contained in them.

But, Navel oranges are different. They are completely seedless. You can thoroughly enjoy the entire fruit of Navel orange without worrying about the seeds. The flesh or pulp of these oranges is very juicy, pulpy and extremely palatable.

Generally, Oranges are propagated through seeds or through cuttings. But, Navel oranges are seedless. So, they are propagated only through the cuttings.

How to consume Navel Oranges?

There are many ways in which you can eat Navel oranges. The possibilities of using them are endless. You can eat them directly and enjoy their juicy and tangy flavor as they are seedless. You can make a juice with them, although Valencia oranges better suit this purpose.

You can make jams from these lovely Navel oranges and store them You can add them to fruit salads, ice creams. You can blend them together with few other fruits to make a delicious, appetizing and healthy smoothie.

You can add these sweet oranges to your yogurt and enjoy a delicious treat. You can also add them to your bread, biscuits, and other baked foods. You can also add them to your vegetable salad and give a pleasant surprise to your family members.

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Nutritional value of Navel oranges:

The nutritional value of Navel oranges is similar to other oranges. The main difference between these oranges and the other oranges is the seedlessness and the ease of removal of the skin.

These oranges are rich in vitamin C just like the other type of citrus fruits. They contain many carotenoids like beta-carotene and lutein. These carotenoids act as antioxidants and protect us from the detrimental effects of the free radicals.

These carotenoids prevent various ailments in our body like the cancers, heart disorders, and the cognitive disorders.

These Navel oranges also contain many vitamins like vitamin B1 or thiamine, vitamin B2 or Riboflavin,vitamin B3 or niacin, vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid, vitamin B9 or folic acid, etc.

These oranges with Navel like center are also rich in many essential minerals like the calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, zinc, potassium and phosphorus.

All the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients present in the Navel oranges maintain healthy bodily functions.

Some fact about Navel oranges:

Do you know in which seasons these Navel oranges are available in the market? They are available from winter to the spring seasons.

There are almost 50 varieties of Navel oranges. The most common variety of Navel orange available in the market is Washington Navel orange.

There are much more varieties of Navel oranges like the Cara Cara orange, Fukumoto orange, Riverside orange, Lane late orange, Robertson orange, Bahia orange, Dream Navel orange, etc.

You have seen all about the wonderful and delicious Navel oranges. Have you ever eaten these oranges? What is your favorite type of Navel orange? Do share your opinion about these oranges with us.

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