How To Stay On Top Of Next Year’s Fashion Trends

If you’re into fashion, you’re probably preemptively on the hunt for the next big thing. While some might consider you an overachiever, we get it. Staying on top of trends can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to pull together looks in advance. Here’s how to track next year’s fashion must-haves so you can reach fashion success.

How To Stay On Top Of Next Year’s Fashion Trends

Read Major Fashion Magazines

The fashion resources with the inside scoop for next year’s trends are the go-to fashion magazines you know and love. Check out popular fashion magazines to start collecting examples of looks for next year. Fashion is an industry, so you can bet that these top fashion magazines are already looking for the labels and trends that will pop off in the next couple of months.

The Influence Of Past Decades

Fashion trends are often modern twists on classic looks of previous decades. For example, stylish leggings worn casually or as workout pants were introduced in the 1980s as a significant fashion statement. Crop tops are also an iconic fashion staple.

Today’s obsession with Mary Janes also did not start this year. See if you can spot any influences from previous decades in other clothes that have yet to surface, and piece together outfits that are sure to be the next hit.

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Look At How Pop Culture Shapes Fashion Trends

Fashion trends are often influenced by other trends taking place in pop culture. Sustainability is a major focus in pop culture today, inspiring many fashion-minded people to shop for trendy clothes at thrift stores and secondhand clothing shops.

Take a peek at what’s happening in your circle and on social media, and see if you can put together a few awesome looks. Lately, a cultural focus point has been to focus on increasing sustainability on an environmental level; this has made its way to fashion. See if you can pick up traction over any other buzzwords that might inspire trends for next year, and plan your outfits based on these insights to stay a step ahead.

Look At How Pop Culture Shapes Fashion Trends

Read Fashion And Style Blogs

Read up on style blogs to see what other fashion lovers are up to and what they predict the following year’s fashion trends will be. Look at different blogs and see if you can note patterns between the predictions. Ideas that keep coming up are more likely to turn into actual fashion concepts seen in the media the following year. If you are within the fashion industry, look at trend forecasting data to gather insights for incoming looks. You never know, simple, black jeans could be the next big hit.

Look At Celebrity Styles For Inspiration

Take note of celebrity styles and see if your favorite celebrities wear anything you haven’t seen before. If you like their new look, others will too, and these may turn into trends for the following year.

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Keep a lookout for emerging trends by watching what celebrities wear at public events or in posts on their social media accounts. You have to get involved with fashion as it happens to stay a step ahead.

Stay On Track By Looking Out For Trends Everywhere

Being on top of next year’s fashion trends is easier than you might think. Keep a lookout for all avenues from which new fashion inspiration emerges, and collect fashion ideas to save for the following year.

While you can’t predict the future, you can stay up to date on next year’s fashion trends by keeping tabs on information and fashion ideas in magazines and the media. Don’t forget to consider the pop culture influences that shape trends and utilize these findings to create looks that are likely to pop up next year.

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