Head Pain when bending over: 6 Causes and Remedies

Head Pain when bending over can be frustrating and troublesome. The headache itself is one of the most common problems or pain experienced by many people. Each one of us might have suffered or experienced headache several times in our life. This might have been due to various reasons.

Many people even consult a physician to get relief for their headache. Some people have a headache for a short time and that too a mild form. But, some people have a severe headache or head pain which they cannot tolerate and it starts affecting their life.

When a person has Head Pain when bending over, he gets the feeling of pain and heaviness in the head only in the bending position. When he comes back to the normal standing upright position, there is an alleviation of headache.

There are some headaches which don’t have any underlying cause, while some headaches have an underlying medical condition. But, in the majority of cases, Head Pain when bending over is caused by minor causes and there is nothing to worry about. But, you can surely seek medical help to diagnose its cause and get treatment.

Causes of Head Pain when bending over:

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There are several causes of having Headache when bending over. Let us see them below:

Sinus Headache:

Sinus Headache is caused by sinusitis, which is the swelling or inflammation of the sinuses. Sinuses are the air spaces which are present beside the nose and in the forehead. They can be inflamed due to various causes like allergies, infection with bugs like viruses or bacteria.

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Sinus headache is one of the most common causes of head Pain when bending over. The affected person can also have other symptoms like heaviness in the head and besides the nose, heaviness or pressure feeling below the eyes, congestion of nose or nose blockage, inability to breath properly through the nose, runny nose, cough, fever, sneezing, etc.

A sinus headache can be treated at home by taking over the counter pain killers or analgesics like Ibuprofen, Mefenamic acid or simple Paracetamol to reduce the pain. You can use certain nasal drops or spray containing xylometazoline or oxymetazoline to get rid of the congestion in your nose.

You need to do steam inhalation. For that, you need to boil water, cover your head with a towel and then inhale the steam. You can add Eucalyptus oil to the steam and then inhale or you can inhale the plain steam. It is a very effective remedy for sinus headache.

You can also use an air humidifier in the room you stay in. You can make your fresh ginger and pepper herbal tea and drink. It will also make you feel relieved. If you don’t find relief by doing all the above things, you will need to consult your physician to get some antibiotics as they help to get rid of bacterial infection which causes sinus inflammation.


Generally, Migraine causes headache on one side of the head, either right or left. But, in some people, Migraine causes headache on both sides of the head. There are several trigger factors which can induce Migraine headache in a person.

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Some examples of such trigger factors are a bright light, noisy environment, stress, certain foods, etc. But some people might also get Migraine head pain when bending over. It means bending can act as a trigger in some people.

When a person has Migraine headache, he might also feel dizzy, have nausea, and the headache can increase on exposure to light and sound. If you are having a Migraine headache, you can take over the counter pain killer drugs to alleviate the headache. You also need to take rest in a dark peaceful room without any noise.

Tension Headache:

Tension headache generally causes headache or head pain as a band around the forehead. But, some people might notice that they have head Pain when bending over or bending down. Tension headache is caused by having stress due to any cause like stress at work or home.

To get relief from a tension headache, you can take analgesic medication and take plenty of rest. You need to avoid taking stress as it is triggered by stress. You can practice relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, swimming, etc.

Headache due to Dehydration:

If you are working in a hot environment or not drinking sufficient water, you can become dehydrated. If you are dehydrated, you can develop a headache when bending over. This headache is also aggravated when you try to move or shake your head.

A person having dehydration also has other symptoms like dryness of mouth, feeling very thirsty, decreased urination, dark urine, weakness or tiredness, giddiness, etc. If you are having such symptoms, you need to start taking oral rehydration solution and start drinking plenty of fluids. If you are still not getting better you need to consult a physician.

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Cough headache:

A cough headache can make you have head pain when bending over. A cough headache is usually caused by a cough. But, a cough headache can also be triggered by other types of strain like sneezing, laughing, bending, crying for a long time, etc.

To get relief from cough headache, you need to take rest, take analgesics and have plenty of fluids. If you are not having relief from cough headache by following these, you need to consult your physician.

Brain tumour:

Head pain when bending over can also be a symptom of brain tumour. But, the probability of having a brain tumour in a person with such a headache is very low. A person having brain tumour also has other symptoms like severe vomiting, nausea, problems of vision, etc.

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