How long does Molly stay in your system-Let’s find the truth

“How long does Molly stay in your system?”. You might have wondered like this if you have ever used Molly in your life. There are many other people who have never heard of Molly. Let us discuss first what is Molly for such people.

What is Molly?

Molly is the commonly used street name for the drug MDMA. The full form of MDMA is 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. MDMA or Molly is a psychoactive drug. Molly is also known as Ecstasy in the USA and Mandy in the UK.

Molly is also known by several other names like Adam, STP, XTC, A2, Legal X, Legal E. The use of Molly is illegal in many countries, except for its medicinal use for treating some cases of PTSD or Posttraumatic stress disorder.

Molly is mainly used as a party drug or recreational drug in Rave parties to increase the euphoria sensation. It is now being used in many countries. But, the use of Moly or MDMA has many adverse effects on the body.

How long does Molly stay in your system?

how long does molly stay in your system

There is no single answer to this question “How long does Mollys stay in your system?”. The answer to this question depends on many different factors.

The excretion of Molly or MDMA from our body depends on the metabolic rate of your body, your age, your body weight or body mass, your daily fluid intake, the number of doses of Molly you have taken, how much physical activity you perform, etc.

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The presence of Moly in your body can be tested by using various samples like blood, urine, saliva, and hair. The time duration required for the excretion of Molly or MDMA from each of these samples is different.

Molly lasts only a few days in blood, urine, and saliva. But, it can be detectable for months in the sample of hair or hair follicles. The time for which Molly stays in your system can be longer if you took multiple doses instead of a single dose. Look at the table below to know how long Molly stays in each sample.

Sample TypeSingle dose time for ExcretionMultiple doses time for excretion
BloodCan be detected for 12 hours or half dayCan be detected for 24 hours or 1 day
SalivaCan be detected for 1 to 3 daysCan be detected for 1 to 5 days
UrineCan be detected for 1 to 3 daysCan be detected for 2 to 5 days
HairCan be detected upto 3 months or 90 daysCan be detected upto 3 months or 90 days

Molly Side effects:

You have got an answer to your question “How long does Molly stay in your system?”. Now, read on to know how adversely Molly affects our body. Molly is a dangerous drug with many side effects on our body. Look at all the side effects of Molly or MDMA. The below list includes both the short term and long term side effects of Molly.


Molly is a stimulant drug. So, it causes insomnia and you won’t be able to sleep properly at night. Molly keeps you awake.

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Drug cravings:

You feel euphoric and highly stimulated after taking Molly. This makes you crave for the drug MDMA.

Psychological problems:

Molly leads to many psychological side effects like depression, anxiety, irritability, feeling very aggressive, etc.

Cognitive problems:

Molly affects your cognition too. If you take Molly you tend to lose your memory. It affects your span of attention too. Your ability to process information and your learning capabilities are also adversely affected.

Organ failure:

If Molly is taken in high doses, it can cause changes in the temperature regulation of our body. This results in failure of various organs like heart and liver.

Other side effects of Molly:
  • Decreased Libido
  • Decreased appetite or anorexia
  • Visual impairment or blurred vision
  • Muscle pain or tension
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Feeling paranoid
  • Hemorrhages or internal bleeding
  • Seizures or convulsions

Intake of Molly along with other drugs increases the adverse effects of Molly. Many people have the habit of taking Molly along with alcohol. This too increases the potential of Moly to cause side effects.

Also, you need to avoid taking Molly along with antidepressants drugs. The interaction of Molly and antidepressants has adverse effects too. Now, you might have got answer to your question “How long does molly stay in your system?”. Please, avoid intake of Molly as far as possible.

Addiction of Molly or MDMA can have catastrophic effects on your health. Heavy doses of Molly can even lead to your death. If you cannot overcome the addiction of Molly by yourself, take the help of your family, friends or a drug-deaddiction center to overcome your addiction.

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