First Time Visitor to Schaumburg? This Travel Guide Is for You!

Schaumburg, IL, is a suburban city about 30 miles west of Chicago. It’s a bustling city filled with restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and nightlife. Schaumburg also offers plenty of nature, including beautiful parks, and is home to several museums. Schaumburg is a great city to visit all year round; it’s even got its own unique amusement park, Medieval Times Schaumburg. This post will cover some of the most existing things you can do while in this beautiful town.

First Time Visitor to Schaumburg. This Travel Guide Is for You
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Take Advantage Of The Food Scene

With such a long history of immigration and its proximity to the sprawling metropolis of Chicago, Schaumburg is bustling with lots of eateries ready for you to take advantage of. Nevertheless, due to the sheer amount of good food on offer, you will have to consider where you spend your time carefully.

Many of the best restaurants in Schaumburg are those that cater to traditional Midwestern fare, and as such, you can expect lots of grills and as much food as you could possibly desire! There is also a wide range of restaurants that cater specifically to families, making it ideal if you are traveling together. You also have access to some seriously top-notch seafood grills serving the fruits of the sea (or lake in this case) that have been freshly caught from the nearby Lake Michigan.

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Catch A Game At Schaumburg Boomers Stadium

There is nothing quite like watching a live baseball match, and Schaumburg Boomers Stadium is no different. It is a state-of-the-art stadium with all of the amenities you would expect from a professional sports venue. It has an impressive list of features that make it an ideal place for families, couples, and friends to enjoy watching a game together. The stadium also offers fun activities before and after games, such as batting cages, batting practice, walking tours of the stadium, and more, making it a great day out alone or with the family.

Visit Schaumburg Township District Library

Although a library might not seem like a must-do activity when on vacation, Schaumburg Township District Library is a fantastic building in a beautiful setting. You can spend a few hours to an entire day perusing through the thousands of books and other educational amenities. Additionally, there are regular events throughout the year that cater to children and adults and range from pop-up book shops where you find interesting books to classes where you can learn many different things. If you are on vacation, it is wise to check out which events will be available when you’re there and choose accordingly.

Check Out The Trickster Art Gallery

The Trickster Art Gallery is a popular spot in Schaumburg that features a wide range of artists and exhibits. The gallery showcases artwork from local and international artists and hosts various events such as art workshops, artist talks, live performances, and more. There are also permanent exhibits showcasing reams of Native American culture regarding the natives that previously inhabited the area before colonization.

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Explore The Athenaeum International Sculpture Park

On the grounds of the Schaumburg Municipal Complex, you can view sculptures from The Chicago Athenaeum’s extensive collection of contemporary sculptures. Architect and artist Ioannis Karalias designed this garden 20 years ago. Sculptures are placed in the parks within the natural confines of the native Midwest prairie, making this activity a full-day excursion. You can take your time walking in and around some fantastic sculptures built by a range of international and domestic artists.

Go Medieval!

As you might infer from its name, Schaumburg was primarily settled by people from Germany (primarily Lower Saxony). As such, it has a deep connection to the history of that region, including all things medieval! The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Schaumburg is a fun evening out for the whole family. This event features live jousting, a medieval marketplace, and delicious food. A medieval feast is served in the form of a three-course meal with options for both meat and vegetarian dishes. Various drinks are also available for purchase at the bar, or wait staff can bring you your favorite beverage.

Visit The Olde Schaumburg Center Farmers’ Market

The Olde Schaumburg Farmers’ Market provides an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables for shoppers to purchase. The market is a popular destination for those who want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. They also offer homemade baked goods, flowers, plants, and other items that are hard to find anywhere else. Nowadays, most of the produce is artisanal in nature, and you can find a vast selection of foods that will delight and inevitably make you move your belt up a few notches!

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Visit The Olde Schaumburg Center Farmers’ Market
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Schaumburg is a quaint town very close to Chicago, making it a quiet getaway that also happens to be chocked full of exciting things to see and do. When you are here, there are many things to do, from filling yourself up with world-class cuisine to visiting an internationally-renowned sculpture park.

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