Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Dangle Earrings

These are long and elaborately detailed earpieces one usually wears on special occasions. They extend beyond your earlobe and are extremely famous for their ornate design language. Most dangle earrings incorporate unique designs that look amazing when worn. One can frequently find different celebrities and artists wearing these with their luxury gowns.

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These earpieces are popular among women, especially for parties and public events. Regardless of whether you pair them with whatever outfit combination, they vastly enhance your glamour factor. They bring that dramatic look and make every dress look bold and mesmerizing.

Dangle earpieces usually extend below one’s ears and draw significant attention to the neck and collarbone area. One cannot deny how luscious and sensual they look, adding to the overall beauty of the outfit. The lengths and widths of these earrings vary in size, depending on the particular style it holds. While some end below the earlobes, others move down further by another inch or more. The most gorgeous of them all are the ones that go down up to the shoulders.

How to choose earpieces that suit you?

1. Match with Your Face Shape

One should always buy jewelry that matches their face shape and style. Finding such a pair will flatter your look and make you look alluring even in a crowd. That stand-out attention comes from buying dangle earpieces that define your face cut. Opposite to popular belief, there is literally no one-for-all style and type of jewelry. Here are some examples that might help one understand what’s best for them.

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For Long-cut faces

Those having a long-cut face and wearing long and extended dangle earpieces might make their face look even longer. To balance the overall look, short and small earpieces just look perfect on their faces.

For Round-shaped faces

Women having round-shaped faces should not think much while choosing dangle earpieces. They can grab any long dangle earrings because they will perfectly balance the overall look. Avoid wearing hoop earpieces as they might tend to make you look odd.

For Oval-shaped faces

Having an oval-shaped face also does not need much to think about when buying dangling earrings. One can grab triangular ones as they suit the best with oval-cut faces. Pair them with your favorite party outfit, and you are good to go.

For Heart-shaped faces

Those with a heart-shaped face usually have a wider forehead, narrowing down towards the chin area. If you have such a face type, you need jewelry that makes your face look more symmetrical and elegant. Go for a pair of dangling chandelier-type earpieces.

2. Match with Your Bone Structure

While choosing earpieces, one needs to consider different aspects to ensure that their purchased ones look magnificent on them. Just like the face cut, the bone structure also matters when buying earrings.

Those with small, fine bone structures should prefer gold earpieces to complement their beauty. For them, small and subtle dangling earpieces make the best option instead of large or bulkier ones. The heavy-styled ones might look bulky on your face.

Women having a medium bone structure usually look fantastic in both subtle and oversized styles of earpieces. These earpieces have much finer detailing, which further enhance your look.

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Lastly, those having even more solid and distinct bone structures should definitely go for the big ones. Anything that looks opulent, classy, and bulky will look perfect on them.

3. Match with the Venue and Occasion

It is crucial to wear earpieces that suit the particular venue and the occasion. Wearing chandelier earpieces to the office might be a bit too much for your overall attire to match. It might even leave you feeling uncomfortable the whole day at work. But, for any special occasion like a wedding reception or an office party, one should let the bling shine on the dangle earrings. Heavy hoops, drop cluster earpieces, or even long pink and blue sapphire ones do the job.

You need to understand the practicality of wearing these long jewelry pieces on your ears. They might get snagged, pulled, or make it uncomfortable for you in that place. For example, if you are going to exercise, do some babysitting, or even do everyday work, dangling earrings are not the best option.

4. Match with Your Dressing Style

It is not mandatory for every woman to have a feminine personality. Therefore, while flaunting an earpiece, it is always important to feel comfortable in whatever jewelry you wear. Besides, your purchased jewelry should also match your personality, considering how there are so many options today.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to dangle earrings, there are plenty of variations both in design and style. While some have a single strand and look considerably subtle, others have multiple ones. These should be worn based on your dressing preferences and, of course, the event.

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