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17 Health Benefits of Dandelion you find surprising

Health benefits of dandelion include strengthening bones, protecting our liver, controlling blood sugar levels in Diabetes patients, flushing out toxins from our urinary tract, getting rid of skin diseases, prevention of deadly diseases like cancers, treatment of liver disorders like jaundice, alleviating symptoms of constipation, improving hemoglobin levels, etc. There are much more such beneficial effects of dandelion for our skin, hair, and health.

What is Dandelion?

Many people are not aware of what is dandelion. Som people who know this plant think that it is a weed and they just ignore it. But, what many people are not aware of is that dandelion is a powerhouse of many nutrients and its health benefits are many folds.

Dandelion is a flowering plant. It belongs to the family Asteraceae. [1] The scientific name of dandelion is Taraxacum. There are mainly 2 types of dandelion which are famous. They are Taraxacum officinale and Taraxacum erythrospermum. There are more than 30 other species of dandelions.

These plants are native to or originally belong to the Northern part of America and also European nations. Each and every part of the dandelion plant is edible including its leaves, flower petals, buds, roots, etc.

health benefits of dandelion

Dandelion nutrition facts:

All parts of Dandelion are highly nutritious. They contain many vital minerals and vitamins required by our body. Let us look at some of the nutritional values of dandelion leaves or dandelion greens.

Dandelion leaves are rich in Vitamin A, C, E and K and also vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine. They also contain many minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium which play a pivotal role in promoting our health. Electrolytes like sodium and potassium are also high in dandelion leaves. These electrolytes help in strengthening our heart and nerve cells.

They are also rich in polyunsaturated fats or fatty acids which are required by the body. They are also rich in B vitamins folate and choline absolutely essential for our body. The high fiber content of dandelion leaves also enables us to be healthy and fit.

Health benefits of dandelion:

1. Treats acne:


Dandelion is highly efficacious in controlling acne. Acne is caused due to a combination of various factors like hormonal changes during pubertal years, accumulation of dirt in the pores of the skin, sebum or oil production in excessive amounts. Dead cells of the face also add up to these factors and further aggravate the problem.

Sometimes, bacteria like propionibacterium acnes also contributes to the formation of acne along with the above-mentioned factors. Dandelion can help us in getting rid of acne very easily. It detoxifies our body and flushes out the toxins out of our body which leads to acne.

Dandelion contains antioxidant vitamins like vitamin A and C which help in fighting all the damage that our skin is going through. It also controls the hormonal changes and makes the pores of the skin wide. This prevents the clogging of pores with bacteria, sebum, dead cells which are the main reason behind the development of acne.

Ways to use dandelion for acne treatment:
Acne treatment with Dandelion roots:
  • Dandelion root
  • 1 to 2 cups of water
  • Few cotton swabs or balls
  • Take a pan and add water to it.
  • Bring water to a boil and add dandelion root to it.
  • Boil it for 10 to 15 minutes on medium flame.
  • Then switch off the flame.
  • Let the dandelion water cool down.
  • Then take a cotton swab and apply the dandelion water to your face.
  • Wait for few minutes and then you can wash off your face.
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When to use this remedy:

Use this remedy at least 2 to 3 times a week for good results.

Acne treatment with dandelion flowers:
  • 2 to 3 dandelion flowers
  • 3 to 4 spoons of yogurt or curd
  • 1 to 2 spoons of honey
  • Grind dandelion flowers to a fine paste.
  • Add yogurt and honey to it and mix well.
  • Then apply this dandelion flower mixture to your face like a face mask.
  • Wait for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then rinse your face with lukewarm water.
When to use this remedy:
  • You can use this remedy 2 times a week.
  • You can use it anytime of the day.
  • Make sure you clean your face properly before applying a dandelion face mask.
Dandelion tea:
  • Some dandelion leaves or greens
  • 1 to 1.5 glasses of water.
  • 1 to 2 spoons of Honey
  • Take a pan and boil water in it.
  • Then add dandelion leaves in it and simmer for few minutes.
  • Switch off the flame and then let it become warm.Then add honey to it.
  • Now, you can enjoy your dandelion tea.
When to drink this dandelion tea:
  • You can drink this dandelion tea every day.
  • Regular consumption of dandelion tea helps in getting rid of acne.
  • It also prevents acne development in people who already don’t have acne.
  • You can also take dandelion root capsules which are available in the market.
  • You need to take 1 dandelion root capsule per day.
  • You can also use dandelion tincture by mixing it in water and drinking.
  • You can also use dandelion root powder readily available in the market to make your dandelion tea if fresh dandelion roots are not available to you.
2. Health benefits of dandelion for weight loss:

Many people dread weight loss as they think that they need to put lots of efforts in losing weight. But, dandelion can help us in losing weight easily. Dandelion aids in weight loss mainly due to its diuretic properties and low sugar content.
Dandelion has absolutely no cholesterol at all. Consumption of dandelion won’t makes you put on weight. It helps in removing all the excess fluid out of our body. This helps in reducing the body weight to some extent. It contains very few calories and very low sugar. So, you can use it as a natural sugar substitute.

Dandelion has absolutely no cholesterol at all. Consumption of dandelion won’t makes you put on weight. It helps in removing all the excess fluid out of our body. This helps in reducing the body weight to some extent. It contains very few calories and very low sugar. So, you can use it as a natural sugar substitute.

Artificial sugar substitutes have so many side effects. So, it’s really worthy t try dandelion to sweeten your beverages and lose weight at the same time.
Protects liver:

3. Protects liver:

As per a study, dandelion root extracts are capable of protecting our liver from the damage caused by substances like paracetamol.[2] They can protect the liver mainly due to their antioxidant vitamins like vitamin A, C, and E which effectively scavenge the free radicals and reduce the oxidative stress on the liver.

Another study was conducted to study the efficacy of dandelion roots on liver disorders.[3] It was concluded that dandelion can reduce the fibrosis of liver by reducing the activity if certain cells which lead to liver fibrosis-like hepatic stellate cells.

It also stimulates the liver and increases its capacity to regenerate the damaged liver cells. Research is going on to use dandelion or Taraxacum root extracts to treat liver damage. It also helps in promoting the free flow of bile through the hepatobiliary system. Luteolin, which is present in dandelion is also highly beneficial for the liver. Health benefits of dandelion for liver are undisputable.

4. Treats kidney disorders:

Dandelion acts like a diuretic. It helps in flushing out the toxins out of the body and helps in protecting the urinary system from the toxic effects of various substances. It also acts like a disinfectant and helps to treat infections.

Certain types of kidney stones or nephrolithiasis develops due to certain infections. Research studies prove that herbal supplements like dandelion root extracts help in treating kidney stones due to their ability to get rid of urinary infections. [4] Saponins in dandelion are responsible for their disinfectant action.

5. Prevents and treats cancers:


Dandelion contains many antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E. Free radicals generated in the body due to various metabolic processes leads to the development of cancers. Antioxidants are absolutely essential for prevention of various cancers as they scavenge the free radicals.

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According to a research study, dandelion root extract could kill the colorectal cancer cells by inducing programmed cell death or apoptosis in them. [5] This is mainly due to certain substances present in the dandelion roots which simulate chemotherapy drugs like α-amyrin, β-amyrin, lupeol and taraxasterol. Research is being done to utilize dandelions anticarcinogenic potential to treat colorectal cancers.

Dandelions contain estrogenic activity, due to which they are used to treat certain types of breast cancer which are estrogen responsive in the traditional systems of medicine. [6] The root extract of dandelion was also capable of killing the pancreatic cancer cells by induction of apoptosis. [7] Even melanoma skin cancer could be controlled by DRE or dandelion root extract. [8] Health benefits of dandelion are clearly seen in cancer prevention.

6. Treats influenza:

Influenza can lead to a runny nose, watering eyes, sneezing, sore throat and also fever. It troubles a person a lot. The extracts of dandelions have shown a significant effect on treating influenza. Dandelion possess strong antiviral properties. [9]

Viruses are minute microbes that divide or replicate very fast and lead to various illnesses including influenza. Dandelion extracts inhibit the division or replication of viruses that lead to influenza. This controls influenza symptoms very fast.

7. Strengthens bones:

Our bones become brittle with aging due to loss of bone mineral density. Free radicals also lead to loss of bone mineral density. Dandelions are rich in antioxidant vitamins like A, C, and E which prevent the loss of bone mineral density by fighting free radicals.

They also contain calcium which is an integral part of the bones. Premenopausal women and postmenopausal women suffer from loss of calcium from the bones and also decreased bone mineral density, which leads to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis leads to fractured bones very easily, even with a trivial trauma.

Dandelion supplies the essential calcium, protects the bone mineral density, and thereby helps in prevention of osteoporosis in women nearing menopause. It also helps in reducing the intensity of osteoporosis. Even young people can strengthen their bones and remain strong until old age by drinking dandelion tea and using dandelion root extracts regularly.

8. Relieves constipation:

Dandelion is a rich source of fiber. Fiber is a bulking agent for the stool. The fiber in stool helps in absorption of moisture or water from the blood vessels supplying the intestines. This makes the stool soft and enables its easy passage through the gut.

Dandelion is also a stimulant of the intestinal motility. It enhances the movement of the intestinal wall muscles. This helps in easy passage of stool. Dandelion also has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing the inflammation or swelling of the intestines due to various reasons. This helps in controlling constipation too.

Dandelion also helps in promoting digestion and relieves from constipation. It also acts like an appetizer for the body. If you are suffering from constipation, make sure you use dandelion in your regular diet.

9. Cures Anemia:

Dandelion leaves are rich in iron. The iron content of dandelion leaves helps in the formation of hemoglobin and curbs anemia. Vitamin C content of these leaves also helps in the absorption of the iron from the intestines. This further assists dandelion in hemoglobin formation.

If you are suffering from anemia, make tea from dandelion leaves and drink it daily. You will surely see results after drinking this tea for some months.

10. Promotes eye health:


Dandelion leaves are rich in vitamin A, and also a substance called lutein-zeaxanthin. Both of them help in promoting good vision. They help in stimulating the cells of the retina or the posterior most part of the eyeball to function properly.

They also play a pivotal role in preventing eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration. These diseases can lead to visual blurring and sometimes complete blindness. Disturbances of vision can be really horrifying. Use dandelion leaves regularly and protect yourself from such a horrible experience.

11. Promotes cognitive function:

Certain animal studies have proven that dandelion can promote the cognitive functions or the health of our brain. [10] Mainly the extracts of dandelion fruit help in promoting cognition.

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As per the studies, the antioxidants in the dandelion fruit and also phenolic compounds lead to better brain health. They fight the free radicals like reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species to make our brain healthy.

People using dandelion in various forms like roots, fruits, leaves are less prone to develop neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease.

12. Reduce cholesterol levels:

Dandelion leaves and roots have proven to reduce the levels of cholesterol in animals which ate high cholesterol diet. [11] Human studies are yet to be conducted. But, the scientists believe that diet rich in dandelion products or extracts helps in reducing cholesterol for sure. This hypolipidemic activity along with antioxidant properties of dandelion help in preventing atherosclerosis.

13. Health benefits of dandelion for gallbladder:

The gallbladder is an organ attached to the liver. It is the organ where the bile produced by the liver is stored and concentrated. The gallbladder can be damaged by various free radicals and infections. Dandelion protects the gallbladder due to its antioxidant activity and also its ability to kill microbes. Dandelion also facilitates a proper flow of bile through the liver and the gallbladder. This helps in prevention of diseases of the gallbladder.

14. Promotes skin health:


Dandelion has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. This helps is killing all the microbes causing skin infections and keeping our skin healthy. They help in treating fungal infections like ringworm and athlete’s foot.

They help in treating other skin diseases like eczema. Dandelion also enable you to get rid of problematic skin warts very easily. Certain compounds in the dandelion flower petals make it an ideal choice for controlling the pain of insect bites and stings.

People belonging to certain cultures use them to alleviate the symptoms of burns, urticaria or hives, and various skin allergies. The antioxidants in dandelion also help in preventing premature aging. They also treat the signs of aging like age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. They provide adequate nutrition to the skin and give you a radiant, glowing skin.

15. Health benefits of Dandelion for Diabetes:

As per a research report, dandelion could lead to reduced sugar levels in Diabetic individuals. [12] Dandelion extracts are known to stimulate the pancreas to secrete insulin. Insulin sends glucose in the blood into the cells and reduces the blood glucose levels.

This reduced levels of glucose in the blood and also adequate sugar in the cells alleviates fatigue and tiredness in Diabetic people. It also prevents complications of excess blood sugar like kidney damage, retinal or eye problems, atherosclerosis, etc.

Dandelion extracts also have a diuretic action. They help in removing excess sugar through the urinary system. They regulate blood sugar levels in diabetic people very well. So, if you are a Diabetic person, drinking Dandelion tea can be really helpful for you.

16. Treats hypertension or high blood pressure:

Dandelion helps in flushing out excess water from the body. It also helps in reducing the cholesterol content in our body. This helps in preventing narrowing of arteries which leads to hypertension or high blood pressure. The reduction in the fluid levels in the blood vessels also helps in controlling high blood pressure. This further prevention disorders caused by high blood pressure like atherosclerosis, stroke, renal impairment, etc.

17. Make hair healthy:


Dandelion extracts like dandelion root and dandelion leaves are rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals. They nourish our hair and promote healthy growth of the hair.

They help in getting rid of dandruff by controlling scalp infection and sebum accumulation in the pores of the scalp. They can also be used as a hair mask to get rid of excess oil in the scalp and hair. Dandelion hair mask is really good for oily hair.

Some precautions while taking Dandelions:

  • Some people are allergic to dandelion pollen or dandelion flowers. So, make sure you don’t have any such allergies before using them.
  • Dandelion interacts with certain drugs like antibiotics, anti-epileptics or drugs treating seizures, and diuretics, etc. So, you must consult your physician before using Dandelion to make sure it’s safe for you.
  • In some people, dandelion can lead to abdominal bloating, cramps, flatulence, dyspepsia or heartburn. So, if you experience any such symptoms after drinking dandelion extracts, stop it immediately. Then consult your physician for proper advice.
  • As Dandelion can lower blood sugar levels in Diabetics, people with Diabetes need to use it cautiously. They might need to lower the dosage of the Diabetes medications they are using. So, consult a physician first before using them.
Other names:

Hindi: Dudal
Malayalam: Dugddhapheni
Kannada: Kaadu Shaavanthi
Telugu: Simhadanti
Marathi: Kuttu
Bengali: Pitachumki

You have seen all the health benefits of dandelion. Have you ever used Dandelion? How was your experience with it? How has your health improved after using it? Do share your experience with us.

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