FASHION ALERT: Where can I buy girl’s crop tops?

Crop tops have been around for YEARS; lately, this garment has become popular again on social media and fashion catwalks around the world.

If you are a girl up to date with fashion trends, you of course HAVE TO HAVE ONE!!!

Alexander McQueen, Jacquesmus and Chanel are some , the fashion houses that have implemented this sexy crop tops in their fall 2021 collections. Since, they have gained great prominence in the new fashion collections and in the looks of many artists who have put this piece as the main piece of their outfit.

We can see this type of clothing in all kinds of influencers, models, and actresses.

These garments be made so that anyone can wear them. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber constantly use them in their “street style” looks.

No matter your body type, crop tops were made for ALL BODIES! So you can show off your sexiest side on any occasion.

This is a garment with everything you need to complete an outfit, either to go out and give it a sexy feminine touch or for a more casual look and be comfortable while still looking good!

This piece can have a wide variety of textures and designs: with or without sleeves, thin or thick straps, with or without a neckline. There are a thousand and one designs for each style!

Wear crop tops all year round? Yes, you read correctly, it is possible!!

Undoubtedly, crop tops are –and be- a dressing room must-have. So, if you want to look fashionable, and you are interested in incorporating them into your outfits, we will show you how to do it…

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There are many tricks to apply to this versatile and fashionable garment: the crop top. Some have to do with the overlapping of other garments, and others with the correct combination of the rest of the look and the accessories.

For example, if you are broad-shouldered, it is best to wear long-strap tops; On the contrary, if your shoulders are small, try thin straps to give a larger effect in that area.

Another tip to keep in mind when choosing your ideal crop top is buying a crop of your size. Don’t even think about wearing a crop top that doesn’t fit you! If you want to look perfect, you should never squeeze.

Some other  tip is that if you want to look more stylish, look for high-waisted pants or skirts, now that you have an idea in mind of how to find your ideal crop top, let’s do it!!

Now the most important thing and for what we are all here reading, WHERE CAN I GET A CROP TOP AND NOT LEAVE ALL MY MONEY IN IT?  Here’s the answer girl, I got you!  Don’t worry!

Where can I buy girl’s crop tops

Where you can get different types of models and above all at a good price!

Who doesn’t want to look good and not spend so much money on it?! Online of course!

Here are some tips to use your crop top:

1– With jeans, sneakers, and accessories.

2– Pants at the waist! Preferably baggy, with darts, and you will have a very chic and comfortable look.

3 – With shorts of course, for a quiet day and going for a walk, to be comfortable while looking good!.

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Many women choose more risky looks when going out, so if what you really want is to feel sexy for a night at the club, for an event or a night party and conquer all the handsome guys, your answer is shoulder cut out tops! Fashion is for everyone, it’s just a matter of attitude, and when choosing you have a wide variety of options.

Here are some ideas to put together some looks with sexy going out top’s  and how you can wear them:

 1- With a short leather skirt, good accessories and a small bag to complete your look.  (Preferably I would choose one with lace, shine, or transparencies).

Crop top 2

 2- Red has been never a BAD COLOR, it is the color of love, of passion, and girls let’s be honest WHO DOESN’T LOOK FANTASTIC IN RED!,  A red skirt or a red crop top, some good heels, and you’re ready to give it your all.

Crop top 3

3- Showing a little skin is not bad, so you need a sexy crop top, you can have a crop top with cuts, high-waisted leather pants and heels, elegant and sexy!

Crop top 4

And last but not least, if you are looking for something more romantic and chic, this time it is present in the corset top, and you definitely need a corset top.

This type of model looks beautiful, they are very easy to combine, and you can use it for any occasion.

Here you will find a lot of options on how to wear them and above all a wide variety of sizes.

Crop top 5

Crop top 6

Crop top 7

I hope these tips help you, find which style suits you best and GO FOR IT!

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Feel pretty, free and confident, I promise that everything looks good on you.

                         Remember that there are no clothes,  you can’t wear!

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