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10+ Guanabana fruit or Graviola Health Benefits you never knew

Guanabana fruit aka Graviola is a prickly green fruit, notable for its anti-cancer properties. It is grown in the tropical regions. Also called soursop, the tropical fruit looks spiny on the outside but tastes sweet. It is a fruit, used as a significant ingredient to sweets, and also considered a medicine.

The whole tree can be used as a medicine. Think about the edible part! It is more like an anti-pill. For several centuries, people used fruits and leaves of this tree to boost immunity, to reduce fever, to improve digestion, and many more.

Guanabana fruit has been used as the base for ice creams, sweet foods, cakes, syrups, and beverages in the South American regions. Guanabana fruit has a long history of ancient medications and herbal treatments. The fruit has naturally occurring compounds, rich in nutrients and packed with medicinal properties.

The health benefits of guanabana fruit are interlinked with one another. Let us explore the health benefits of guanabana fruit.

Nutritious value of guanabana fruit:

guanabana fruit
Guanabana fruit
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The fruit is reputable for its nutritive value. It has power nutrients and phytonutrients. Power nutrients are vitamins and minerals. Phytonutrients are organic compounds of the fruits. It battles against the cells that cause diseases, from infection to a tumour.

The fruit has a strong flavour of pineapple.

  • Packed with vitamin C
  • Rich in vitamin B complex
  • A fibre-rich fruit
  • Rich in minerals – Potassium, magnesium, and iron
  • A low-calorie fruit

Key nutrients behind the potential health benefits of this super fruit are vitamin C and antioxidants. Vitamin C is an immune booster, and an antioxidant itself.

Guanabana Health Benefits or Soursop Fruit Benefits:

Anti-Cancer Fruit:

The primary reason that threw light on guanabana fruit is its anti-cancer properties. Many research centres and medical researchers conducted extensive studies on Graviola as a method of cancer treatment. You would be surprised to know that guanabana fruit has already received a positive response.

As one of the alternative cancer treatments, the fruit shows positive response in the treatment of breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and pancreatic cancer. The organic compounds of the Graviola fruit also help prevention of cancer.

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Acetogenins is one of the compounds in guanabana fruit. Based on a few research studies, the fruit and leaves of Graviola show the inhibition of cancer cells. Doesn’t it sound promising?

It destroys the cancer cells. Unlike chemo, your healthy cells remain intact and untouched. How beautiful it is that the fruit selectively removes the tumours!

Although the research about the effect of Graviola in cancer treatment is limited, many studies revealed the potential of guanabana fruit to treat cancer.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center conducts a study on the effectiveness of Graviola extracts to treat pancreatic cancer. The result is promising. It reduces the cancer cells.

The growth of cancer cells is rapid and dramatic. So, cancer cells absorb more glucose. This study revealed that guanabana extract inhibits the absorption of glucose. It makes cancer cells starve for glucose and prevents the growth of a tumour.

How does it work as an alternative cancer treatment?

  • Reduces the size of the cancer cells
  • Eliminates and destroys the cancer cells
  • Control the oxidative damage to cells which triggers the growth of cancer cells
  • Stops the growth/spread of cancer cells
  • Improve the immune activity
  • Doesn’t affect the healthy cells in your body
Loaded with Antioxidants:

The significant benefits of guanabana fruit come from its antioxidant properties. The role of antioxidants in your body is crucial. Lack of antioxidants invites a lot of discomforts, which may affect common functionalities of your body.

Oxidation stress affects every cell in your body. It leads to free radicals, causing ageing, pain, inflammation, lowering immunity and many more. Besides, oxidation is likely to be one of the major causes that trigger the growth of tumour cells.

  • It diminishes the risk of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, chronic conditions, etc.
  • Prevent cell damages
  • Destroys the free radicals
  • Enhances the longevity
  • Makes you look and stay young
Immune Booster:

A healthy immune system is an essential component of your life. It’s like a foundation. You can boost your immunity by adding soursop in your diet. When you mean immune booster, the fruit enhances the complete immunity inclusive of the vital organs.

Reduces Inflammation:

Many abnormalities in the body interlink with one another. An inflammatory response in the body triggers a lot of diseases. It disturbs the harmony of the body’s systems. Further, it causes havoc in the cells and tissues, dysfunction, ineffective functions of the organs etc.

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In many cases, inflammation or swelling is a naturally occurring response to injury. However, it is the same with chronic inflammation. It could invite diseases. Whether it is injury related inflammation or chronic swelling, guanabana fruit improves the condition.

Guanabana fruit counteracts with the inflammation. The abundant antioxidants in the fruit feed the body and neutralise the damages. The fruit protects and prevents from oxidative damages, which reduces and treats inflammation.

The anti-inflammatory properties help with many ailments. It is incredibly beneficial to arthritis people.

  • It is highly efficient in reducing pain and swelling of gout, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.
  • Enhances flexibility and easy mobility
  • Reduces pain and discomfort caused due to swelling
  • Soothes the muscles
Improves Respiratory Health:

Guanabana fruit supports different systems in your body. If you suffer from frequent cold, cough, sneeze, allergy, and or other respiratory problems, Graviola helps you. It soothes the irritation, reduces the congestion and clears out the airway path for better sleep. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties treat respiratory problems.

  • Guanabana fruit eliminates mucus and phlegm.
  • It reduces the inflammation of the nasal and throat cavities.
  • It prevents snoring.
Treat Infections:

Infections are not uncommon. The microbial properties of the guanabana fruit treat bacterial, viral and parasitic infections. You can recover from a cough, flu, viral fever, herpes, malaria and even moderately severe infections like leishmaniasis. The fruit triggers the immune system and fights against the microbes that intrude the body.

Prevents and Improves Diabetes:

Diabetes has become the most common autoimmune disorder. Characterized by high blood sugar levels, it has no permanent cure. Guanabana fruit can help controlling diabetes.

A test was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of Graviola for diabetics, in rats. The rats were placed in the sterile environment. After injection of Graviola extract in the pancreatic islet of the rats, they were monitored for a week. It showed a significant modification in insulin levels.

The study is further expanded to conduct a trial in humans.

The fruit is also beneficial in another way. The active compounds in this fruit inhibit the enzymes which trigger blood glucose level.  Your body will become more receptive or responsive to insulin. The risk factors attached to type 2 diabetes is also controlled.

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Improves the Gastrointestinal Health:

Another exciting benefit of guanabana fruit is its role in the digestive system. As stated earlier, for decades, Graviola was used as a remedy for dysentery and scurvy. Vitamin C is the vital nutrient. The fruit had a creamy texture and loaded with fibre. It has the diuretic effect and cleanses your gut. It also removes the worms and parasites from intestines, which enhances your gastrointestinal health.

Healthy Skin:

One of the least known or unknown benefits of guanabana fruit is “skin care.” Look at the nutritious properties of the fruit. It boosts your skin health. Vitamin C and antioxidants that are present in the fruit nourishes your skin in many ways.

  • It delays ageing and reverses the signs of ageing
  • Enhance your appearance
  • Adds more radiance to the skin
  • Reduces the age spots, blemishes, scars and acne
  • Provides younger and supple skin
  • Stimulate collagen production and retain the skin elasticity
Other lesser known health benefits of guanabana fruit:
  • It is a natural analgesic, i.e. painkiller
  • Supports and promotes the gut health
  • Reduces the blood pressure levels without taking a toll on your heart rate
  • Eliminates stress
  • Treats insomnia
  • Beta-carotene helps healthy vision
  • Anti-inflammatory properties prevent eye-related disorder caused by ageing and muscle weakness
  • Contains anti-spasmodic properties, which relaxes the muscles
  • Prevents oral infections and oral ailments
  • Enhances the healing process from injuries to illnesses

In ancient days, guanabana fruit was used to treat jaundice. It encourages healthy liver function, which is crucial for removing bile. It also prevents the liver from chemically induced damages.

When you examine the health benefits of guanabana fruit, you can find all these benefits are interconnected. The good immune system fights the microbes. Nutrients enhance the immunity. It promotes proper digestion and strengthens your gut. Anti-inflammatory properties prevent diseases. A healthy immune system prevents infection.

Collectively, guanabana fruit nourishes your health from inside out.

While most of the uses are useful, it is essential to discuss the quantity of intake with a medical professional. Since it is a potent fruit, too much consumption may lead to complications. Eat in moderation.

The animal studies and test-tube results of guanabana fruit showed promising results. The dosage or quantity is crucial. Being a versatile fruit, you can add in any form.

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