How To Choose The Right Outfit For Working Out

Working out takes a great deal of energy, which should be fine as long as it doesn’t take more of it than is necessary. As it happens, your workout clothes can have a significant impact on your comfort, stamina, and overall workout performance. Choosing the right pieces can be quite challenging, and various factors come into play, but it pays off well in the end.

Ready to sweat, yet still undecided as to which stuff to wear? Here are some important points to remember when opting for your perfect workout outfit.

How To Choose The Right Outfit For Working Out
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Weather and Location

As obvious as it may seem, it is worth remembering to check the weather before working out outdoors. Soaking wet clothes on a rainy day or large fitting clothes on a windy day could be very bothersome. While your indoor outfits may not change with the season, your outdoor ones do. Make sure that no matter the weather, your body temperature remains at an appropriate level, as that directly affects your stamina. For instance, in:

  • Warm conditions. Wear lightweight clothes that keep you comfortable. Your body generates heat as you work out. Add to that the heat of the weather, and your body may get soaked in sweat, which can be quite unpleasant. Make sure your outfit lets your skin breathe and push away all the sweat.
  • Cold conditions. Extra layers of clothing are a necessity. Your body temperature just before working out is not what it will be during or after a workout. A neck gaiter would keep your neck and face area warm, which is a necessity if you’re running outside. It will be useful to wear layers that you can later remove as your body gets warmer, such as a sweatshirt or a jacket. Your innermost layer of clothing has to be breathable, otherwise, you will feel like you’re suffocating. If it’s terribly cold, your head and ears must be covered so you don’t catch a cold and miss your next few workout sessions.
  • Rainy, windy, icy, and stormy conditions. Working out can be really tricky. But don’t worry; it’s not as tricky as, say, sailing a boat under similar conditions. It all comes down to wearing an outer layer that will protect your body from these elements. Depending on the weather, it can be either light or heavy. When it’s really cold, an extra middle layer may be necessary to keep your body warm enough.
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The right outfit has to be comfortable and not restrict you in any way. That will largely depend on the fabric, the quality, but also the nature of your workout. Depending on your exercise needs, you may go for tighter or looser outfits.

In all cases, workout clothes have to be well fitted and allow you to move without constraint. You also have to be aware of the balance between comfort and safety. While loose-fitting clothes are usually comfortable since they don’t cling to the skin and keep the sweat at bay, they can cause injuries under different circumstances, like cycling.

On the other hand, tight clothes make the body feel compact and are often safe, but at the same time, they can make you feel restricted and uncomfortable. Choosing the right fit is crucial when you want to go for tighter outfits; too tight can cause serious issues over time. In general, as long as you’re safe and unrestricted, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Just don’t go too tight or too loose.


There are many types of fabric to choose from. A general rule would be to look for breathable materials that don’t let you sweat like crazy and keep your body temperature well regulated. Quick-drying fabrics such as polypropylene or polyester are definitely a good option, especially for demanding activities. Cotton, even though it absorbs sweat, is very comfortable to wear and can be suitable when doing light workout sessions.

Usually, a mixture of cotton and a quick-drying synthetic material offers a good balance. For some activities such as yoga and stretching, flexibility is a crucial feature. Stretchable fabrics such as Spandex, which can be combined with other fabrics, offer just that. No matter what, a combination of comfort, breathability, and flexibility is what you should look for.

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One of the hardest parts of choosing your workout outfit is figuring out what shoes you should wear. Foot-related injuries are by far the most common in sports and physical activities, which makes it all the more important to pick footwear that best aligns with your specific type of workout. The sports and fitness gurus at Sports Rambler say to find out what shoes will suit you, you can try them out, test them for a little while, and make sure they are comfortable and well-fitted.

Most importantly, they should properly support you when you’re performing your intended exercise. Your heels should also be held in place, not slipping back and forth; anything less than that can be really dangerous. When all is said and done, make sure you get yourself a pair of cool and gorgeous shoes!


Colors do affect you on a physical and mental level. Different colors run on different wavelengths, absorb varying amounts of light, convey a wide range of feelings, and can even affect your heart rate. Warm colors are shown to increase energy and excitement and may be well suited for intense workouts, while colder colors can help you remain calm and concentrated, and are therefore quite fitting for yoga, for example. It’s good to be wary of what colors work best for you as that will make working out a more immersive experience.


Although the aesthetic aspect does not seem relevant when it comes to working out, it actually is. You can have the most efficient outfit that fits you perfectly and has the best fabric and features and everything. However, if it doesn’t feel right, it certainly isn’t the right outfit. Make sure you really like what you’re wearing, as that will greatly boost your confidence and motivation to work out. Be as stylish as you would like!

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Gathering enough motivation to work out is a wonderful achievement in itself. Don’t let a terrible outfit hinder that for you. Take your time and pay attention to how an outfit makes you feel. Make sure it has all the crucial features that offer you comfort and safety and suit your specific exercise needs. You may want to test more than one outfit in order to compare and contrast them on both their functional and aesthetic merits.

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