Meloxicam Abuse Or Meloxicam High: 14 Side Effects, Overdose

Meloxicam abuse is very harmful to the body and produces many side effects ranging from minor problems like diarrhea to severe side effects like Heart attack and Stroke.

What is meloxicam? That would be the question we would ask ourselves every time we come across the word. It is relatively new to most. It is found in many countries, and basically, Meloxicam is a drug. It is a medicinal drug.

It has many functions in our bodies. It is of Oxicam family. Meloxicam is also a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. This is so because Meloxicam functions as; an anti-inflammatory drug, helps in blood clotting, reduce fever and relieves pain.

These drugs come in tablets form, capsules and liquid suspensions that when taken treats arthritis that is, the disease of the joints.

However, specific prescriptions of the drug must be followed. When the drug is used in high dosage, used for the wrong purpose, then we say that the drug is abused. Any person(s) who have taken high contents of meloxicam is/are supposed to be high in Meloxicam – Meloxicam high.

Meloxicam is manufactured for the medicinal purpose, and that is to help treat arthritis, and when used for purposes other than this, we are abusing it, and it has its side effects that can be adverse.

What is arthritis?

Our bodies are naturally adapted. They have joints that enable movements of either parts of the body or a whole. These joints move with the aid of oily substances called lubricants and one of this lubricants in the human joints is known as synovial fluids. They help provide a frictionless medium for movements of the joints.

When these adaptive characteristics are interfered with mostly by infections, movements in the joints becomes almost impossible, and we are said to be suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is a joint(s) disease that causes inflammation or swelling and stiffness of the joint.

One can have stiffness in one joint or more than one in different joints of the body.

Can Meloxicam get you high?

meloxicam abuse
Meloxicam abuse
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What is meant by Meloxicam high? High, when we are referring to drugs would mean that our normal body functions that are, our thinking, our judgement, our action or our speech is manipulated or otherwise controlled by medications.

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So can you be Meloxicam high? This question can be reframed as; can I be high on Meloxicam? The answer undoubtedly is, yes! Being Meloxicam high can manipulate our body functions. Meloxicam is a painkiller drug and an NSAID drug. The drug doesn’t have the potentiality of being addictive.

Meloxicam works by stopping the manufacture of lipids in the body which are responsible for pain reception in the body. It blocks enzymes producing these lipids known as prostaglandins.

What are the side effects of Meloxicam abuse?

Like every drug, Meloxicam comes with prescriptions and dosage to be followed. They even go to the extent of prescribing the dosage for young children and adults with references to age. Unless otherwise prescribed by a physician, you should and MUST keep to the prescriptions on the manual that comes with the drug.

Meloxicam high is Meloxicam abuse.

What are the possible consequences of Meloxicam abuse? Can the use of these drugs outside prescriptions from the doctors have any adverse effect on us? Well, being Meloxicam high comes with the following effects;

  • Stomach pain.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Sore throat.
  • Constipation.
  • Allergy.
  • Gastric ulcers.
  • Heart attack.
  • Stroke.
  • Blood clots.
  • Swellings and rapid gain of weight.
  • Slurred speech.
  • Bloodstain in coughs.
Stomach pain:

Meloxicam abuse can cause stomach ulcers, perforate stomach walls or even destroy the small intestines.

This would lead to poor functioning of the stomach. Poor absorption of food can also be as a result of Meloxicam abuse.

All these would cause acute pain in the stomach and poor digestive functions of the stomach.


When the stomach is perforate, digestion doesn’t take place as required. Hence, you may experience periods of diarrhea under Meloxicam abuse.


Meloxicam abuse can lead to an allergy in the body. Its symptoms being; sneezing, coughing, blood stain in coughs and skin rashes. These are some of the symptoms to an allergy to Meloxicam. Meloxicam high people can be allergic while others may not.

If you start having these symptoms when you are Meloxicam high, you are highly advised to quit from using it and consult your doctor for an alternative drug to help you relieve your pain or heal arthritis.

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Gastric ulcers:

Meloxicam works by stopping productions of lipids which enables the body to be receptive to pain. These drugs are also known to be hard on the stomach and cause destructions of the stomach lining.

When the stomach walls are corroded they pain and cause abdominal pains. Meloxicam abuse can cause wounds in these stomach walls that would develop into gastric ulcers if not treated. This would lead to poor absorption of foods by the digestive system and can spread to other parts of the body like the small intestines.

Bloodstain coughs:

Under Meloxicam abuse, the stomach wall-intestinal mucosa can be destroyed, and blood from it may rise up the esophagus through the process of hiatus. When one coughs from an irritated tract, blood is spotted in the coughs.

Heart attacks and stroke:

Research has it that most Meloxicam high people are more prone to conditions like heart attacks and stroke. Meloxicam high patients are advised against these drugs. If cases of these conditions are present in your lineage, you are encouraged to request an alternative medication. Meloxicam abuse is known to heighten possibilities of heart attack and stroke.

Slurred speech:

I have been Meloxicam high for sometimes right now. Am I more prone to slurred speech than nonuser? I know that you might have heard rumors that patients who are Meloxicam high are more vulnerable to slurred speech.

Is this true? Well, let us undress the facts and bring out the truth about Meloxicam. Yes! Users of Meloxicam are more prone to slurred speech than nonusers. Meloxicam abuse causes slurred speech.


Meloxicam high people are likely to have a wide range of disorders and digestive system malfunctions. Constipation doesn’t fail to appear in the list. Meloxicam abuse, also Mobic abuse is associated with several digestive system issues. Amongst them, constipation.

Constipation comes in handy alongside other infections like high presence of gases in the bowels.

Sore throats:

Sore throats are sores that implant themselves in the throats. Infections and even accidental injuries cause them. A sore throat is a viral infection caused by virus pharyngitis such as a cold or the flu.

However, there is a type of a sore throat called strep throat that is caused by a bacterium. These are not the only causes of sore throats. Meloxicam abuse can irritate the throats leaving an eventual sore throat on the lining of the esophagus.

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Weight loss:

Can Meloxicam cause weight loss? New research shows that most of the patients that are on Meloxicam lose weight. However, this is not common in all patients as others are compatible with the drug and experiences least effects of Meloxicam.

Weight gain:

There is no denying it that an average of two percent of people taking Meloxicam have surprisingly gained weight. This is rarely reported. Weight loss is more commonly seen than weight gain.


Meloxicam abuse causes retention of fluids in the body. The accumulation of these retained fluids in the body causes swelling in the body.

Swelling is an effect of Meloxicam abuse in the body.

These swellings are also witnessed in the tongue and on the face. They can be tender and painful though in some cases they appear as painless swellings on the face.

High blood pressure:

Not all medicinal drugs are prescribed to high blood pressure patients. Is Meloxicam among them?  When you are trying Meloxicam for the first time, it is essential that you should check your blood pressure and after a day or two you of using it, recheck it.

Most patients with risks of blood pressure are noted to have heightened their condition upon taking Meloxicam.


Research has it that most patients tend to suffer from sleep loss when on Meloxicam. It was then that a study was made and several reports of insomnia were reported as having resulted from Meloxicam abuse.

Other side effects of Meloxicam abuse include; skin rashes, bruises, itchiness in the body resulting from tingling, numbness, yellowing of both the eyes and the skin. This condition is known as jaundice.

Meloxicam Overdose:

Meloxicam when taken in large quantities it is known as Meloxicam overdose, and its symptoms are; urinating less, dizziness, runny nose and nervousness.

It should be observed that not all side effects of Meloxicam are harmful. Others are just periodicals that come and disappears within no time. Others are just durational body reactions to foreign substances to the body, and again in no time, the body adjusts to accommodate it.

In acute cases of Meloxicam intolerance in the body, you are advised to withdraw from its use and seek an alternative cure for arthritis or pain relief.

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