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11 Health benefits of Strawberries you shouldn’t ignore

Health benefits of Strawberries are innumerable. Strawberries are extremely delicious and they are amongst the favorite fruits of many people throughout the world. Small kids adore the bright red color and the sweet taste of strawberries.

The scientific name of strawberry is Fragaria ananassa. It belongs to the genus Fragaria and family Rosaceae. Apple, apricots, plums, raspberries, pears, peaches and cherries also belong to the same family.

When I was a kid, I used to fight with my cousins and siblings to get hold of these mouth watering Strawberries. Apart from the excellent taste of these fruits, they enhance our health and beauty in numerous ways.

Strawberries have many health benefits like reducing the inflammation, protecting the heart from many ailments, prevention of cancers, strengthen our immune functions, relieve joint disorders like gout and arthritis and improve the cognitive functions. [1]

Many of us suffer from obesity or excessive weight. Strawberries also help in weight loss and reduction of bad cholesterol. They also make us look beautiful by solving all of our skin care problems. They also make our hair healthy and strong.

Nutritional value of strawberries:

Strawberries have high nutritive value. [2] They are rich in a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals which are absolutely essential to make us healthy. The calorie content of strawberries is relatively low, which makes them really weight loss friendly food. About 100 grams of strawberries contain only 33-kilo calories, which is comparatively low. The content of fat in these fruits is also low.

Strawberries have many different types of vitamins in them like vitamin B1 or Thiamine, vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, vitamin B3 or Niacin, vitamin B5 or Pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine, vitamin B9 or Folic acid, Vitamin E or Tocopherol, vitamin K or naphthoquinone, vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

The vitamin C content of strawberries is very high. It constitutes about 70% of the RDA or recommended daily intake. Strawberries are also rich in many different minerals essential for the body like iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc.

The important polyphenols present in strawberries are flavonoids, phenolic acids, and fisetin. The flavonoids like anthocyanins and flavonols which are a part of the strawberries play a crucial role in regulating various bodily functions.

Health benefits of strawberries:

health benefits of strawberries

There are many different benefits of incorporating strawberries in our diet regularly. These benefits can be seen over each and every organ of the body including our skin and hair. Let us look at all the different health benefits that strawberries bestow on us.

1. Anti-Inflammatory properties:

Inflammation is the root cause of many different chronic health ailments like arthritis and gout. These joint disorders are highly debilitating and limit the range of movement of the hands and legs. They are also extremely painful.

Even many disorders of the intestine are also caused due to the inflammatory processes. Inflammation is the another name of swelling and it can affect any part of the body. The flavonoids like anthocyanins and flavonols which are present in the strawberries play a vital role in curbing the inflammation and its associated diseases. [3] 

The phytochemicals in the strawberries also reduce the oxidative stress and this also plays an important role in alleviating the inflammation. People suffering from arthritis and gout should regularly consume strawberries to reduce the intensity of these diseases.

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2. Lower cholesterol:

High levels of cholesterol in the body are extremely hazardous. High lipid content can be caused by dietary habits of the people and also due to hereditary lipid metabolism disorders that are inherited from the parents.

High cholesterol content can lead to the development of atherosclerosis which causes blockage of the arteries supplying various vital organs like heart and brain. This, in turn, leads to heart attack or myocardial infarction, stroke, kidney failure, etc.

According to a research study conducted on animals [4], the Fisetin, an essential bioflavonoid present in the strawberries can lower the levels of many different harmful lipids like LDL or low-density lipoproteins, VLDL or high-density lipoproteins and total cholesterol.

They can also increase the levels of HDL or high-density lipoproteins which are good or helpful for our body. Also, another study [5] demonstrated the ability of freeze-dried strawberries to lower the cholesterol levels like LDL, VLDL, and triglycerides in the human population.

3. Reduces high blood pressure:

High blood pressure can be really detrimental to our health. Hypertension is one of the most commonly found diseases amongst the people worldwide. We need to control our blood pressure very tightly to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to conditions like hypertensive retinopathy leading to blindness, a hemorrhagic stroke which can paralyze us and also heart attack. Sodium is a mineral which leads to water retention in the body and increasing the blood pressure.

Strawberries are rich in potassium. This mineral counters the activity of sodium and prevents the storage of excess water in the blood vessels. This helps in reducing high blood pressure or hypertension. Strawberries also reduce cholesterol and prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels which are also one of the causes of high blood pressure.

4. Good for Diabetes:

Diabetes is another disease which is seen in every household. At least a person in each family is suffering from Diabetes these days. Diabetes can result in many complications in the long term like kidney failure, blindness, nerve problems, skin disorders, etc.

So, it’s absolutely essential to keep our blood glucose levels within limits always. Strawberries can control the blood glucose levels by various mechanisms. Insulin is the hormone in the body responsible for sending the glucose from the blood into the cells and reducing the blood glucose levels.

Some people suffer from insulin resistance which leads to elevated blood sugar levels and Diabetes. As per a study [6], the substances like anthocyanins and pelargonidin in the strawberries were really effective in reducing the insulin resistance and thereby reducing the blood glucose levels.

Also according to another study [7], the Fisetin in strawberries can prevent the glucose production from the liver or the hepatic gluconeogenesis. This also reduces blood glucose levels.

A study [8] showed that the consumption of strawberries before a meal is advantageous in controlling blood glucose levels in comparison to consuming strawberries after a meal.

Strawberries also delay the digestion of the food and reduce the absorption of the sugars from various foods including strawberries. This also helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in the Diabetic people. [9]

Anthocyanins inhibit the activity of enzymes like alpha-glucosidase and ellagitannins reduce the activity of enzymes like alpha amylase which digest the food. [10] This helps in prevention of blood glucose spikes after eating a diet rich in starch.

Another study has proven the efficacy of strawberry leaves in preventing the complications of Diabetes like Diabetic nephropathy. [11] Diabetic nephropathy is a condition which leads to kidney failure, hypertension, loss of proteins in the urine, etc. Consumption of strawberries and also the leaves of strawberries can protect the people suffering from Diabetes from kidney problems or complications.

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5. Protects the heart:

The heart is a vital organ of our body. All our bodily functions are heavily dependent on receiving an appropriate blood supply from the heart. High levels of cholesterol, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure are some factors which cause heart diseases.

The above-mentioned factors or risk factors lead to the damage of arteries resulting in the formation of plaques or clots in the blood vessels. This results in the blockage of the blood vessels and impairs the blood supply to the heart.

Atherosclerotic plaques ultimately result in heart attack or myocardial infarction. The antioxidant compounds present in the strawberries also help in the prevention of the heart disorders. [12]

6. Promote eye health:

Have you ever heard of free radicals? These substances are produced in the body due to various metabolic processes. Free radicals play an important role in the development of many diseases. They can even lead to the development of cancers. Free radicals also damage our eyes.

Free radicals can lead to the formation of eye diseases like macular degeneration, cataract or the formation of an opaque layer over the lens and also vision problems. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C which is a very good antioxidant.

Antioxidants like vitamin C fight the free radicals which damage our body and the eyes. They prevent the development of eye diseases and improve our eyesight. They enhance the function of cells of the retina and optic nerve and helps in promoting vision.

Strawberries can also regulate the ocular pressure or the pressure within the eyes. This helps to prevent diseases like Glaucoma which are associated with high intraocular pressure.

7. Boost immunity:

Having a good immune system is absolutely essential to fight all the infections that attack our body. Having a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals forms the base of a healthy immune system. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C. 100 grams of Strawberries have vitamin C, which is equivalent to the recommended daily intake of 70%. In simple words, 100 grams of strawberries supply 70% of our bodily needs of vitamin C.

This vitamin C content of strawberries enhances the immunity. They help in the formation of protective antibodies that fight the infections. Due to their vitamin C content, strawberries can highly effective in fighting cold and flu.

They also fight the free radicals damaging our body in various ways and protect us from cancers, heart ailments, and brain disorders.

8. Prevent cancers:

Strawberries have many ingredients which act as potent anti-cancer agents. The consumption of strawberries regularly helps in prevention of many different types of cancers. According to a study [13], the Anthocyanins in strawberries could kill the colon cancer cells by a process called apoptosis or programmed cell death.

Research suggests that the Strawberry extracts containing anthocyanins can be developed as good anti-cancer treatments in the future. The phenolic extracts of strawberries could also control the multiplication of the cervical cancer cells according to another study. [14]

Ellagic acid, a flavonoid polyphenol found in many different fruits like strawberries can kill the breast cancer cells and prevent their growth and multiplication. [15] Strawberries can also prevent the development of colon cancer by regulating the cancer signaling pathways in the body. [16] Kaempferol, a polyphenol present in strawberries can cause the cell cycle arrest of the cancer cells and thereby prevent the growth of colon cancer. [17]

In addition to prevention of the growth and multiplication of the cancer cells, the strawberry extracts containing polyphenols also prevent the distant spread or the metastasis of the cancer cells.

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9. Improve cognitive functions:

All the cognitive functions like memory, calculation, logic, etc are controlled by the brain. Any minor damage to the brain or the disruption of the chemical signaling pathways in the brain can lead to decreased cognitive functions.

Free radicals play an important role in damaging our brain and causing degenerative diseases of the brain. These diseases can impair our memory and lead to memory. Memory loss can be really horrible symptoms which can be understood only by the people who experience it.

Strawberries contain antioxidants like vitamin C which fight the free radicals and prevent the development of degenerative disorders. Have you ever heard that deficiency of iodine in the diet causes mental retardation and low IQ?

This is the reason for the fortification of the salt with iodine. Strawberries are also a good source of iodine which promotes the function of our brain. Strawberries also contain many other vitamins and minerals like potassium which stimulate the function of our brain.

10.Benefits of strawberries for skin:

In addition to the health benefits of strawberries, there are many benefits of strawberries for our skin. Strawberries contain vitamin C which acts as an excellent antioxidant. Free radicals also damage our skin and lead to premature aging, fine lines, dark spots, etc.

The antioxidants in strawberries fight the free radicals damaging the skin and prevent premature aging. In addition to consuming strawberries, you can also use strawberries as part of a face mask or other beauty products like a toner to improve the beauty of your skin.

A face mask made with strawberry, honey and rose water can help you to get rid of all the dark spots on your face. It also stimulates the blood supply to your skin and supplies vital nutrients to your skin and nourishes it.

Strawberry face mask can also help you to get rid of acne or pimples, tighten your skin and make you fairer or enhance your skin tone or complexion.

You can also use strawberries as part of natural toner made at home or also buy toners containing strawberries as one of their ingredients. It balances the pH of the skin very well and also makes your skin soft and supple.

The anthocyanins in strawberries protect your skin from the damage caused by sun exposure or ultraviolet rays exposure. The strawberry face mask can also reduce dark circles and puffiness under your eyes and make your eyes look more attractive.

11. Benefits of strawberries for hair:

Having lustrous, thick and healthy tresses is every woman’s dream. It requires taking a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Free radicals generated in the body can also damage our hair and make it rough, and shine less or dull.

The vitamin C content of strawberries fights the free radicals damaging our hair and makes it healthy, shiny and thick.

You can also add strawberry pulp to olive oil or coconut oil and massage the hair before having head bath or washing your hair. This helps in making your hair thicker, shiny and stronger. It also helps in the alleviation of hair fall. Strawberry hair oil massage also helps in reducing dandruff on the hair and scalp.

You have seen all the health benefits of strawberries. You can use them in jams, smoothies, milkshakes, baking biscuits, cakes, desserts, fruit salads, jellies, ice creams and in many other creative ways. Just share with us the ways in which you use strawberries in your diet.

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