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17 Endoflex essential oil benefits you never knew

Endoflex essential oil has many benefits ranging from boosting energy levels to regulating the endocrine system which is a pivotal system in the body. Endoflex essential oil is being used by many people across the world to get relief from various health ailments and to become healthy and fit.

Essential oils are used by many people to control their health problems. Some of the most common essential oils used by people are geranium essential oil, ylang-ylang essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, etc. But many people are not aware of this wonderful endoflex essential oil and its numerous health benefits.

Endoflex essential oil is the mixture of seven types of oils. They are the sesame seed oil which is used as a base, geranium essential oil, nutmeg essential oil, spearmint leaf oil, sage leaf oil, myrtle leaf oil and German chamomile oil.

Now you might understand that Endoflex essential oil is very healthy due to its highly beneficial ingredients. All the essential oils that are a part of Endoflex essential oil have their own health benefits.

Health benefits of Endoflex essential oil:

endoflex essential oil

Endoflex essential oil has several health benefits that are seen on many different systems of our body. Let us explore all such health benefits of endoflex essential oil in detail.

1. Strengthens the endocrine organs:

The endocrine system plays a pivotal role in maintaining a proper body metabolism. Any defect in the endocrine system leads to many health problems that are unbearable and troublesome.

Endocrine system has many parts or organs like the Thyroid, Parathyroid, adrenal glands, Pancreas, Pineal glands, Pituitary glands, etc. Endoflex essential oil can stimulate all the organs or parts of the endocrine system and help them function normally.

2. Good for Thyroid problems:

The thyroid gland is a part of the endocrine system that is very important to maintain our body functions. It plays a role in controlling our weight, energy levels, heat production in the body, stamina, our menstrual cycle, etc.

Hyperactive thyroid and underactive thyroid, thyroid gland function in any abnormal way is not good for our health. Excess thyroid hormone production or hyperthyroidism has many symptoms like the absence of menstruation in girls, weight loss, heat intolerance, etc.

Less thyroid hormone production or hypothyroidism can lead to symptoms like weight gain or obesity, menorrhagia or heavy menstrual bleeding, cold intolerance, fatigue, lack of energy, etc.

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Endoflex essential oil helps to regulate the functions of the thyroid gland and bring the production of thyroid hormone to the normal limits. It is useful for people suffering from Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, and even Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, a type of autoimmune disorder causing inflammation or swelling of the thyroid gland and then hypothyroidism as a consequence.

It can also reduce the neck puffiness or swelling that is seen in people suffering from having a underactive thyroid gland.

People suffering from any type of Thyroid problem can benefit by using endoflex essential oil in addition to their regular medications or drugs. But, make sure you use endoflex essential oil only as a supplement and not as a monotherapy for controlling your symptoms.

3. Boosts energy levels:

Nowadays life has become very competitive. We always need to be on our toes and work efficiently to survive in our workplace. We need to be active even to work in our own home. Having adequate energy levels is a prerequisite to excel in our work.

Endoflex essential oil boosts our energy levels. It relieves us from all the fatigue or tiredness that we experience. You will feel rejuvenated and fresh after using it.

4. Relieves stress:

Stress is the major causative factor for various diseases. Stress can adversely affect our heart, brain, endocrine system, etc. Today, many people are dying from heart attacks and stroke, just due to the stress that modern world is bestowing on us.

We need to follow certain stress relieving techniques like yoga, walking, watching comedy shows, etc to stay fit and to prevent diseases. Using Endoflex essential oil should be made a part of your stress relaxation regimen.

Many people who have used endoflex essential oil feel that their stress levels have reduced significantly after using it for few days. They feel that their levels of irritability and fatigue have also come down. They feel more energetic and happy after using endoflex essential oil.

5. Reduces hot flashes or hot flushes:

Menopause is the complete cessation of menstruation in a woman. It generally occurs in women who are older than 45 years of age. Menstruation ceases to occur due to the hormonal changes in the body.

These hormonal changes also produce many unwanted symptoms in the woman in addition to the cessation of menses like hot flashes or hot flushes, mood swings, dryness of vagina, etc. Women of both premenopausal years and postmenopausal years suffer from hot flashes.

Generally, women need to take hormone replacement therapy or HRT consisting of estrogen and progesterone hormone to control the menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. But these hormones have their own side effects like increasing the risk of breast cancer when used for prolonged periods.

So, alleviation of these menopausal symptoms using natural therapies is becoming the need of the day. Endoflex essential oil is really beneficial in controlling these hot flashes. Many women who use this endoflex essential oil for some days report a significant alleviation in their hot flashes.

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6. Reduces dark circles:

Eyes make us look very attractive. People with good eyes appear very beautiful. Dark circles under the eyes make us lose the spark from our eyes. They make our face look really dull and unpleasing.

Dark circles can form due to various reasons like high levels of stress, thyroid problems, etc. Endoflex essential oil helps us get relieved from stress, makes us rejuvenated and also controls our thyroid problems. It helps in reducing dark circles by controlling its causative factors.

7. Reduces insomnia:

Many people suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. It can be caused b y various reasons like stress, anxiety, depression or even due to medical disorders. Having adequate sleep is absolutely essential for us to work normally and maintain proper health.

If we don’t sleep properly, we tend to remain inactive the next day. We can’t concentrate on our work. We feel tired, fatigued and sleepy during the daytime. Endoflex essential oil when used before going to bed, makes you feel very relaxed and gives you a good night’s sleep.

You can surely alleviate your insomnia by suing endoflex essential oil regularly. You will sleep just like a baby after using it.

8. Reduces peeling of skin:

Some people suffer from peeling of skin from around their nails and cuticles. This can feel very painful. The skin around the nails becomes very rough due to this peeling off. Some women have reported that endoflex essential oil has been beneficial in reducing the peeling of the skin around the nails and cuticles.

9. Reduces Premenstrual syndrome symptoms:

Premenstrual syndrome is also known as PMS. It is a group of symptoms that occur 2 to 3 days before the start of menses in many women. It is caused due to hormonal changes.

PMS or premenstrual syndrome causes many symptoms like abdominal pain or cramps, bloating of abdomen, heaviness in the lower abdomen, feeling very depressed, dull and gloomy, heaviness in the breasts, etc.

Relaxation techniques help these women suffering from PMS to some extent. Aromatherapy with endoflex essential oil is one such measure you can incorporate in your routine to get relief from PMS or premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

10. Strengthens adrenal glands:

Adrenal glands are located just above our kidneys. So, they are called suprarenal glands. They produce many important hormones like corticosteroids, catecholamines, etc. Abnormal functioning of this gland can lead to many health disorders. Endoflex essential oil stimulates this gland and helps it to function properly.

Abnormal functioning of this gland can lead to many health disorders. Endoflex essential oil stimulates this gland and helps it to function properly.

11. Help in weight loss:

You might be struggling to lose weight. Then try to use endoflex essential oil along with healthy eating and exercises. This oil boosts your metabolism and helps you to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner.

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12. Maintains a healthy liver:

The liver is a very important part of our body. It plays a vital role in detoxifying our body. Liver diseases can prove to be fatal. Endoflex essential oil helps in promoting the function of the liver and enhance the detoxifying properties of the liver.

13. Antimicrobial properties:

Endoflex essential oil has very effective antimicrobial properties. It can kill various harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It helps in keeping our respiratory tract healthy and free of pathogenic microbes. It also prevents infections of various other body parts.

14. Good for men with prostate problems:

We have seen that endoflex essential oil is highly beneficial for women to get rid of PMS symptoms and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. But, do you know that endoflex essential oil is really helpful for men too? It helps men who suffer from prostate problems like BPH or benign prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis, etc.

But, do you know that endoflex essential oil is really helpful for men too? It helps men who suffer from prostate problems like BPH or benign prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis, etc.

15. Detoxifies your body:

Accumulation of toxins in the body can lead to many ailments affecting liver, heart, kidneys, etc. So, it is absolutely essential for us to detoxify ourselves regularly. Endoflex essential oil is very effective in detoxification.

16. Gets rid of free radicals:

Free radicals are produced in the body as a result of the metabolic processes. They are very harmful and they can damage any part of our body. They are implicated in causing heart disorders, brain diseases, etc.

We need to take antioxidant substances regularly to fight these harmful free radicals. Some essential oils which are part of endoflex essential oil have antioxidant properties. So, this oil helps us to get rid of free radicals.

17. Promotes digestion:

Digestive problems like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, etc are very troublesome. Endoflex essential oil plays an important role in promoting digestion and making our digestive system healthy.

How to use endoflex essential oil:

You can use endoflex essential oil is many different ways. You can apply endoflex essential oil inside the cheek. You can rub this oil over the skin over the adrenal glands, over the skin over the thyroid gland, etc.

You can apply endoflex essential oil over your wrists, over your ankles, etc. You can add few drops of this amazing oil over some flowers and place them beside your bed. You can dip a cotton ball in endoflex essential oil and inhale the aroma of this oil.

You can sprinkle few drops of this oil over your clothes. There are unlimited possibilities and ways to use endoflex essential oil in your daily lie. Just spark your creativity to find the ways of using this oil. But, remember to use this oil in only limited quantities.

Also, test if this endoflex essential oil suits you by using only a small amount in the beginning. You have seen all the health benefits of endoflex essential oil. I hope you use this oil and enjoy its numerous benefits.

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