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Hiccup when chin is touched: Causes and Remedies

Hiccup when chin is touched can be irritating for many people. You might be touching your chin normally or rubbing it due to some itching feeling, and suddenly you start having hiccups. You start wondering what happened and why you developed hiccups suddenly. You will surely find the answer to this question in this article.

Do you know what is a hiccup and what causes hiccups? Let us answer your question first. Hiccup also has a spelling of hiccough. Our trunk has two parts and they are the chest or thoracic cavity and the abdominal cavity. Our thoracic cavity and abdominal cavity are separated by a muscular structure called the diaphragm.

Hiccup is caused when the diaphragm undergoes an involuntary contraction. If the diaphragm has an involuntary contraction, then the vocal cords close suddenly and produce the hic sound. So, they are called hiccups due to the production of the hic sound.

Causes of Hiccups:

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There are several causes of hiccups, apart from having Hiccup when chin is touched. Let us see some of them below:

  • Eating spicy foods
  • Drinking aerated drinks or alcohol more often
  • Laughing loudly or for a prolonged time
  • Having GERD, a condition in which there is reflux of acidic gastric contents into the oesophagus
  • Having problems with your kidneys
  • Having brain disorders like Stroke, inflammation of the meninges covering the brain called meningitis
  • Having stress or anxiety can also trigger hiccups
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Causes of Hiccup when chin is touched:

We have seen various causes of Hiccups. Now let us see why hiccups are caused when chin is touched.

Every part of our body is supplied by certain nerves which facilitate its proper functioning. The nerves also carry signals or messages from the body parts to the brain. Even the diaphragm is supplied by certain nerves called the vagus nerve and the phrenic nerve.

Whenever this vagus nerve or phrenic nerve are irritated, it can lead to hiccups. Many of the causes of hiccups that we have discussed earlier irritate the vagus and phrenic nerves and lead to hiccups.

Some people get hiccups when they touch their eardrum or tympanic membrane, and some people get hiccups when they touch their chin. People can get hiccups when stroking their beard, shaving or just when touching their chin.

But, the exact cause for the development of hiccups in such cases is not known and it is not researched in depth by the medical professionals.

But, there are few theories about why you develop Hiccup when chin is touched. Let us discuss that. In our body, there are several connections between the nerves. There are connections between the nerves at various levels.

We know that the diaphragm is supplied by the vagus and phrenic nerves and their irritation leads to hiccups. Vagus and phrenic nerves anastomose or connect in the neck region.

Our chin and lower lip receive sensory supply from the mental nerve. The mental nerve is a branch of the trigeminal nerve. The trigeminal nerve has a connection with the vagus nerve through a nucleus called the main sensory nucleus.

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In short, there is an indirect connection of the mental nerve to the vagus nerve. So, if the mental nerve is irritated due to any reason like touching chin or chewing or touching beard, it can irritate the vagus nerve and in turn, cause contraction of the diaphragm.

This leads to Hiccup when chin is touched. I hope you have understood the cause of such hiccups now.

Hiccup when chin is touched remedies:

Majority of times the Hiccup when chin is touched goes away on its own. There is nothing to be done as we need to give it some time to resolve or subside.

But, sometimes we feel that hiccups have become so troublesome and we can’t keep waiting. If this is the case, we can try some remedies from below to get rid of the hiccups:

Holding breath:

We need to inhale deeply at first. Then we need to close our both nostrils with fingers and be like that without inhaling for 15 to 20 seconds. Then remove your fingers from nostrils and breath normally. Then again repeat the same process until the hiccups stop.

Breathing into a paper bag:

Cover your nose and mouth with a paper bag. Then inhale and exhale slowly into the paper bag for a minute or so. Repeat if necessary.

Eat things like:

Eat some sugar or honey or just suck an ice cube to get rid of hiccups.

Many other remedies help to get rid of hiccups which you can try. But the above are the most common ones used by the people.

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